Profiles in "Cyber-Courage": Dan Gilbert Denies "A-Hole" Tweet Had Anything to Do with LeBron

by Cleveland Frowns on October 3, 2010

If Dan Gilbert was half as good at running an NBA franchise as he is at embarrassing himself on the internet, the Curse of Chief Wahoo really wouldn’t stand a chance. When we last left the Cavaliers owner, he’d taken a thinly-veiled shot at LeBron James with a reference to “rich ‘A-Holes'” on Twitter just after LeBron had set the sports-news cycle ablaze with a vague truism about racism. Now Gilbert’s denying that the reference had anything to do with LeBron, and jabbing at yours truly as well. Here’s @cavsdan on Twitter at around 2:00 this morning:

Amazing some cats w/”cyber-courage” think twts of favorite quotes have something to do with specific people. New level of silliness reached.

New level of silliness reached, for sure. It’s one thing for an NBA owner to call a former player an A-Hole on Twitter. It’s another to lie about it and lash out at critics in the process.

Of course it’s true that, technically, one is only assuming that Gilbert meant to refer to LeBron with his A-Hole tweet. The point however is that it’s completely unreasonable to assume anything but that Gilbert meant to refer to LeBron with his tweet. Gilbert, for better or worse (worse), is forever significantly linked with LeBron. We know by Gilbert’s own words that he believes he’s been betrayed by LeBron. Also by his own “guarantee”, Gilbert has created a dichotomy whereby LeBron’s success is his failure, and LeBron’s failure is his success. So when Gilbert decides that a time when the sports-news cycle is whipped into a lather by recent comments from LeBron is also a time for him to start dropping wisdom on Twitter about “rich A-holes,” it just doesn’t make any sense at all to assume that Gilbert doesn’t want us to think about LeBron here.

So when Gilbert self-servingly tries to tell us that the quote had nothing to do with LeBron, we have to assume that he’s lying. Any other assumption requires us to ignore every relevant real-world fact available to us, which only makes for bad assumptions, and thus of course, a hindrance to the pursuit of truth and beauty. Which is fine with Gilbert, apparently, as long as he keeps making money.

All more proof that the “Dan Gilbert and ‘real Clevelanders’ against ‘A-Hole’ LeBron” dichotomy is the worst thing going in sports. Cleveland’s favorite owner. The absolute worst.

Almost as bad, Gilbert’s reference to “cyber-courage.”

Mister G., if you want to meet in person to discuss this or anything else, I’m really easy to get a hold of. In the meantime, sane folks will continue to assume that “cyber-courage” refers to a boss who will call a former employees an “A-Hole” on Twitter after having failed to have said anything of the sort to that former employee during the seven years during which he worked for the employer, when it might have been useful. And also to passive-agressive tweeting at critics instead of addressing them directly.

In any event, I’m certainly touched that Gilbert was thinking of me at 2AM.

  • smittypop2

    Carl Crawford for AL MVP. Who is with me? .308 Avg, 19 HRs, 90 RBIS, 47 SBS, 109 Runs, 183 Hits and on the team with the best record in baseball going into the last day of the season. This guy just turned 29 and is probably the biggest free agent of the year. Everyone should get excited about postseason baseball and all the pennant business going on today. BIG DAY FOR MLB! The Browns are going to get crushed anyways! Do some rooting against the Evil Empire (formerly from the Bronx).

    My 2 cents—I don't really care if Gilbert was talking about LBJ or not, but it isn't going to help with any free agency signings and Stern is probably going to fine the balls out of him. Not a smart move for a team that already is going to have an extremely hard time getting anyone good to play here. Lebron might be the most hated player in the NBA right now and Gilbert is probably the most hated owner (by the players). NOT. HELPING. OUR. CAUSE.

  • Jaceczko

    Too bad you thought this was worth your time and one of your blog posts, Frownie.

    Leave the playground and stick to the adult conversations. If anybody's theorizing about A-holes, why not leave them to scratching their name into their desk with the metal point of their compass from geometry class?

  • Jaceczko


    Boston is the Evil Empire.



  • smittypop2


    If Teddy (RIP) were here that would surely be a LOLZ!

  • smittypop2


    Boston wants to be the evil empire, but they don't spend enough money to do it. Thanks for the tip though. If you are personally rooting for a team with a 200 million dollar++ payroll then you probably rooted Kobra Kai. Congrats!

  • Art Brosef

    I cant believe when I log onto my favorite site on the internet,, this is the kind of garbage I see.

    Frowns, Im not a liar, and whether or not Im a moron is certainly up for debate. But I can assure you Im getting dumber every time I read one of these Gilbert / Lebron posts.


  • Biki

    as much as i LOVE carl crawford, and as much as i HATE the yankees, i think Robbie Cano gets the MVP, his numbers are slightly better than CC's..

    dark horse is Jose Bautista.. dude's career high for homers was 16 and he belts out 54 this year???

  • Believelander

    Gilbert has to start proving he's got the goodwill to be a good owner, not seeming petty. LeBron James is a massive asshole. Not just a huge one, a gaping ridiculous tremendous sonic-boom asshole. But leave the guy alone and take it up with him on the court.

    Leave it to the actual FAN fans to make classless LeBum Lames jokes.

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