Talking Browns with LeCharles Bentley and Je’Rod Cherry on Xs and Os with the Pros

by Cleveland Frowns on November 30, 2010

If you missed the show last night on WKNR with LeCharles and Je’Rod, you can download two segments from last night’s broadcast here and here. You can also listen straight from the web if you click here and scroll down to the 11/29/10 podcasts in the archive.

Top Tweets from folks who tuned in last night:

@Cavalette23: RT @xsandospros It’s Showdown Monday tonight athe guys will be joined by @clevelandfrowns two full hrs to take your calls. 6-8 on KNR >YAY!

@MikeAmmo: @ClevelandFrowns I don’t get why the Cleveland media refuses to admit that Mangini built the foundation for the Jets!

@cpmack: @LeCharlesBent65 @clevelandfrowns What has Rex Ryan won that Mangini hasn’t? Identical records, one of them lucked into the playoffs

@jimkanicki: @LeCharlesBent65 @JerodMSF adrian peterson-hardnosed or not-would not deliver behind kevin shaffer and john stclair.

@lilOUMikey: @xsandospros PLEASE tell me how the hell Tampa and KC have a SYSTEM!?!?!

@Art_Brosef: @clevelandfrowns @jimkanicki yes well done. when the show was over I had to look up scheme, system, play, and philosophy in the dictionary

@BrianSpaeth: @MayKat33 it sounds like The View: Cleveland Males

@MayKat33: @brianspaeth hah, lol. Aaron Goldhammer is Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

@MapRoomBar: @ClevelandFrowns @xsandospros @LeCharlesBent65 are u guys coming by?

Thanks again to LeCharles, Je’Rod, and the ESPN Cleveland gang, thanks to everyone for listening, and for the feedback.

  • Jeff

    Congrats Frowns – and thank you for representing us "thinkers" out here. Unfortunately I wasn't able to tune in live – any chance they'll post a replay online at some point?

  • Chris

    It was interesting, to say the least. I've been watching LeCharles play since Iggy's, all the way until he got to the Browns, and I'm a fan.

    No disrespect meant here, but I had a very hard time with him talking over you every time he disagreed with something. I understand that he doesn't believe in what Mangini is doing here, I just don't feel like he did a great job articulating his argument.

  • Art Brosef

    I enjoyed the entire thing, well done Frownie.

    I will say I had a difficult time understanding LeCharles' argument as it relates to the talent level. He kept saying "overplay" which I assume meant "overachieve." I also couldnt follow his explanation regarding the difference between "identity" "scheme" and "plan." But I never played in the league, so what do I know. But it did seem he was splitting hairs to suit his own opinion of Mangini. Other than that Ill give him a pass on going to the Reghi School of Fabricating Words.

    You could tell once towards the end he was the verge of getting just a little too chippy and seemed close "going down to your moms basement and write another blog post" card.

    Other than that he seemed open to discussion for the most part. Looking forward to your next appearance on KNR. Or as Kanicki says, holding court with any of the aforementioned characters at the Map Room. Ill be happy to record the minutes. Frownie Podcast!!

  • Believelander

    I don't doubt LeCharles Bentley is an intelligent, accomplished adult, but the idea of a human battering ram getting into a debate about the philosophy of anything with a law school victim seems unwise, even if said human development and family science major has spent his whole life playing the subject of said topic.

    I want to know – did you thank Reghi for 'bringing it tough'?

  • Redz.Harvest

    OG's!!! Woo. Coming for my prize, Babs.

    Loved the discussion last night, and it seems like there's much more discussion to be had. It was especially interesting hearing the excitement, frustration and impatience expressed by someone who was so recently playing football with the Browns, making it a little easier to understand why these coaches feel so much pressure. With all of that pressure and more, I'm even more impressed by Mangini and his core players given that the Browns have been in every game this season, under a tough schedule, playing with constantly rotating quarterbacks, and are still a fun team to watch and root for.

    As an outsider, I think Mangini's priorities for the Browns give us the best chance to develop a contending team again, and I wasn't dissuaded from that point of view listening to LeCharles – still I do want to hear more. So, I hope Jerod and LeCharles get around to another Frownie tripartite show sooner rather than later.

    Soon enough for other Cleveland media to start making sense of things.

    Also, I've since been told that the Hasselbeck person is hot, so to Lizzy Hammer, things could be a lot worse.

  • Mikey

    I don't think LeCharles likes me very much. I respect that he brought on a 'contrary to the media' opinion but I was pretty angry that he never let you finish a thought. During his NFL career I wonder how the QB got a word in while in the huddle.

    Just seemed like #65 read up on Pete's stances and quickly came up with ways to disprove them. I've only listened to their show a few times and always turned it off enraged at their stands and how they constantly play the race card.

  • Biki

    @cpmack, whether Rex "lucked into playoffs" or not, they also won 2 HUGE road games against some pretty tough teams, so Rex in his rookie coaching season has won 2 more playoff games than Mangini has. But yes, Mangini has never had a team as talented as Rex has, but he still gets them to perform at their fullest and is now 20-10 in 1.5 seasons. Could Mangini have done as good or better? We'll never know. Every coach will always say that there is a lot of good fortune involved with the successes they experience, including being fortunate to being at the right place at right time. No wonder Rex is always grinnin' ear to ear, he knows how fortunate of a situation he has. Can't wait for next Monday, that is going to be one of the best regular season games in a long time. Two 9-2 teams in the same division??? Lookin' forward to Frownie's pick on that one.

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