“L” is for Loser

by Cleveland Frowns on June 13, 2011

“The Greater Man upstairs know when it’s my time. Right now isn’t the time.”LeBron James, 6/13/11


It has to be the rightest thing LeBron James has done in at least a year, making his first last word on a shocking NBA Finals meltdown a reference to a higher power. All the turnovers and missed free throws, the statistical drop-off, the bizarre fourth-quarter paralysis, the complete lack of resemblance to the team that ran through the Eastern Conference playoffs, a supposedly elite NBA defense unable to keep the Dallas Mavericks from putting more than half of their three-pointers through the nets in the final two games of the series. It’s hard to imagine a basketball team looking more like one on the wrong side of nature’s law than the Miami Heat did in the 2011 NBA Finals.

With the details having been set forth as they have, it’s especially hard to see the Heat’s failure as a result of much more than the inability on the part of its superstars, especially LeBron, to react to the unprecedented pressure they created for themselves. If LeBron’s amazing meltdown in this series represents the largest disparity between an athlete’s talents and his output in recent memory (if not modern sports history), we probably shouldn’t be so surprised. Power/responsibility, mobility/susceptibility and all that. There’s never been a more powerful free agent athlete than LeBron and it’s not even close; and whatever else about The Decision, it represented LeBron exercising that unprecedented power to the maximum.

Of course just because you have power doesn’t mean you should use it, but I’d be able to enjoy this Mavaliers win a lot more if I hadn’t so clearly (rightly or wrongly) viewed the Decision as a gross misapplication before it happened. Nobody should have needed the Heat to lose to confirm that the Decision, at least as executed, was largely revelatory and a result of LeBron’s own personal weakness, and a Heat championship this June wouldn’t have changed that picture in the slightest. Different strokes, different folks (obviously), but LeBron’s weakness — the spectacular failure of a guy Northeast Ohio spent eleven-plus years pumping up — was never anything I cared to revel in, and certainly isn’t now.

The question for me has always been about whether and how LeBron would turn into something else; how he and we could best move past the sadness of the Decision to salvage anything at all of the magic that was all but say four painful weeks of LeBron’s seven-year run as a Cleveland Cavalier (go ahead and count the four years at St. V., too). I figured that a Heat championship in this first season could be as quick a road as any here, to the extent that LeBron would realize that even a perfect run with the superfriends wouldn’t earn him the kind of love and respect that he had when he wore the Cleveland jersey. But maybe this bizarre loss is just as well, especially in view of LeBron’s “I’m still rich and you’re still you” response to critics in his press conference following last night’s loss.

Not because whatever pain LeBron feels from this loss will finally impel him to use this first-in-so-many-summers away from chasing global iconhood in China or with an unprecedented mess of a free agency to add the post-up game that the experts have been screaming about for years. How much practice will it take to keep “The Greater Man upstairs” from putting a lid on top of your team’s hoop and a vortex below the other’s?

Probably not all the practice in the world for LeBron, at least not until he manages to break free from the “Team LeBron vs. The Rest of Humanity” mentality that’s as well explained by LeBron’s background as it is by anything, and equally explanatory of the Decision (How much freedom to use? Why not all of it? Knowing what we know now about what was going on then, how else was LeBron going to answer this question last July?). LeBron’s post-game presser made it clear that there’s a long way to go, but also that there’s an obvious place to start. Now that he really can’t point the finger at anyone but himself, he’s as likely as ever to listen.


In closing, just a few quick questions about Dan Gilbert’s tweet celebrating the Mavs win: First, if I don’t have the money to buy a home, is it a “SHORTCUT” if I borrow the money from someone else to do it? Is it more or less of a “SHORTCUT” if I take out a loan called a “Quicken Loan”? Would it be better if I borrow money with a loan that has a less speedy name?

If I’m going to buy an NBA franchise, shouldn’t I avoid a SHORTCUT by buying a franchise that didn’t just win the lottery to draft the greatest and most marketable prospect in NBA history?

What kind of screening will the new Cleveland casinos do at the door to make sure they don’t let anybody in who’s trying to use casino games as a SHORTCUT to having more cash when they leave the casino than they had when they entered?

Is there a more incredible A-hole on the planet?

  • Anonymous

    Most telling stat of the night:  Lebron played 41 minutes with a +/- differential of -24 with him in the game.  Wade played 40 minutes and the Heat were +3 with him in..  wowzers

    almost as head scratching as the Tribe’s 4-16 record in last 20.. double wowzers

    • Anonymous

      Very telling indeed.  I really think he makes his teammates worse.  

  • http://twitter.com/lilOUmikey Michael Tricarichi

    Well I think Gilbert is correct because when one DOES take a shortcut with Quicken Loans, they end up paying roughly double including the interest payments. Also, if for some reason you are approved for a loan you can’t afford, you will default on it, ruin your credit, and be back to renting a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath house for your wife and 4 kids. 

    • Anonymous

      Just like LeBron has paid at least double with the hit to his image for the SHORTCUT he’s taken. What’s the difference?

  • Vari

    I agree with you on where LeBron should start his re-evaluation.  He needs to kick the LeBrontourage to the curb.  He needs a complete lifestyle makeover.  Of course it’s terribly difficult to change your ways when you’re so firmly set in them. 

    As for your critique of Danny Gilbert, I think Dan is just trying to put butts back in the seats by siding with a fair majority of Cleveland sports enthusiasts.  Just as he is trying to sell home loans to people whom actually don’t have the full sales price on hand.  I certainly didn’t take a shortcut to buy my home, but I certainly worked for it.

    • Anonymous

      i’m not sure how much the “LeBrontourage” has to do with Lebron’s competitiveness or lackthereof in the biggest games of his last 2 seasons.  I’m no sports psychologist or claim to know the answers, but it seems to me that he needs to pull a Ron Artest and see one throughout the summer and next season.  Obviously there is something going on in his head that is preventing him from playing with the reckless abandon he has been known to play with in the regular season and at times in the playoffs.  

      maybe all you LBJ haters were right about him being a choke artist, but just like Dirk was called one many times in his career, LBJ has plenty more years of basketball left to try to reshape his legacy.. just like Dirk did..  (btw Mavs were -4 with Dirk on the court yesterday, sure is nice to have teammates that step up)  

      • Anonymous

        dirk was called a choke artist once and it grew.  can you guess the player who called up out?

        “You’re remembered for what you did at the end,” he infamously said. “[Dirk] is the reason they lost the championship because he wasn’t the leader he’s supposed to be in the closing moments.”
        dwyane wade, 2007

        the karma surrounding this mavs win is truly over the top.

        • Anonymous

          Choke artist once??   What about when Dirk’s team was the 1 seed and lost to Golden State?   There have been many years of playoff disappointment for Dirk..  but all that is gone after winning 1 ring..   

      • Vari

        How are you not sure about the LeBrontourage?  Those guys are pushing this dude’s head in the wrong direction.  I’m not saying they are the one’s pulling the strings in the 4th quarter, that’s on LeBron.  His management/ handlers/ enablers are the ones who are filling this guy’s head with delusions of grandure.

        • Anonymous

          Delusions of grandure?  Like what exactly?  Maverick Carter:  “Bron, don’t be aggressive, everything comes easy for you, even in the NBA Finals.  Just coast and continue to have everyone call you a quitter and a choker and we’re going to continue to grow this empire without missing a beat”. 

          but you don’t consider Wade/Bosh/Riley/Spo as part of his “enablers” as well..  or all the Nike people, CAA people, it’s all Randy and Mav’s fault..  bottom line, this is all on Lebron to dig himself out of this..

          • Anonymous

            how about:  “let’s make a couple hundred thou by selling the rights to your free agency destination and then hide behind ‘it’s for charity’ if there’s any blow back.”

            he does need to kick the lebrontourage to the curb.  hell, maybe he should even invite savannah and the kids to come down to live with him… you know since he’s doing all this for family among other things.

          • Anonymous

            so hiding behind “it’s for charity” is the reason Lebron choked these past 2 seasons?  

            i  think everyone and their grandmother knows that if Lebron is to achieve the type of success the Lebrontourage is looking for, he needs to start performing like a champion.   highly doubt Mav is too thrilled with Lebron’s performance in the Finals..

            “James struggled throughout the Finals, averaging 17.8 points, which was 8.9 fewer than his regular season average. That dropoff from the regular season to the Finals was the largest in NBA history, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.”

          • Anonymous


            in my opinion, he didn’t choke because he didn’t try.  having not tried he’s able (in his mind) to maintain the veneer of unfulfilled potential and so stay, in the minds of many, the best player in the game.  in order to create this hallucination, he needs a cadre of ‘friends’ to tell him he’s still the greatest and (choose one or several):
             -his supporting cast dies in the moment;
             -his coach sucks;
             -he’s spoiling his fans;
             -even if he loses he wins because the haters all have less money than he has.

            i simply dont think anyone can get to such an alien location without some serious help from people living inside the same bubble.  thus, he needs to dump the lebrontourage.

          • Anonymous

            Lebron needs his friends to tell him he’s the greatest??   he doesn’t get that from anywhere else but Randy and Mav??  You must be boys with Lebron and are a part of that “cadre of friends”.   you seem to know so much about how he thinks and what he needs, and most of all, you seem to know who is cadre of ‘friends’ are and apparantly know what they tell him.

            who knows, maybe you’re right, but it seems to me that Bron needs to spend more time with Ron Ron at the shrink’s office..   

          • Anonymous

            that’s my theory biki, yes, and i don’t think you need a degree in psychology to piece it together.  i’m actually being charitable and reaching hard for empathy.

            but if you can tell me why a 23 year old who scored 30 consecutive points to close down the defending champions in 2006 turned into a guy deferring to eddie house in an elimination game at 28 in 2011, i’m all ears.

          • Anonymous

            wait, so LRMR wasn’t around back then??  who was in his ears??   

          • Vari

            He does need an unbiased opinion and a shrink could probably help.  It’s imperative to cut out the cancer in order to get better though.

          • Vari

            How are you going to effectively dig yourself out of something like this with people like Maverick Carter whispering in your ear?  Listen to the types of things LeBron says. You don’t think that’s a product of his management? You’re right about Wade, Bosh, Riley and Spoelstra.  They’re equal to the LeBrontourage.

          • Anonymous

            Warren Buffet whispers in his ear too..  i guess it’s all his fault

          • Vari

            Surprised you’re not whispering in it, sweet nothings that is.

          • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Heat were -22 with Lebron on the floor; he makes his teammates worse with his shot selection aka “hero ball.”

        • Anonymous

          i’m not even sure you could blame it on “hero ball” last night..  while he did have 6 turnovers, he shot pretty well from the field, but he (and the heat) just didn’t seem to want it as bad as the Mavs (as well as some lucky bounces).  lebron rarely any aggressive drives to the hoop.. only 4 free throw attempts, he typically averages that in the 4th quarter alone..   

          • Anonymous

            The shot selection is terrible, but  Lebron believes that since he made those shots against Chicago (and at other points in his career), that they are good shots that just weren’t falling.  The reality is that those are low percentage shots; Lebron does not seem to grasp that concept (maybe he should have gone to college or paid attention in math class?).

          • Anonymous

            you’re talking about last night’s game??  he shot 9-15.  but he should’ve taken 25 shots (same with Wade).  and at least 10-15 FT attempts instead of 4..  

          • Anonymous

            I’m talking about the series in general; his shot selection was poor.  

          • Anonymous

            in spite of his poor shot selection, i think his overall lack of aggressiveness as well as  miami’s team defense were the 2 biggest culprits, but gotta give credit to the Mavs for their great defense as well as their hot shooting..  they crushed from behind the 3 point line, which is what they do, but the Heat defended the 3 pretty well during the season, allowing teams to shoot 34.5%, as opposed to 53% the last 2 games..  

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even understand your point about Gilbert.  I think it would have been more succinct just to say, “and in closing, I still don’t like Dan Gilbert.”  And today is not a day to think about Lebron’s background.  It’s a day to revel in the fact that an entire organization full of egomaniacal a-holes go theirs.

    • Anonymous

      like as to the gilbert part.  i don’t really get it either. 

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t see the hypocrisy in a billionaire casino owner/mortgage crisis profiteer lecturing about SHORTCUTS, there’s probably not much I can do but be depressed at how easily you’ve bought in to his self-serving dichotomy.

      All the worse that if he hadn’t been so worried about upsetting the apple cart after his SHORTCUT money play on the Cavaliers (or better if he hadn’t made the money play at all), we might not be having this conversation at all.

      Anyway, glad you’re enjoying yourself. Eff the a-holes!

  • Anonymous

    “that’s a process.  it doesn’t happen overnight.  there’s no quick solutions.” (go to 25 second mark.)
    “There are NO SHORTCUTS.  NONE.”

    one of the quotes above is from the best owner in professional sports* and current holder of the Larry OBrien trophy.  the other is from the biggest A-hole on the planet.  can you tell the difference?

    *so acclaimed in post-comments on nba.tv, espn.  fwiw.

  • http://twitter.com/cpmack Chris M

    Is it a shortcut when you stack a basketball team and proclaim that you’re going to win more rings than Jordan or Kobe?

    Maybe the shortcut should run through the gym next time, and not through a stage with pyrotechnics and hundreds of newly found “fans” of the Miami heat.

  • Anonymous

    When are the Frownie Fotos from Miami going to be up?

  • CleveLandThatILove

    LeBron looked around for someone to blame…guess it was God’s turn this time.

  • Anonymous

    btw, the author of the excellent column i linked to in the ft. worth star telegram, tweeted this about CLE last night:  http://twitter.com/#!/engeljen/status/80130829623369729

    pretty nice, i thought.

    • Anonymous

      Also, pretty pathetic and depressing. I dunno.

  • http://brian23.com Brian

    Whatever LeBron’s problem is, it’s a lot different than being a simple choker. People could still respect him if he just failed to hit the big shot over and over, or made costly turnovers. Playing poorly in pressure situations isn’t what he doesn – he actively disengages himself from the action.
    And he only does it when the pressure is highest – put him against an inferior team or up 3-1 in a series, and he’s fine. The frontrunner in him thrives there.

    He’ll probably get a title somewhere based purely on talent and being in that frontrunner situation in the Finals at some point, but this is a huge stain that will last a long time. 

    I do wonder how many guys will want to play with him, though. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of respect for him, and now that the media is fully turned on him, he’s got no protection and no excuses except blaming Zeus. 

    • Anonymous

      who wouldn’t want to play with him?  Deshawn Stevenson??  

      • http://brian23.com Brian

        Do you want to play with the guy who randomly disengages from games at the
        worst possible times? Do you think Bosh sounded happy with him?

        • Anonymous

          no, chris bosh did not sound happy with him.

          • Anonymous

            I got laugh from the caption on the screen “Lebron James (MIA)…..”  

            MIA? Pun intended?

  • Ronald

    I was hoping for some Frownie Math to show that Lebron needed to average a 40-11-11 for Miami to hang in this series and that the Heat supporting cast failed him. 

    But I’ll settle for his complete lack of a basic understanding of capital structures.

    • Anonymous

      I think you missed the first couple of sentences when Frownie agreed with LeBron in that it was god’s fault he didn’t win a championship this year. 
      Recap of reasons why LeBron can’t win a championship:
      1. Dan Gilbert
      2. Danny Ferry
      3. Mike Brown
      4. The entire Cavs roster
      5. crack (although coke seemed to work pretty well for Michael Irvin)
      6. Daddy or lack thereof
      7. He’s only 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18 years old.
      8. He’s got no Pippen
      9. He’s got no Jordan
      10. God
      11. The second, fourth, and sixth arms of Vishnu.
      12. Someone or something real or imaginary that isn’t named LeBron.

      Hopefully this will save the need for any more LeBron posts for a long time.  Otherwise, I might have to put myself on a month long ban.

    • Anonymous

      Tell me about capital structures, Ron.

  • JoshW

    For a site that values intellectual honesty above all, the point about shortcuts is a little disappointing.  The word shortcut implies attempting to accomplish a goal while trying to avoid the USUALLY MORE LENGTH OR COSTLY preparation that is viewed as necessary.  For example, not sure if this is true in Frownieland, but most people who buy houses take out mortgages.  And paying off that mortgage takes years of hard work.  So the fact that Joe Homebuyer can’t plunk down the green for his three bedroom and instead signs up for a loan doesn’t really mean he’s taking the easy way out, or a “shortcut.”

    How different is the business of winning the Larry O’Brien.  The USUAL way of getting one of those is to build with a core of teammates with whom you suffer through losses, but with whom you ultimately learn how to get it done.  So yes, leaving the team you grew up to team up with 2 other stars, and thinking that you are going to rip off a string of championships qualifies as a shortcut.  And taking out a mortgage doesn’t.

    I’d have personally delivered this post in hard-copy, but decided to take the easy way out and post electronically.  Sorry… 


    • Vari

      Josh, such a shortcut.

    • Anonymous

      See above on this. The point is that there are good shortcuts and bad shortcuts, and Gilbert’s SHORCUT tweet is little more than idiotically reductive carnival barking, in line with everything else Gilbert has done in reaction to the Decision.

      Again, if you don’t see the hypocrisy in a billionaire casino owner/mortgage
      crisis profiteer lecturing about SHORTCUTS, there’s probably not much I
      can do to help. But I can at least ask if you understand that a significant part of the home mortgage crisis was due to the availability of perceived “easy money,” and that a significant part of casino profits are from the same in a way that’s much worse.

      • Anonymous

        Shall we make a formal introduction?Hello, Dan Gilbert fans, meet the real world.

      • Anonymous

        Shall we make a formal introduction?
        Dan Gilbert fans, meet the real world.

        • Anonymous

          I’m afraid it might be too late.

      • Vari

        I disagree that a significant part of the mortgage crisis was due to “easy money”.  The were a combination of things that produced that recipe for disaster.  With fault lying all the way from congress to Joe Schmoe.

        The whole comment that Gilbert made is completely taken in different context.  I see what you’re saying in a hypocrisy sense.  However, it’s obvious that he’s referring to team building just as Cuban was with his same statement.  I somehow feel that you would be apathetic to Gilbert’s position based on the fact that the man lost millions of dollars on his investment and he’s a little salty about it.  Chances are I would be too.

      • http://brian23.com Brian

        I don’t understand how can you get on Gilbert about being a casino owner, when you LOVE to gamble on sports? Isn’t this activity also a massive shortcut itself? Trying to make money purely off something you have no involvement in isn’t a massive shortcut?  

        I’m not educated enough about mortgages and that industry and such to speak to that, but isn’t being critical of anyone in the gambling industry slightly hypocritical on your part? I’m not trying to be dense – I really don’t understand.

        • Vari

          It might be hypocritical seeing that as soon as the Casinos are open I imagine we’ll be getting live updates on ClevelandFrowns.com from Pete!

        • Anonymous

          Not hypocritical at all on my part because I’m not the one criticizing shortcuts. Does that make sense?

          Anyway, for what it’s worth, I have mixed feelings about casinos, my enjoyment of casino games is extremely limited, and there’s a huge difference between casino games and wagering on sports (as explained in some detail here: http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/2010/08/why-and-how-we-wager-on-sport/)

          • http://brian23.com Brian

            Somewhat, yes. I will read that, thx.


  • Justin

    From a Cavs fan standpoint, I feel much better about losing a talent
    like Lebron now that I see he didn’t have it in him (yet) to be great…
    to be a leader on the biggest stage.  For what its worth, I did see the signs off the court of Lebron needing to grow up…  The dancing on the sidelines, the parties thrown one night before a big game, the MVP shirts he would wear, etc.  I just (wrongly) thought they had nothing to do with his greatness on the court. 

    What I didn’t see signs of were from a mental toughness and
    determination standpoint.  I truly believed this guy was possibly
    already the best player ever (2 years ago) in both talent, and in his
    mental makeup.  I saw him single-handedly beat down a really good
    Detroit team.  Saw him almost beat a Boston “Big 3” in their prime. 
    That is why I think when we all saw him shit the bed last year against
    Boston, then leave in the manner that he did, that he did it in a
    calculating way.  We all thought he didn’t give it his all for Cleveland
    so he could take the easy way out. 

    What I’m seeing now, after watching these finals, is more along the
    lines of what this blog has been saying all along (with the exception of
    the repeated criticism of Dan G.)… This is a sad story of a kid who
    never grew up.  Never learned to take responsibility for his actions and
    failures, in part because those that put him up on a pedestal never
    allowed him to, also in part because of the way he was raised. 

    I’m happy to see the Mavs win (they deserved it) and the Heat lose
    (cockiness and arrogance went too far).  Oddly enough, though, I’m not
    happy at all to see Lebron choke out in this manner.  I didn’t see this
    reaction from me coming when this series started…

    • Anonymous

      Almost exactly my thoughts. Well put.

      I can’t be “happy” about pretty much anything regarding Lebron. We’ll keep waiting for a second act and I have a feeling it will never come.

      • 910Derp

        That 2nd act is never going to happen. We will see Art Modell cheered by a crowd wearing Tim Couch jerseys in Canton before we see LeBron in a Cavs uniform.

  • Matt

    Frowns, I don’t understand your logic of a Miami Finals win triggering that sort of realization in LeBron’s head.  Do you think that a Heat victory and the instant adulation/validation that would invariably pour in from the media and elsewhere would cause him to question his decision to leave CLE and his potential place here?

    I think it much more likely that a ring, even a “hollow” one would leave him more certain in all of his assertions of the past year (he needed better teammates to win, etc).

    • Anonymous

      It’s a good question. I think there’s at least a chance, and to me it was as good a chance as the Heat had at losing, and I was trying to stay hopeful. Whatever adulation he’d have received in the press, vocal critics would have remained (like Barkley, for example), and LeBron would have noticed them. I think he’s pretty tuned in to perceptions of his legacy.

      Anyway, his post-game comments on Sunday really did blow me away, and of course cast this whole thesis in a new shade of doubt. I get that.

  • http://cinema-talk.com/ Jake Savage

    The biggest losers are us, really. I know, I know, we have a right to feel good about this loss, but this in no way counts as a Cleveland “win” anywhere or at anytime. I am happy for Dallas, because this the first championship for the Mavs, and I tend to root for the team without any championship history in these situations. This doesn’t even feel as rewarding as the Patriots blowing their undefeated season.

    Also, can we all just admit we’d welcome LeBron back in a heart beat? I didn’t watch much of this series, or the past NBA season in general, but my heart had a really weird, heavy feeling when I saw the lack of a crowd with three minutes left to go. The Heat seemed similarly disinterested. The biggest tragedy here is not LeBron and his ego, he’s far from the first athlete to have an issue in that regard, but instead the lack of enthusiasm the Big 3 ultimately generated. The vitriol from Cleveland and Toronto (admittedly, the two most tortured sports cities in North America, and I love them both) was much stronger than the excitement and energy for Miami.

    Basically, I’ve pushed myself to be apathetic during this entire NBA season, but I still took some enjoyment out of Dallas winning. I paid attention, even though I desperately wanted to avoid it.

    On the other hand, the Tribe look like they’re finally falling apart. It’s kind of a shame too since I’ll be in San Francisco to see them. Oh well. Is anyone else watching the real FINALS tonight? I’m sure that sounds condescending and a little childish, but we hockey fans are a proud, perhaps even elitist bunch. It’s easy to root against Boston because they’re a Boston team, but Vancouver has done everything to become unlikable. The douchey triumvirate of Burrows, Lapierre, Torres is a little too much to handle. I’ll be pulling for Kevin Bieksa mostly, as he’s a Bowling Green grad. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a Clevelander in the finals since Mike Rupp in 2009 and he was winning for Pittsburgh. Blergh.

    Happy monday!

    • Anonymous


      I have to agree with a lot of what you said.  I don’t think I watched more than 5 minutes of basketball all year.  In fact, when I saw the picture of the Miami Herald that went with this post I thought to myself, “Hey Obama is in Puerto Rico.  Alright!”

    • Anonymous

      will be completely tuned in and pulling like a maniac for the bruins tonite.

      • Anonymous

        there’s dirty… and there’s punk.  check out tough guy christian ehrhoff trying to fight with 5-9 brad marchand and winding up with 6-4 adam mcquaid.


        there’s dirty… and there’s stupid.  roberto luongo?!  RUKM?  you gave up 12 goals in two games.  you won game five without any real challenges.  keep your mouth shut about tim thomas ‘wandering outside the paint.’  3 goals on 8 shots tonite?  chased in the 1st period?


        and i promise:  bruins fans are different from sawks/pats/celts fans.  for 15 years WEEI treated hockey like roller derby.  (so great to have a second sports talk radio station and i know i dont need to tell that to clevelanders.)  so the hockey fans are legit.  trust me on this.

    • Anonymous

      well, governor kasich isn’t welcoming lebron back anytime soon:

    • 910Derp

      I’m pulling for the Canucks tonight. Dirty? PERHAPS. Overdue? YOU BETCHA. Plus; Boston.

      • Anonymous

        [i replied to myself instead of you, 910.  see below.]
        [or as lebron would say, ‘myself replied to myself.’]

        • 910Derp

          Q: What time is it in Boston?
          A: 15 past Luongo!

  • http://twitter.com/cpmack Chris M

    Holy Mary Mother of God, we need a Frowns take on this, stat.


    Last year, it was “The Decision”.  Now, we have “The Delusion”.

  • Anonymous

    Why has Dan Gilbert’s upbringing not been used to vindicate any poor decisions that he has made?  Coming from a situation like he did in Detroit should allow him some latitude in misjudgment, no?  How come one whiny millionaire gets a pass and his failings are “tragic” and another one is just an a-hole?

    Plus, it seems as though Gilbert’s success was earned.  He was never called “The Chosen One” or “King Gilbert.” 

    If you think taking out a mortgage is a shortcut to anything, you obviously have never taken one out. 

    • Anonymous

      i know re: the mortgage thing – i finally decided that i just didn’t get it because no way could frownie seriously be implying that those that don’t need mortgages to buy houses are somehow morally superior to those that don’t (it just means that the ones that don’t need mortgages are rich).   

      • Anonymous

        right – it’s supposed to say frownie can’t mean that those that don’t need mortgages are morally superior to those that do.

    • CleveLandThatILove

      Excellent point.  I think we all know why one gets a pass and the other doesn’t. 

  • Anonymous

    Is there a more incredible A-hole on the planet?

    Yes, his name is Lebron James and he proved it once again in his post-game presser last night.  Stay classy ‘Bron!

    not 5, not 6, not 7, ZERO. 

    • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

      Agreed 100%

    • Anonymous

      Lebron may be the biggest (pick your explicative) on the planet, but he is also absolutely correct in saying that today after it is all over; he is still a millionaire with a terrific life and I am just a loser trying to make ends meet, half a step from the poor house.
      He lost everything else, but he won with that statement.   He did not win many more fans, but I can certainly acquiesce to the power of his argument.
      He is Lebron James and I am not.

      • Anonymous

        “He is Lebron James and I am not”

        And thank heavens for that. I would hate to be in his head right now, seems like a very dark and scary (perhaps empty?) place.

      • Vari

        Acto man, you need some self confidence, dude!  If you’ve got a place to stay, clothes on your back, food on your table and a job, you’re doing pretty alright man.

        • Anonymous

          Thank you,  I have all of those things, but the drive through at Cheap Ass Burger is tough.
          But….   I do not have enough money to help all of my indigent siblings.  I want to start the largest “no kill” animal shelter in the nation, but I only have about 50% of the necessary funds, et cetera….
          He had a good point, he is LBJ and I am not.
          No offense in the previous posts, you are probably completely aware of the difficulties some people face in this world.

  • CleveLandThatILove

    I think I just had an epiphany.  LeBron doesn’t want a ring, maybe he never did.  He got his “ring” when Nike and the rest of the schmucks made him rich. 

    Remember Gloria screaming “to the bank!” from the stands at SVSM?  He delivered the only thing those parasites (LeBrontourage) care about, and now they are all living the so-called good life down in their glitzy playground.  He said as much at the press conference.

    He doesn’t give a shit.  He really doesn’t.

  • coachie ballgames

    I don’t get the hate over what LeBron said about how all the haters are going to have to wake up today and deal with their own lives. I guess people don’t like hearing the truth.  

    • Anonymous

      Witness the realest

    • Anonymous

      Witness the realest

    • Anonymous

      Well then youre really a moron.  And in typical fashion for a comment like this, Biki likes it.

      If someone says something shitty, the fact that said statement is factually accurate doesnt make the person saying it not an asshole. 

      • coachie ballgames

        What he said wasn’t insulting, and if a truth-sayer is an a-hole then the truth is more important than whether someone’s feelings were hurt. 

        Caring about an athlete’s personal life or passing moral judgments on athletes is what makes following sports wack. 

        • Anonymous

          yes, but art_brosef loves to pass moral judgements on people, especially people he doesn’t know..  

          • http://brian23.com Brian

            LIke Frowns does with Dan Gilbert and Tony Grossi?

          • Anonymous

            Well, the secret’s out, now, so let me make a full confession: I have, in fact, analyzed certain actions of both Tony Grossi and Dan Gilbert within my own personal construction of right and wrong. 

            I throw myself at the mercy of the court.

            (For fuck’s sake.)

          • http://brian23.com Brian

            I don’t understand what you mean, but I am dropping out anyway. Apologies
            for coming around – it always ends badly.


          • Anonymous

            If your point is to criticize me simply for making judgments about things without addressing the substance of the judgments themselves, I don’t know how else you’d expect it to end.

          • Anonymous

            I havent passed “moral” judgement on anyone.  If you can find the link to a comment where I did, I might retract that statement.

        • Anonymous

          This is so dumb I dont know why im even responding.   I havent passed moral judgements on anyone, nor do I care about their personal life.

          Again, just because somethings true doesnt mean someone should say it.  The truth is only more important if we all need to hear it as a catalyst to changing our behavior, thought processes, etc for the better.  Dont act like Lebron is doing us some sort of favor here by enlightening us somehow.

  • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

    I wish Gilbert would have turned off his computer. His comment was totally unnecessary in a night of good feelings all around.

    • 910Derp

      Agreed. Was he worried that nobody else was going to trash the guy?

  • Anonymous

    interesting take:  http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/backpage/headline_zYb8GXSm0mHtkwJEHwhr7N

  • Anonymous

    well for sure lebron’s head is not in the right place right now.  but i don’t think the issue is that lebron still believes in the “team lebron vs. the rest of humanity” meme.  team lebron versus the world means take no prisoners, i’m achieving my goals no matter what, and if you or anyone else gets hurt in the process so be it.  it means realizing that it’s up to you – and no one else – to get it done and it means you trust no one/rely on no one else to help get you there.  there are “team” members only to the extent that you will only be associated with those people that fall in line behind you, accept your right to lead without question, and follow your edicts without hesitation.  it’s an ultra-competitive, ultra-aggressive way to be. 
    both the decision and lebron’s play in these finals was the opposite of that sort of mentality.  i think what happened to lebron in the boston series – or maybe it was a cumulative thing that happened in his years with the cavs and culminated in that series – was him realizing that he couldn’t do it on his own.  it was the crumbling of any “team lebron vs. the rest of humanity” worldview (to the extent that he ever had that worldview at all – and he might have given the fact that in high school he did/could do it all and everyone was telling him he could do the same in the NBA and he grew up in a place where the have nots learned early that is was them vs. the haves).  lebron suddenly got it – that he couldn’t do it on his own – even though most of the rest of us didn’t (and for sure dwayne wade and chris bosh and the miami heat didn’t get it).  and that realization/the breakdown of that worldview (not any stupid gossip about delonte and his mom) created a real deal crisis situation for lebron that led directly to the decision (go someplace where he could still win without admitting to the rest of us that lebron vs. humanity was only a facade) and to his play in these finals (falling apart when it became obvious that he actually would have to carry the team). 
    by the way, i don’t think any of the above excuses lebron acting like such a jerk (i’m still chosen/i’m making the decision in this awful way/your lives are still more miserable than mine/etc.).  it’s offered only as a possible explanation.

    • Anonymous

      “team lebron versus the world means take no prisoners, i’m achieving my
      goals no matter what, and if you or anyone else gets hurt in the process
      so be it. . . . .”

      In a perfect world, this would mean that. In this world it means the prioritization of  a certain level of financial security for a defined group of people over all else, to the point where other conceptions of “greatness” don’t compute.

      • 910Derp

        But he has had financial security for 8 years now. Is that all he was after? Or has that killed any motivation for “greatness” that he had?

  • Pete

    Trying to figure out what is wrong with Lebron’s head is really a waste of time.  His game IS the problem.  What is his bread and butter shot ?  He does not have one.  He never shoots the ball from the same spot.  When a game a tight or a player is struggling shooting the ball, the favorite spot is where the shots need to come from.  Lebron has a favorite spot void.  A post game may fix this problem.  Whatever shot it is, finding it should be his summer project.

  • Fool me once…

    I’m trying to make sense of all this. Unable to take the high-road like Peter, even I never envisioned what I saw in this series. I mean, what happens to someone with as much talent as Lebron to make him disengage for an entire series, and so abruptly after carpet-bombing the whole Eastern Conference into dust. What’s going on in his head? It’s not a choke when the funk covers 5 straight games. Choking doesn’t preclude hustle or effort. And I don’t believe that he doesn’t care.

    In a weird way this series has changed how I look at Lebron now. Maybe (just maybe) Cleveland got the better end of the deal on the Decision. Our version of Lebron was a myth. He was never going to make the town light up like Vegas no matter who Dan G. surrounded him with. A future with him would have been like the 90’s Tribe – great fun, unlimited potential, but ultimately a missed opportunity. Now we have a  fresh start – we have great draft picks, some young talent and cap space.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with the first paragraph almost completely. As for the second, I disagree to the extent that i think LeBron created a new level of pressure for himself (a whole new world of obstacles for himself) with his ill-considered Decision. Relatedly, I think LeBron’s refusal to commit to the Cavaliers created increasing pressure each season before he left.

  • Anonymous

    $269/night at The Breakers is pretty awesome.

  • CleveLandThatILove

    You okay Peter?  I’m no Pattakos expert, but it’s not like you to post and disappear. 

    • Anonymous

      LOL thanks. Busy Monday.

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