Browns Offense Half as Good as in Last Year’s Preseason Opener; Twice as Exciting

by Cleveland Frowns on August 15, 2011

Last year, the Browns’ preseason opener was in Green Bay, where — as we were told repeatedly by the WKYC broadcast team that covered the game — the Packers try to win preseason games for the home crowd. This year the preseason opener against the Packers came at home, with the Packers having arrived in Cleveland directly from Washington and a trip to The White House the day before, where they were honored by the President for last season’s Super Bowl win.

In last year’s preseason opener, the Browns scored three touchdowns in four series against Green Bay’s first team defense, with two different quarterbacks. This year, the Browns scored one touchdown in two series against the Packers’ starters.

Tony Grossi led off his recap of last year’s preseason opener with a joke about brown pants and sarcastic expressions of shock at the team’s “steady” offensive output:

Could it have been the brown pants all along?

No way, of course. Uniform style has nothing to do with the way the Browns played in their preseason opener. But they never looked as good last year — offensively, at least — as they did Saturday night wearing their traditional white-on-whites.

Discarding the unpopular brown pants they wore in a dismal 2009 road season, the Browns looked competent on offense against a good Green Bay defense. Check that. They were borderline explosive.

This time around, to Grossi, the offense wasn’t just “steady,” but “sharp,” and much more: 

They looked, in a word, coordinated. There was a sense of purpose in what they tried to do and a tempo that was faster than we’ve seen here for a while. The trigger man, Colt McCoy, was on target. … Packers coordinator Dom Capers didn’t throw many of his exotic zone blitz schemes at McCoy, but so what? The timing and rhythm that McCoy worked on all week seemed to come together.

The Packers weren’t really playing defense, but so what? Did you see all that purpose out there?

HNNNNNNNG. Michael Reghi and Aaron Goldhammer were actually much worse with this on the KNR post-game show, and the WKYC broadcast team literally went out of its way to hide the fact that the second Browns’ touchdown drive came against Green Bay’s backups. But anyway, we get it. There’s a difference between having an offensive-minded head coach who came up as an offensive coordinator and a defensive-minded head coach who came up as a defensive coordinator.

What tends to get lost is that this year’s Browns offense should be “sharper” than last year’s no matter who’s coaching it. If the offensive line can stay reasonably healthy it will be much better than last year’s edition and should be one of the league’s very best. With Brian Robiskie and Mohammed Massaquoi coming into their all-important third season as NFL receivers (it’s technically Josh Cribbs’ third season as a receiver, too), the addition of explosive rookie Greg Little, the continued development of Evan Moore along with Ben Watson at tight end, a pair of running backs with clearly defined roles in Peyton Hillis and Brandon Jackson, and with as much stability at the quarterback position as the Browns have had since Tim Couch, there’s really no excuse for these guys not to be better. Which is great. And of course, being three years out from a massive stable-cleaning is better than being two-years out from it, all else being remotely equal.

Mike Holmgren is so amazingly smart it’s absolutely amazing. Just five more days till Detroit for ALL THE MARBLES.

  • Vari

    That Great Lakes Classic Trophy is going to gleam in the case at Berea.

  • Anonymous

    See, UNDER 6.5 is a LOCK, get ur action in before you start believing in these guys!

  • Believelander

    I’ll believe Tony Grossi when the Browns march onto the field for the AFC Championship game.

    • Anonymous

      the second drive was beyond beyond awful.  and that was the last and final drive with green bay’s starters. 

      • Anonymous

         Wow, 9 out of the 10 yards with a nice open field tackle is a “beyond awful” series. You’re not saving yourself a lot of descriptive room for 4th and 6. Or god forbid someone get sacked. Or actually throw an incompletion!

        Tough crowd.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed that “beyond awful” is beyond an overstatement.

        • Jaceczko

          Maybe it’s not “beyond” awful, but I think awful is beyond fair (if I may) when you’re looking at 2nd and 2 and you find yourself punting two downs later.

          • Anonymous

            This means the Tribe had an awful season in 07 then. An awful series to me is one that goes backwards. The fact that you got 8 yards on the first play doesn’t make the inability to get 2 more on the next 2 any worse.

            Also, I really thought we were talking about McCoy mostly. It’s not really his fault Hillis got stuffed, and the 3rd down play was very heads up just a nick late and the tackle very solid. It was still good awareness, a good decision, and decent execution on his part.

            Tough crowd.

          • Anonymous

            This means the Tribe had an awful season in 07 then. An awful series to me is one that goes backwards. The fact that you got 8 yards on the first play doesn’t make the inability to get 2 more on the next 2 any worse.

            Also, I really thought we were talking about McCoy mostly. It’s not really his fault Hillis got stuffed, and the 3rd down play was very heads up just a nick late and the tackle very solid. It was still good awareness, a good decision, and decent execution on his part.

            Tough crowd.

        • Anonymous

          really “awful” or “beyond awful” is just semantics – the point is the browns couldn’t make even one first down on their second offensive series, when all of our best offensive players were on the field. 

          but i chose “beyond awful” because, in context, the second series really was beyond just the awfulness of not making even one first drive with all of your best offensive players on the field.  it was beyond awful because our first series looked so crisp, and you were thinking hey maybe the brownies have figured out something good, but then we did nothing beyond nothing on our second drive, and green bay’s first string d ate us alive, and you thought cripes omg it took a good defense exactly one series to figure out what we were doing we still have lots of work to do here sigh sigh sigh this is just like last year isn’t it sigh sigh sigh.

          the fact that on series 3, against the second string d, our offense looked crisp again, does not change the reality of the second series, which is this: yes we can surprise people sometimes; no we haven’t proved anything yet about our ability to have sustained success. 

          also: isn’t it IRONIC that all of you suck for luckers – folks who are actually *hoping* that in the regular season colt mccoy and the rest of the brownies will suck so bad that we get the first draft pick so that we can replace mccoy asap – are getting on me for criticizing mccoy?????  i never said the guy sucked, by the way – i just said that he hasn’t yet proved that he’s good enough to be our quarterback for any extended period of time. (and i said that because it’s true.)

          all i’m saying is let’s be realistic about the browns.  let’s not overdo it on the awful (by hoping that we’ll suck for luck) or on the positive (by pretending that colt mccoy is something he has yet to prove himself to be).   

      • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      man.. tough crowd.  

      on that 3rd and 1, moore was uncovered and colt saw it and tried to get it to him.  packers recovered in time.  

      you really killing him for that?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, like there’s not already more than enough pressure on Colt?  Sheesh. 

        Nobody’s buying their playoff tickets yet, but let’s give the kid a chance.  According to Bernie, Colt was spot-on in his performance. 

    • Anonymous

      Believe Grossi about what exactly?? Do you need them to put big warnings in bold and caps that this is a preseason game (he does repeat that several times in the article) but I guess since they didn’t post in big bold print it means super bowl or bust.

  • OconRecon

    So, if the preseason is such a cake-walk, why did our AFCN bretheren score 3,6, and 7 points?  Why is Mike Tomlin upset?  Put it this way, I’d rather put up 27 against the Super Bowl champs and say “it’s just preseason” than put up 3 against the Lions, and defend the ineptness by saying the same thing.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody would argue with that.

    • Chris P.

      I heard Acta give an interview after a sprint training game last year, in which he brought in, I think, Kerry wood to close it out against some team’s single-a’ers – he said something like, “well, yeah it’s only spring training, and if we lose it doesn’t mean anything – but given the the option of winning or losing a game, i’ll take the win.”

      I’ll apply that to the preseason browns games too.

  • Anonymous

    leaving grossi out of it, colt DID have a good game.  

    1. he showed good poise waiting for receivers to open up in the face of corner blitzes here and here.
    2. we see good playcalling and good execution on this clear-out to little and on the screen pass to hillis.
    3. this
    playaction pass was again a good playcall and executed perfectly… look at the pack o-line.  does this not look like a run play?  result was 15 yd gain to robo.
    4. his one incompletion was due to pashos being pushed in the pocket and rookie marecic looking to block someone instead of breaking to open space.. a chemistry thing.

    the playcalling was smart, the execution was excellent, the pocket poise was sipe-esque.

    what’s not to like?

    • Anonymous

      yes i’m happy he wasn’t awful.  but he certainly didn’t outplay aaron rodgers, as some claim, and he only scored once against green bay’s starters, which KNR out and out LIED about in it’s post game show. 

      i just don’t see how LYING to ourselves about where we are helps get us to the place we want to be.

      • Anonymous


        the line held up, colt showed a great internal clock, receivers caught passes, good plays were called, execution was almost perfect… i seriously do not know how much better they could be.  we’ll see this weekend vs detroit whether the o-line is really improved or not.

        if there are gripes it’s on defense where there wasn’t the consistent push from rubin/taylor, taylor didn’t stay in his gap, and in the second drive rodgers exploited every open zone which is why he’s probably the best qb in the league.

        i wouldn’t mind seeing more ramzee r. at brown’s db slot and marcus b. needs to see the field more.

        • Anonymous

          JK,  The magic Hologram has an internal clock.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody’s saying Colt didn’t have a good game, but it’s hard to tell anything from those photos you attach other than that he was getting great protection, which is also good.

      • Anonymous

        he was getting ok protection, not great.  

        first pic: pocket collapsing (pashos)
        second: you cant run play-action any better
        third:  that was a corner blitz and colt held it as long as poss to set up screen.  sipe-esque.
        fourth:  another corner blitz and colt held it long enough for watson/cribbs to clear out for little underneath.  perfect execution.
        fifth:  that’s an uncovered CB coming in from colt’s right and again he stood in and completed the pass.

        i guess my point is that when you review the tape, colt’s performance is actually better than it looked in real-time.

        • Anonymous

          OK you’re right. Amazing play action. Unbelievable poise. Sipe-esque.

          • Anonymous

            and with four corner blitzes the packers ‘weren’t playing defense?’

          • Anonymous

            My god four corner blitzes!?!?! Is that what those pictures show where no Packer is within 30 feet of McCoy? Sipe-esque might be a little too stingy here, Jim.

          • Anonymous

            Tough crowd is right. Good for you guys for keeping healthy skepticism alive because people do seem to be going overboard. But facts are facts, this kid is playing very well and the most impressive thing is that this is a brand new system for him and he really did make the right calls.

            Now we’re talking about a total of, what, 12 plays, so keep it in check…but facts are facts, he’s played about as well as you could possibly hope so far. Sometimes results are just streaks of luck, but when you go back and look at it (and last year too) the internals of these plays are what is perhaps even more encouraging than the externals.

            I’d put it this way. League-wide, the rookie QB’s I’ve seen play better than McCoy in the last decade I can count on 1 hand. Doesn’t necessarily mean any more than that, but it might.

          • Anonymous

            this may seem small, but i truly have not seen consistently well-run screen passes in some time… and sipe was the best at it.  and so, i was/am impressed by this pic.  colt allows the blitzing CB to get within 3 (not 30) feet of him before releasing the ball.  on the other end is hillis with four blockers between him and any packer defenders. the gripe here is that this only netted 8 yds.. looks like it couldve been more.

            i certainly agree that running a screen pass should be basic stuff but that doesn’t mean we’ve been able to since the kosar era.  so yeah.. … they’re just doing what they’re supposed to do.  i find that refreshing.

          • Anonymous

            making me work for it.. ok!  here’s a bigger picture.  i think this was a 2nd/8.  and all i’m saying is that the whole packer front 7 is biting on the play acton and this allows robo to get open for the 15 yd reception over the middle.

            i dunno.  good execution.  i like.  and this was the rule sat nite, not the exception.

  • Chris M

    SUPER BOWL!!!!1111!!!!

  • Anonymous

    in other news you know who really – no lie – was super good?  brian smith, the undrafted rookie from ND that we picked up a few weeks back.  watch the game again and look for #53.  amongst other things, he’s the guy that stripped the ball and allowed the brownie d to score the winning touchdown. 

    so yes – this means we should all take another look at this, which some of you might have missed the first time around:

    • Anonymous

      As long as we stay away from over-hyped ND quarterback/pretty boys, I have not problem with ND players.

      • Anonymous

        i would say he’s more boy next door than pretty boy, so you’re ok on that front.

        • PittsburghisforManLovers

          Now Chris Zorich on the other hand, there was a dreamboat.

      • Anonymous


        What is wrong with us pretty boys?  We have a tough bear to cross even without your admonishment.

  • Anonymous

    Did anybody else catch Bernie on the Channel 3 broadcast?  His comments were solely from a QB perspective and pretty favorable of Colt.

    • Chris P.

      They let Bernie on the air?  I thought it was club policy to ostracize all our most popular former players?  I must have missed something.

      • Vari

        They just give Bernie a bottle 25 minutes before show time and hope he does it himself!

    • Anonymous

      I love Bernie’s analysis of the game.  He is insightful, spot on with his comments, has an amazing ability to read defenses, and knows what the QB should be looking for/checking down to on every play.  Sure he sounds like he is hammered, but so did Harry Carey.  I personally would love to see Bernie do the commentary for all the regular season games.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely agree with you, that’s why I taped it.  He knew what Colt was about to do even before Colt did sometimes. 

        • Anonymous

          He’ll also get on the receivers for not making the proper adjustments.  With Bernie’s commentating, I actually feel like I’m learning something, which is way better than listening to John Madden talk about how he can tell how hard the linemen are working based on the size of their ass sweat stains.

          • Anonymous

            Added a whole other dimension to the game for me.   Screw his speech pattern, I’ll take him over just about anyone for Offense 101 any day of the week. 

            Highly recommend taping the Channel 3 broadcast Friday night, you won’t be sorry.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely agree with you, that’s why I taped it.  He knew what Colt was about to do even before Colt did sometimes. 

      • Anonymous

        No idea why he isn’t the main color on all Browns-casts at the least. Since you mostly have to stay very drunk to get down anywhere near the level of most of the “national” voices, it would be nice for a change to have to stay stone sober to keep up with Bernie’s booze-soaked, concussed –but still beautiful– football mind.

        • Anonymous

          Fox/CBS/NBC/ESPN just don’t do local assignments like that for any team with their NFL broadcast.

          The real question is why they don’t have him on the radio broadcasts w/ Donovan and Dieken.

    • Zulads4

      On a related note, hope Jimmy Donovan gets back to it soon.  It just was not the same game without hearing him.

  • eldaveablo

    Over the years I have learned to not get too excited about the pre-season and not get too pleased/disappointed in the performances. 

    That said, I would describe myself as relieved. With the short time together, new offense/defense/coaching, I was half expecting to see the Keystone Cops out there. 

    I’ll take this for a first pre-season game and feel OK about it. Now I just want to see progress and hopefully the team can be fully healthy for Week 1. 

  • PittsburghisforManLovers

    Frownie, once Colt delivers us the Lombardi Trophy this year (and all signs point to yes), I think you would be best served to sign up for Floppy Flopperson’s Capturing Kid’s Hearts seminars – .  You are missing out on a key demographic here – get em hooked while it’s early and they’ll never leave.

    How can you not be inspired by this guy?!/flipflippen

    That Twitter feed reads like a Hallmark Family Movie come to life.

    • Orionfree

      Isn’t that guy’s name part of the lyrics of that Rap Song (1st one evah!) from the late 70’s?

  • Anonymous

    Exhibition sked = heavy legs, & lotsa base D so don’t get too excited.

    Now having said that, there are a few telltales.
    1) Penalties or lack thereof indicates discipline of lack thereof. In this category they were OK.
    2) O line play. Heavy legs not a huge factor here. Their play was encouraging.
    3) Little looks like a player.
    4) Jackson appears to be a nice addition. He’ll take some of the load off Hillis.
    5) No improvement on the D side.
    6) Special teams have taken a step backward.

    • Anonymous

      Like with the stipulation that D. Jackson seemed to be 100%, and if he can stay that way, it should help the defense not look like total abysmal suck.

      Anyone follow Sheard? Kind of worried about the descriptions of him having absolute 0 success in practice.

  • Anonymous

    I’m all down with this post, because I believe preseason is the time to get all the Mangini-honking out of the blood. Hopefully these geese will have flown south by the time the real games start.

    >>Mike Holmgren is so amazingly smart it’s absolutely amazing.

    I’m adding demonic horns for Holmgren in the Passion of St. Mangini.

    >>the addition of explosive rookie Greg Little

    And one horn for Heckert, for unfairly adding that explosive playmaker only AFTER Mangini left.

    >>the continued development of Evan Moore

    And another arrow for Mangini since the obviously unjust word on the street is that he underplayed Moore because his blocking interfered with step 4c, subsection 3 of The Process, something to do with learning how to learn how to win 52.85% consistently.

    >>with as much stability at the quarterback position as the Browns have had since Tim Couch

    If you want to combine QB & system the new era of stability is 2 weeks and 7 or 8 practices old, but technically true as stated I guess.

    I should get out in front of a certain line of argument that will be used against the new regime’s worth, and that is that the same players are better because of natural progression. I happen to think that in several cases the same players will look better, but I also think in several cases it will because the holes are better made for these particular pegs. This will be especially true in regards to the receivers in general, Cribbs in particular, Moore, McCoy, and even Hillis. Pass protection too will look better mostly because it won’t be called on to do as much but also because Pashos may actually play.

    This is mostly a case for the offense. The defensive personnel going into the draft was pretty clearly no better suited to a 4-3 than a 3-4. They’ve managed to staff it, but it ain’t going to be pretty I don’t think. And it’s not unfair to accuse them of pounding square pegs here…well outside of Jaymee “My Goodness Gracious” Mitchell, who is already tearing up the league with a 2 sack per game average. They believe they can draft to a 4-3 faster than a 3-4…but it ain’t happening tomorrow.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever about pegs and holes, the receivers are going to be better because its their third season as NFL receivers. There’s all kinds of proven science on this.

  • Clevezirm

    The problem with all of this is, the fatal flaw with all Cleveland fans, myself included, is that there is no middle ground when it comes to being positive or negative, it is always the extremes. Do you remember when Jeff Garcia didn’t throw a single touchdown pass during the preseason during his one, horrible year here? I sure do. So last season, when Jake Delhomme came out and “torched” the Packers defense and played well all preseason, Browns fans rejoiced. No one, including me, remembered that Jake Delhomme is Jake Delhomme, an aging quarterback with a penchant for interceptions, and once teams turned up their defenses, he had no chance. Colt McCoy is not Jake Delhomme though, and the preseason is not a barometer of how the regular season is going to go. This is why it infuriates me, as Chris Fedor tried to do this morning and as this article does, when people try to compare Colt to Delhomme because of their similar opening preseason games. Careful Browns fans! You saw what happened to Jake Delhomme!

    All I took from that first preseason game are the only things I could take. That Colt looked surprisngly good for having two weeks to get acclimated to a new offense, and that it looks like a system that will fit him well, like it did at Texas when he completed 71% of his passes. To try and find parallels between he and Delhomme, to me, is kind of ridiculous

    • Anonymous

      I’m not comparing Colt to Delhomme, I’m comparing the way one coach was treated in the press vis a vis another. There’s a big difference, and that should be clear from this post.

      • Anonymous

         See Frownie, this is how you know it’s seeped too deep into your blood.

        >>I’m comparing the way one coach was treated in the press vis a vis another.

        Try searching your post for “Mangini” or “Shurmur.”

        • Anonymous

          You know I don’t “write down” to my readers here, and I’m a little surprised to hear you suggest that I should.

          • Anonymous

             Have to think about new fish. To anyone not sufficiently apprised that the coming NFL season is primarily about the cosmic significance of past events and fallen heroes, perhaps it must needs be said.

          • Anonymous

            It keeps the riffraff away.

          • Anonymous

            Not really, I’m here.

      • Clevezirm

        You’re right. My brain had melted so severely from listening to WKNR this morning that I misread your post. We shall see how Grossi covers the team from here on out, especially in losses, but the rampant optimism that runs wild throughout Cleveland right before a Browns season knows no boundaries, and Grossi is not safe from it. I do think the offense looked much crisper than it ever did last year, so I understand where Grossi is coming from in that respect.

  • Henry

    Mangini is gone. Get over it.

  • Anonymous

    Mangini has been gone for a while now.  Can we move on?  Please?  I am close to not reading this blog anymore because of it…

    Regardless, I was happy to see that the throws McCoy made Saturday were placed where they needed to be.  Also happy to see D’Qwell back out there with two healthy pecs.


    • Anonymous

      We’re not running for Miss Congeniality here, Deve. You do what you have to do.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t shoot yourself in the face to spite your nose. Frowns is currently in the loyal opposition, a point of view that is increasingly valuable as hope-and-change fever sweeps the land following about a dozen good plays two weeks into the new regime. The particulars of St Mangini’s Passion will fade in meaning as more counter-factual necessarily flows in over time, but it’s still fresh enough fish for now.

      • Anonymous

        There is 0% chance that Mangini returns to coach the Browns in the near (or probably even long) term.  I understand that Frowns likes to point out journalistic bias towards Mangini, which I don’t disagree with, but at some point can’t we move on? 

        Frowns isn’t in a loyal opposition crowd…he is in his own crowd.  There are two sides to every argument, Frowns will inevitably argue the third side.  I just wish the argument would change every once in a while to actually cover relevant topics, instead of “the way one coach was treated in the press vis a vis another.”

        I think we all understand that Browns fans get way to excited about a flash of decent play during the Browns season, and we all need to be reminded that its only the preseason.  But the horse is dead w/r/t Mangini, let’s quit beating it.

        • Anonymous

          “I just wish the argument would change every once in a while to actually cover relevant topics.”

          What topic do you want me to cover here that everybody else doesn’t already have under control?

          • Anonymous

            I don’t want to be the editor of this site.  I just want to complain about it.  Any sports topic that is relevant is generally fine with me.  As I previously mentioned, I consider this topic to be no longer relevant.  Particularly given the amount of times it has already been covered. 

  • Anonymous

    Also, not to pick, but 3/4 isn’t twice as good as 2/3. It’s 1/12th better. And when you figure that 1/4 of the 3/4 was actually just GB fumbling deeep in their own end, it needs further revision.

    • Anonymous

      Last year the Browns had 3 touchdown drives out of 4 against the Packers’ starting D (go back and look, all four of those drives were against GB starters). This year it was 1 of 2. You could split hairs and say that it was only 25% better, but given the combination of larger sample size and higher success rate, “twice as good” is a perfectly fair exaggeration.

      Re: GB fumbling deep in their own end last year, I agree that the first team defense did look much better in last year’s opener than it did in this year’s.

      • Anonymous

        That’s fine. You could make all kinds of arguments about which preseason performance was more impressive or meaningful and by what factor, it’s kind of angels on a pin stuff. I’m not even sure Horsefish would be on the side of this one, snark aside, he did call last year’s “borderline explosive” which is probably better than “sharp and well coordinated.” I’ll just say the internals of this performance was at least as encouraging to me, moreso if you consider Delhomme was considered at best a short term hope.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not making all kinds of arguments, I’m just drafting a good title for a good column.

          I understand that McCoy is more exciting than Delhomme. The problem is with the subtext re: the way things are managed this year compared to last.

  • Bandit

    Hey what about the selection of beers at the stadium. Geez Miller Lite or Coors, with the excuse that it was the first game. Where was Holmgren? Any way last years offense against Green Bay was twice as good – check the yardage.

    • Anonymous

      what sucked was the $8 price tag on the beers.  i think we can all agree *that’s* beyond awful, for sure.

    • Anonymous

      How about they were “out” of chardonnay an hour before kickoff – really? 

      And where the hell was the warm brie and crackers?   Gawd.  Or even ngh!

  • Dubbythe1

    Not to continue to build the dark cloud or evaporate it away in a burst of glorious Colt Sunshine, but I am pretty sure each year as other teams aquire more information on our schemes and positioning, the more our offense sputters. Teams that prepped for Quinn ended up torched by Anderson early on, but after a few weeks Anderson was neutered. Last year Colt had an advantage of no tape when he came in for Jake  and Seneca, but later in the year teams could stack 8 for Hillis and still stop Capt Hologram. This year I am hopeful but also skeptical, we will see if this is progression or simply teams needing a little time to evaluate our new schemes.

  • Blue 27

    Bro, Mangini isn’t coming back…time to move on man. Id like to hear more than spilled milk from you this year sir.

  • Mano1968

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  • Anonymous

    remember when i wasn’t sure if i liked grantland?  and when everyone thought i was a brady quinn homer?  

    haha love this so much:

    best line, easy:

    “Typos will happen from time to time because the majority of this is typed with my elbows as I curl free weights and/or eat sandwiches.”

  • Sancho1979

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  • Anonymous

    something is getting lost in the talk about colt’s dad and the colt/mangini relationship.  and that’s this.

    ‘special,’ ‘poise,’ and ‘leader’ are words that get tossed around without much thought.  the indiscriminate use leads to cynicism when sometimes the words hit the mark.

    i’ve never seen a more poised qb at such an emotional moment and that’s special and a good indicator of leadership ability.

    • Anonymous

      I’m in. 

    • Anonymous

      Also a good indicator of having come right off the Flippen Sports assembly line.

  • Anonymous

    Good find JK.

    Poise is really a pretty good word there. The thing that impresses me is that the kid is really emotionally slammed but works through the situation and actually keeps trying to do the job at hand there and communicate. And he does it well. You don’t that often actually see pro athletes (yes, I know, intentional) bother to worry about what the interviewer said or whether what they said made sense to the interviewer, especially when they really are experiencing something internally. I think that ability to not go into a shell is a great and pretty rare asset.

  • Drew

    Pete-can you just let your readers know when you plan to ditch the Mangini revision tour and focus on the team as it stands now? I’ll be elsewhere on the internet waiting to hear from you.

    Everyone but Eric Mangini

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you go read the Plain Dealer.

      Phil Savage

      • Drew

        Nice  Savage line.

        You’re a good writer which is why I wish you’d abandon this tired storyline. I know Mangini took you under his wing and made you feel like a real important media type person, but he’s gone so let’s move on. 

        • Drew

          PS: 11-22. 

          • Anonymous

            Idiocy like “11-22” is exactly why I keep writing about Mangini.

            You can decide what’s tired for yourself.

          • Drew

            You’re right, 11-22 is idiocy.

            He was actually 10-22.

            My apologies. 

          • Anonymous

            Idiocy like “11-22” is exactly why I keep writing about Mangini.

            You can decide what’s tired for yourself.

    • Anonymous

      PS: If only six people read this site every day that’s fine, but strangely, folks keep coming back to these Browns posts in the tens of hundreds(!!!). 

    • Anonymous

      actually… the mangini-love has provided a welcome respite from the lebron-enabling.

      • David Glandorf

        Phew, I literally have not stopped by this site for a solid 6 months, and I see the Browns coverage is still heavily seeped in the theory that Mangini was awesome. 

        Ah well, I’ll check back again once the season gets going.  I’ll check Grossi too, to see if either of you have moved off your silly Mangini war.  In the meantime, back to less entertaining writes without agendas — Walker and DBN.

        • Anonymous

          The theory isn’t that Mangini was awesome. The theory is that Mangini was a good man who got fucked, and that our franchise’s karma is now bogged down by (in addition to a million other things) that of the man who took advantage of absurd circumstances to fuck him for his own misguided shortsighted self-interest. There’s a big difference.

          Anyway, enjoy Walker and DBN.

          Also, Colt’s wife’s maiden name is Glandorf. Coincidence?

        • Anonymous

          Wheaton College explains everything.

          Choose life, Glandorf. Put down the hologram chips.

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