The Real Super Bowl MVP

by Cleveland Frowns on February 8, 2010

Who else?

Pete Townshend sees your five windmills and raises you thirty-thousand.

Townshend wasted no time delivering his message to the world last night, especially to those at sports books who set the over/under on his “windmill moves” at a meager five. Halfway into the second number in The Who’s four-number Super Bowl halftime set, the world had lost count of the rotations and the books had been blown away. It was the all-time lock of Super Bowl prop wager history.

Townshend you old bastard, you’ve still got it.

So, that was a good Super Bowl.  We hit two of three of our prop wagers (Townshend, and Brees OVER 285 yards passing), and our play on the Saints +5 helped us run our record against the spread in these NFL playoffs to 10-1.  It was a good run.  It was a good season.

Today is the first day of the new year around here.  Hope everyone’s is off to a good start.


Thanks to Coach for the image, per usual.

  • Bryan

    He was just like a kid out there.

  • Chris

    @ Bryan – +1 soul-crushing interception.

    And wtf – my word verification is "diketaxi"? I just spit coffee all over my keyboard, wonderful.

  • Coachie


    Salt? In February? I thought it was only for de-icing the roads?

  • Biki

    re: nba plays tonight

    NOR +9.5
    SAS +4
    GSW +4

    Dog Day Afternoon!

  • Believelander

    @chris: that diketaxi totally beats me urasess….

    I'm a bit disappointed in Peyton not being the consummate sportsman he is. But he is a competitor and a perfectionist. So, like LeBron, I can empathize with his frustration.

    Particularly after the guy rails him from behind during the INT return. Not only did the refs not flag such a blatant, easy one (shades of James Harrison?????) but the Saint player didn't A) provide a reach-around, or B) cook him breakfast.

  • Cleveland Frowns

    Believe'r: That's Comment of the Year nominee #1 in 2010. Thank you, Sir.

  • Believelander

    Please, credit where credit is due. Thank Will Smith.. You'll see him right here at timestamps 0:05 and 0:36 commit a flagrant penalty directly in front of the referee running down the sideline (better viewed at timestamp 0:35). I mean, the guy is only 6'5", 230 lbs with a laser-rocket arm. I can see how you could miss that guy getting smashed on his face right on front of you, especially when you're looking directly at him.

    I'm not saying that the Saints didn't win the Super Bowl, or that they didn't play well enough to win, or that they didn't deserve to win. They earned their victory in this SB more than in the NFC championship. Rather the contrary.

    I am more irked with the bad and/or lopsided refereeing in the playoffs. Especially at critical moments in games.

    So yeah, if I was Manning, I might not have wanted to even think about shaking that guy's hand. Heck, I might have walked up to him with my hand extended, like "good game" then retracted it and spat in his eyes. All in all, Peyton might have handled his frustration quite well.

    P.S., did anyone notice Manning sitting on the sideline with a look of unholy fury after the Saints pulled that onside kick to start the second half? I'm surprised Sean Payton's head didn't detonate from Manning's Laser Rocket Stare.

  • Believelander

    Oops, the word "here" in the last comment was supposed to be linked to this Youtube clip(ping).

  • Biki

    Why would peyton have beef with brees about what will smith did?

    And I would imagine peyton's anger at the onside kick was at hank baskett or the special teams coach for not having them prepared. Great call by coach payton.

  • Bryan

    Wait, there was refereeing in that game?

  • Sam Sneeda

    Complaining about the refs…really!? And on that play Manning was turning back into the play…it was a legal block…he pushed him down (from the side, not the back or the face)…it wasn't a cheap shot…get over it!

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