Agent for Josh Cribbs Confirms Suspicions (UPDATE)

by Cleveland Frowns on January 9, 2010

I wrote earlier this week that Josh Cribbs’ seemingly untenable position in his current contract negotiations with the Browns might be a result of bad advice from his agents, J.R. Rickert and Peter Schaffer. I noted that Cribbs’ agents have embarrassed him in the past with ridiculous claims about the commonplace reality of NFL teams putting forth effort on the field until the final whistle is blown, and cited a Tweet by our old friend Dawg Pound Mike (that Mike deleted after I published the post) that said that these folks are newcomers “trying to make a name for themselves” in the Cribbs negotations.

Yesterday, Cribbs agents pulled another questionable tactic out of their playbook: Sending idiotic condescending emails to bloggers who publish reasonable criticism of their work. I received the following yesterday from Cribbs’ agent J.R. Rickert:

from:     [J.R. Rickert]
date:      Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 8:26 PM
subject:  Twitter


Who the hell are you?  You know me???

If you did, you would know that my marketing days are in the rear view mirror.

You should focus on your thriving law practice and scribing of current briefs before you comment about me.


JR Rickert
President and CEO of
National Sports Management &
JR Enterprises

I replied to Rickert to explain that I disagree with his suggestion that his public comments about the Browns and his representation of Josh Cribbs are only subject to scrutiny by those who know him personally, and Rickert responded to note that such was fair enough.

Still, regardless of how much money Cribbs actually deserves, the above email from Rickert lends additional support to the notion that if Cribbs doesn’t end up in Brown and Orange in 2010 and beyond, it might be as much or more a result of unreasonable demands and bad advice from his agents as anything else.

Back shortly with NFL playoff picks.

UPDATE:  Dawg Pound Mike responds with claim that someone hacked his Twitter and suggests it was me.  If only.


  • Shhhhh

    He went off

  • Bryan

    That's priceless.

  • DiLo

    I though JR might have a little more class than this…I hope Cribbs see's this.

  • Biki

    It seems to me that me that Mr. Rickert must be a bit insecure about the direction he has led Cribbs in this negotiation, especially if he's going to respond to you in such an unprofessional manner.

    While I agree with him that the offer from the Browns was a lowball and insulting, I'm not sure the tactics being used have proven to be the most effective, but i guess we'll see.

    regardless, way to keep em honest Frownie!

  • Dennymayo

    Cribbs is risking losing a portion of the strong fan support that he has by letting this amateur drag him through things.

    His tweets and the methods by which they are going about things are ridiculous. Let the GM show up before you start saying "I feel like I've been betrayed by my best friend". It's business.

    People respect the amount of class that Cribbs showed this year by waiting until the end of the year. Seems like every day he's risking losing that respect.

    Having this yay-hoo as a representative isn't helping him one bit. Thanks for putting this out in the know, Pete.

  • Pittsburgh is for Man Lovers

    That is awesome and definitely not helping.

  • Cleveland Frowns

    Thanks guys. Would you believe that the story takes an even more intriguing turn?

  • chuck r.

    It seems that Mr. Rickert is scouring the local sports sites to gauge public opinion. I would bet Josh is also. He will be appearing on ESPN this Monday, according to todays PD. Will he continue his "drama queen" gig? This is getting old!


    This definitely beats my Ashley Collins bikini pic post from yesterday.

  • El Capitan

    What a joke. Its a shame that such an important part of the future of Cleveland is being trusted to an idiot. Having negotiated bigger deals then this idiot ever has, its pretty apparent that he is an amateur. When people play "hardball" like this so early in the negotiation process, they always end up getting the short end of the deal.

    The Browns have not hired a GM yet. Cribbs is already signed to a contract for the next three years. HE HAS NO LEVERAGE. Seriously, Cribbs is too important to the franchise to let this idiot screw up his career and the Browns future.

  • Believelander

    @ Biki – honestly, a contract for 1.4m per year plus what was reported to be approximately 2.7m/year in incentives if Cribbsy continues posting numbers at the pace he currently is, is neither lowball nor insulting for a 27 year old return specialist who is starting to pan out into other areas of expertise such as catback and the run game. His wide receiver skills are not (unfortunately) comparable to Devin Hester, and he is not as fast as Devin Hester.

    Granted, Cribbs is one of the most (if not the most) return specialists of all time – but a contract increase from $.72m to $1.4m + several m of potential incentive is a lot, especially with his expected shelf life and the fact that the Browns could simply not allow him to play until he is 31 years old.

    How many 31 year old return specialists get big bling contracts after 3 year hiatuses from the game and bad press? Yeah.

    The fact that they offered this renegotiation allowing Cribbs to make up to close to 4 million a year should be taken as quite the opposite of insulting. It's rather indicative of the level of respect and reverence the kid commands.

    @El Capitan, I don't know who you are, but apparently you should go talk to Cribbs. Either you or Pete, or both, since Cribbs seems to need 2 agents to shoulder the weight of his sweetness 😉

    @Pete – I need to thoroughly LOL at your link to Dawg Pound Mike's status. 'wasn't my tweet. I was hacked into my account. Someone trying to start something? Was it u?'
    Um, yeah dood. It was u (him). If you actually read that thing as an English sentence, it ironically suggests that Mike managed to hack into his own account. I don't know if he considers putting in his user name + pass at the library hacking in, but hey. Next he's going to tell you, Frownie, that All Your Base Are Belong To Him.

    Hilarious. Later.

  • Jim Hollingshead

    Keep telling it like it is Frowns. Scariest part of Rickert's actions is that he represents several other Browns, including Joe Thomas. If he wants to set himself up as a thorn in Browns managements side… we'll have to play this game again.

    DPM is a tool. The best gift that stadium management could give the fans, would be to bar him from the premises.

  • George

    Knew you were a JD; never knew you were once at JD. The fact that a Cleveland blogger wrote so well had perplexed me, you know, heretofore.

  • whatnoob

    I cant believe he said that. Crazy!!!

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