The Time to Enter the Fourth Annual Cheddar Bay Reality Football Pickstravaganza is NOW

by Cleveland Frowns on August 29, 2012

“If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties.” — Sir Francis Bacon

“If the fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise.” — William Blake


Reality football in its most basic form is what some folks would call a pool or a pick-em league. When done correctly, reality football is all the fun of fantasy football plus much more, with none of fantasy’s meaningless restrictions and useless distractions. Reality football means never having to worry about where a team’s playbook happened to end up at the end of a scoring drive, or whose number was called for a score. In reality football, any player can be yours, or not, every week. Injuries can’t wreck reality football seasons, nor can the vagaries of a randomly determined draft order. And reality football means only watching the games you want to watch.

Reality football is a chess match every week. Fantasy football is spinning a roulette wheel once at the beginning of the season, with a few even more meaningless roulette spins as the season wears on, depending on how crappy your first spin went (“Do I start Roy Helu or Deion Branch at flex this week?” /chews own face off). One is no more “wagering” than the other, yet the NFL itself relentlessly promotes fantasy — which requires exponentially less skill and analytical ability than the alternative — because the NFL wants you to be stupid so it can control you.

And if all that’s not enough, the Cheddar Bay Reality Football Pickstravaganza is only the most phenomenal and best reality football competition in the world.*

Which is so for many reasons, but mainly for the principles of humanity, community, and social responsibility that have underpinned the competition since its inception.

Of course, a rising tide lifts all boats, and in Cheddar Bay, an idea shared is knowledge exponentially gained. Which is especially important because the boundaries of Cheddar Bay don’t keep anyone from taking the benefit of these ideas anywhere else. Case in point: While The Prohibitive Favorite picked at a professional-plus-plus 55.3% clip with his Cheddar Bay picks last season (which themselves are always influenced by cumulative Cheddar Bay input), with the benefit of Cheddar Bay input on his overall picks against the spread (the ones published outside of the Cheddar Bay competition) he finished 58.3% picking NFL games in print. (Note that it takes a picking percentage of 52.6% ATS to turn a profit against the standard 10% house take on losses, and that “if [you] are right 5.4 times out of every 10 [wagers] (54%), [you] are winning pretty big.” Also note that legendary Browns beat writer Tony Grossi finished at 50.8% with his NFL picks ATS last season.)**

Which also explains why Cheddar Bay is the only football picking competition on earth with a weekly writing requirement of at least 100 words to explain one of each participant’s weekly six required picks.

What goes around comes around, of course, and of course, the fact that The Prohibitive Favorite basically wins this thing every year is easily explained by the fact that The Prohibitive Favorite is the one who shares the best ideas about football picks at this website year in and year out.

It’s also worth noting that in three seasons of Cheddar Bay Reality Football, there have been two exceptions to the rule that The Prohibitive Favorite always wins. Last season, Dood was the Champion thanks to a dominant playoff run in which he wrote four consecutive persuasive calls to America to ride the New York Giants all the way through the Super Bowl, which is as good as giving gets.

Two seasons ago, p_forever was the Champ, thanks in part to an epic blunder by @Tom_RedRight88 on Super Bowl Sunday, but still. p_forever is one of three women to participate in the contest in its history, which is the kind of service that revolutions are made of. Also note that ClevelandThatILove, also one of the three women of Cheddar Bay history, finished second in last season’s field of 36.

And of course, there’s also the fact that no one should wager a dime on a football game if he can’t come up with at least 100 words to explain why. If this contest has proven anything in its history, it’s that.

As well as that it’s really freaking fun, with real money up for grabs ($3,600 last year — one billion percent legal), as well as credibility (of course), and other luxurious prizes. So here’s how to play:


TO REGISTER you must note in the comments to this post that you wish to enter, and if you didn’t play last year, email me at to let me know you are a real and verifiable person, at which point you will be added to the official 2012 Cheddar Bay email list (your identity will remain confidential unless you choose to make it otherwise). Instructions for submitting the $100 entry fee by PayPal will then shortly be provided by email. And all that’s left from there is to start playing by using your Cleveland Frowns commenting account to simply post your six weekly picks and your essay in the weekly Cheddar Bay Open Thread at this website (for Week 1, the weekly open thread is this post), and then input your picks in the official Cheddar Bay scoring form (new in 2012, designed by Cheddar Bay IT Boss @technivore) that will be provided by email upon registration.

THE RULES are simple as always, with some changes to enhance the value of the competition:

Again, you pick SIX games each week against the prevailing point spread (which Cheddar Bay Boss @jimkanicki will freeze in a digital dropbox and post in the Cheddar Bay thread for each week)), any SIX, as long as you pick at least one NFL game and at least one from the college slate, with certain exceptions to be noted as they come up (including this week, where there are no NFL games, so pick six college games). Note that the Cheddar Bay Week runs from Tuesday to Monday, so if you need to get a pick in before the weekly open thread goes up, record it in any open thread at this website and refer back to it later once the Cheddar Bay thread for that week is posted.

All picks (and essays) should be submitted by at least an hour before kickoff. We’ll allow for ad hoc exceptions to this rule (provided the picks are provided at some point before kickoff, of course), but repeat offenders will be subject to penalties and suspension pursuant to the final judgment of the Executive Committee.

ESSAY PICK AND SCORING: Each pick will be worth one point, with two exceptions. For your favorite pick, you’re required to write an essay of at least 100 words to post in the comments here to the weekly Cheddar Bay Open Thread, explaining your reasons for the pick in terms of factors/narratives that are misvalued in the point spread. (E.g. “Factor X is not fully appreciated in the line for this game, for reasons X, Y, Z, etc., thus the pick here is Team A.”) The weekly essay pick is worth an extra 1.5 points, for a total of 2.5 points.

SPECIAL WEEK 1 SCORING RULE: The scoring for week 1 will be cut by half, both to encourage late entrants and to recognize that the first week is just one small step of a long haul.

SPECIAL NOTE RE: ESSAY PICKS: Remember, the point of the essays as described above is to enhance the fun and productivity of the competition and to use a collective effort to shine as much light on the football season as possible. Cheddar Bay essays have also proven over the years to be an effective groupthink detector, and excellent essays will be sometimes featured in columns here. Of course, the essays are extremely important, so please note that by agreeing to participate here, you’re subject to waiving your entry fee if you bag the essay requirement more than twice. Everybody gets one week with no essay. The second missed essay waives a chance at one weekly prize, and on the third bagged essay you’re out. Writing an obviously thoughtless essay also counts as bagging, and by agreeing to participate you’re agreeing to submit to judgment (the community’s and mostly the Executive Committee‘s) on what’s “obviously thoughtless.” Nobody has ever been flagged for this, but there have been some really close calls.

LUXURIOUS PRIZE FOR “ESSAY OF THE YEAR” (NEW IN 2012!): This year, the top ten Cheddar Bay essays will be selected by the Executive Committee and put to a reader vote. In addition to immeasurable credibility and prestige, the winner of the Cheddar Bay Essay of the Year will also receive a limited edition Tim Couch commemorative Makers Mark flask, with a special engraving commissioned by the Executive Committee.

WEEKLY ALL PLAY (NEW IN 2012!): Another one of the weekly picks will be a weekly ALL PLAY, which will be the Executive Committee’s choice as the “biggest” game of the football week. The point of the ALL PLAY is to solicit the Cheddar Bay community’s input on the most interesting games of the week, the benefits of which are self explanatory. The ALL PLAY will be worth an extra half-point for a total of 1.5 points, meaning that a total of 8 Cheddar Bay points are available to each player each week. NOTE: If you want to make the ALL PLAY your essay pick, the combo will be worth a total of 3 points: 1 for the pick, 1.5 for the essay, and 0.5 for the ALL PLAY, and you still have to pick five more games to round out your slate. ALSO NOTE: The ALL PLAY for Week 1 is Alabama v. Michigan.

ENTRY FEE, PRIZES, AND PLAYOFFS: The entry fee is $100 (a piddling $5.88 per week for a 17 week regular season — even cheaper if you make the playoffs), and the fee money will go entirely to the winners as always. The breakdown will be 50% to first place, 20% to second place, and 30% for weekly winners starting at Week 11 to keep folks in the game. We’ll use the same weighted playoff scoring system that we’ve used in the last two seasons and will decide how many playoff slots there will be once we know how many folks are in for this season, but there will be at least four no matter what, and the number will be somewhere between 20 to 25% of the total number of participants (last year there were eight playoff slots for 36 participants).

Which should be everything, but let me know if I missed anything in the comments and go ahead and get to picking. The Week 1 lines are here.


*Sponsored by Red Lobster Seafood Restaurants.

**In addition to the Prohibitive Favorite’s 55.3%, seven others came in above 55% ATS on the season in 2011: Zarathustra (60.7%), Sam Sneeda (59.2%), PateSilverBlack (56.8%) Art Brosef (56.4%) Dood (56.4%), @FSOhioZJackson (55.3%) and @rodofdisaster (55.3%). Seven more from the field of of 36 (for a total of fifteen) came in at 52.6% or better. The full 2011 scoresheet can be reviewed here.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Thank you Frownie,
    Even though I am the dummest guy I know I really loved Cheddar last year.
    My absolutely horrid picks and inane observations will be following shortly after my rejoicing.
    WOO HOO Cheddar Bay starts NOW!

    • ClevelandFrowns

      Glad to have you back. Sending your $100 will be as easy as it was last year. It will all be clear in the email you’ll get.

  • GrandRapidsRustlers

    As I return for my second season here I return a different man.

    31st place out of 36 will do that do you. I was humbled. I thought I knew a little bit about MAC football being an Akron guy. I did not. The amount of MAC and Sun Belt knowledge here is staggering.

    There is also at least one or two essays a week that will have you rolling laughing…and one or two that have so much factual knowledge thrown into them it makes you feel a little inadequate.

    I assume payment can be handled the same as we did with March Madness through PayPal?

    I’m off to think about an essay and try to avoid talking myself into Michigan due to my hatred of Alabama.

  • Art_Brosef

    Spent all night last night looking at Thursdays games, gonna look the ones I didn’t get to tonight. Can’t wait to get started. I’m nervous about the all play though for a bunch of reasons, but I do have a question. Whichever category the All Play falls under, (NCAA or NFL) does that satisfy the one play required for each?

    • ClevelandFrowns

      “Whichever category the All Play falls under, (NCAA or NFL) does that satisfy the one play required for each?”

      Of course it does.

      • Art_Brosef

        I figured as much, but hey, no harm in making sure.

        • ClevelandFrowns

          Of course.

    • clay

      Good question. I would hate to have to pick 2 NFL games on a weekend that contained a beautiful smorgasbord of college football to choose from.

  • p_forever

    yes of course i’m entering again; yes of course i’m still annoyed that you insist my winning was based not upon my own acument, but because of someone else’s “epic blunder”; but yes of course i forgive you for that because you made up for it by (sort of) calling me a revolutionary and you know i like being thought of as one of those. (lol you super know that.)

    “while there is a lower class, I am in it, while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.”

    debs never gets old.

    • ClevelandFrowns

      The epic blunder is a touchstone of Cheddar Bay history, that’s all. There’s no getting around the fact that you wouldn’t have won without it.

      You don’t hear the ’86 Mets complaining when people talk about Bill Buckner.

      • p_forever

        maybe, but there’s also no getting around the fact that *no one* has ever won cheddar bay except for others having blundered, so it’s the singling out factor that bothers me, maybe.

        i know NOTHING about the ’86 mets or bill buckner, but i i’ll take your word for it.

        • ClevelandFrowns

          There are blunders and there are epic blunders.

          Here re: Buckner:

        • actovegin1armstrong

          Frownie is crazy anyway p_4,
          Schiraldi threw a batting practice fat ball to Carter when he was up 0-2.
          That ball was an easy sitter, when it should have been 6″ low and 12″ outside.
          The sox lost, but it was not because of Buckner’s Blunder.
          Carter saw a huge mistake and he made the most of it.
          And, Stanley threw a wild pitch after Schiraldi messed up.

          • clay

            The game within the game was how many rails can you chop in the clubhouse between innings. The Mets had far more fire power there, and it carried over on to the field.

          • p_forever

            thx for the support and the very astute observation re: frownie too, acto.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Touche’ for your Eugene quote.

      Although I hope you know that when the revolution comes you smart kids will be the first ones in the tumbrils.

      • p_forever

        quotes are nice, but vivid tumbrils references are nicer. thx.

  • Dennis Hemingway

    In it to win it. You’re my boy, Frownie.

    Last year’s Alamo Bowl still haunts me as it was my Huskies +9.5 pick that kept me out of last year’s playoffs.

    Where were the Vegas goons to cut the power with 5 minutes to go in this one when I needed them?

    • Petefranklin

      They were most definitely on Baylor.

  • clay

    I’m in. I’ve got my Phil Steele memorized, like one of those freaks that memorize phone books. Anything short of a playoff birth is failure. No rookie mistakes this year. Straight cash homey.

  • CleveLandThatILove

    I’m in. Woo!

    Also, I decided (and wagered) back in February that the Texans will be winning the SB this year, so tuck that away for later and have fun everybody.

  • jimkanicki

    in addition to frowns’ acknowledgments above, i want to note also that CLTIL was 14-2 in her essay picks last year. 88%. i want to ask pete ‘vegas’ franklin: what would a handicapper with an 88% record on their lock-of-the-week pick command in a subscription? because it was simply ridiculous.

    we should call the 2.5 point essay pick modification ‘The CLTIL Rule.’

    bookkeeping.. frowner, please confirm: regular picks worth 0.5 this week; bama/mich worth 0.75; essay worth 1.25.

    indeed technivore and i* are trying to provide a more automated, but even as we work out the kinks with the weekly entry forms, please log all your picks here in this thread as well. it’ll always be needed in case we need to audit anything.

    *it’s mainly techinivore of course.

    • ClevelandFrowns

      “frowner, please confirm: regular picks worth 0.5 this week; bama/mich worth 0.75; essay worth 1.25.”


    • CleveLandThatILove

      Thanks for noticing. I guess I’ll have to make some 2nd year adjustments. And battle.

      • dubbythe1

        CLTIL battled in there, she flashed a lot!

    • Petefranklin

      Fourteen and two happens. Divide that by two or three years and you have an ultimate player! Long term is the hardest thing to do, so I would pay if I saw documented proof. I love the caps who don’t push and take days and weeks off if the spread has left the dock.

    • Art_Brosef

      Someone that is capable of 14-2 ATS doesnt need to sell subscriptions.

    • Petefranklin

      Jim I think you are the one keeping tabs so for tonight I posted LSU and USC Trojans, Thanks!

      • jimkanicki

        got it. thanks.

  • stkoran


  • Art_Brosef

    Since yall seem a bit tentative, Ill make the first pick of the 2012 season

    Eastern Michigan +3.5

    Since hiring Ron English, The Eagles have slowly and steadily (the surest way) improved. Here are their records:

    2009: 0-12
    2010: 2-10
    2011: 6-6

    Now, here are their records each of those years vs Ball St

    2009: Ball State 29 Eastern Michigan 27
    2010: Ball State 38 Eastern Michigan 41
    2011: Ball State 33 Eastern Michigan 31

    Youll notice every single one of those games would be an EMU cover with the current spread. So under Ron English, EMU has consistently played tough against Ball St, all the while improving the talent of the program. Look for the defending MAC coach of the year to not only cover, but go on the road and win to kick off a bowl season for Eastern Michigan.

    OK, fuck it, thats my essay.

  • Gavin Gould

    Week 1
    Ala -13.5 *

    Cal -10.5
    Nebr -20
    Ball St. -3.5
    Troy -6

    New seasons bring new beginnings and new faces to old places. The weather will soon mercifully turn colder and the sight of pigskins tumbling under the lights will be accompanied by the music of shoulder pads cracking on impact. Marching bands will trumpet the arrival of modern day gladiators wearing the bright uniforms representing each individual tribe.

    And there will be cheers from the masses as the battle takes place in temples bedecked and overloaded in those warriors’s honor. This will occur on fields of battle from rural Maine to tropical Hawaii, from arctic Alaska to sunny south Florida, and every patch of grass, dirt or turf large enough in between.

    But in only one place will this occur that has been appraised the toughest place to play in all of college football. Columbus, Ohio. On the banks of the Olentangy. The Horseshoe. A new coach attempts to put the pieces together after the most successful era in school history was unceremoniously ushered away under the flood lights of scandal.

    Disinfected by summer’s sunshine, this place has a new beginning, a renewal. A new coach. One with a resume unmatched. A local boy who left home and found success, which now brings that winning formula, back from whence he came.

    And in Columbus this fall, under no weight of expectations because they are paying for nothing but pride, he strides into town intent on fixing the minor flaws that prevented the most successful era in school history for being the most dominant period in the history of the sport. They will defend as they always have, but they will score as never before. Points will be like opium for the masses. The people will consume it and they will want more and more. Delirious and desperate for that next fix.

    But pity the victim who first steps into the arena with the hungry young lions for they are but a sacrificial lamb. No longer will get ahead and ride out to victory be the strategy. No, we shall see total domination. Absolute destruction. Carnage.

    A new scoreboard will display clearly in glorious high definition that season pass and years may roll, but time and change and giving twenty-three points will surely show the masses crying out…. O-hi-o

  • Gavin Gould

    Oh yeah, and I’m back…

  • ClevelandFrowns
    • mo_by_dick

      watched this and the koala video like 1,000 times each today.

    • dubbythe1

      NSFW warning?

      • ClevelandFrowns

        PULITZER warning.

        • jimkanicki

          you in?

  • Cousin_of_Cohen

    Week 1 picks for “HurriKain Colter”:

    Michigan State -7
    Alabama -13.5
    Northern Illinois +10
    Virginia Tech -7.5
    Clemson -3
    *South Carolina -7

    Everyone seems to think this is Vanderbilt’s year to contend with some of the SEC giants. This may be the case, but Vanderbilt only had 5 first downs in the entire game against South Carolina last year. Sure, Vandy is a sexy pick for this year, but last year they only won two SEC games. Defenses tend to have the edge in early season games where the offenses may not quite be ready, so this pick was somewhat easy. Vanderbilt did beat South Carolina in 2008, but since then, they have failed to put up more than 10 points against them. Expect another similar showing here with Vanderbilt struggling to score.

    As a Northwestern alum, I sympathize with Vandy for being in a similar situation, but, like us, their stadium is frequently overtaken by opposing team fans while their student section is more concerned with wearing pastel colors and top siders. One of my friends who was a student there once said to me, “it’s anti-school spirit to wear school colors to one of our football games.”

    Another reason I like this pick is that I see an angry Vanderbilt taking it to the Wildcats in Evanston next weekend, where, thanks to Nebraska fans selling out all of our endzone season tickets, tickets to this and other non-big games are available for $5 on various ticket resale sites.

    • ClevelandFrowns

      The first newbie to post shows great promise. Welcome.

    • Art_Brosef

      I looked at this game for every bit of an hour last night. Ill be adding South Carolina to my slate as well, almost made it my essay. For anyone that doesnt know the name Jadaveon Clowney, you will soon.

      • jimkanicki

        hah. i’m on the bubble on this game but my write-up on it reads only: “Jadaveon Clowney is the best football player in college now.”

        • Art_Brosef

          Great minds, etc.

          Dude is 6’6”, 260 and runs a 4.4 40. Last year, as a freshman, he had 8 sacks and 5 forced fumbles IN LIMITED DOWNS.

          He will be all over the place this year, cant wait to watch.

          Not to mention that, as fun of a story as Vandy is, they overachieved last year and are getting way too much pub this year. Lattimore is back from an injury that, despite its stigma, is easy to come back from and they have experience at QB and head coach.

          Also, in their last three contests vs South Carolina, Vandy has managed twenty points COMBINED.

          South Carolina should roll here.

          Theres an essay if anyone needs one.

          • David DeBord

            I’m crushed I didn’t get the chance to make Vandy my pick of the week. We always play SC close. Easy to say in hindsight of course. ALSO, that no call on the PI was such bullsh!t. Vandy was robbed. I thought the replacement refs were in the NFL.

          • BIKI024


  • Ckozelka

    i am in. having trouble logging on. Chuckkoz

    • ClevelandFrowns

      There’s free wi-fi at Panera.

    • technivore

      Having trouble with the form? Any error messages or anything, contact me via twitter.

  • Squeekycleen

    I’m in again.

  • Tom_RedRight88

    Thanks, really, for continuing to mention, what was it?, oh yeah, my “epic blunder.”

    That truly signals the start of football season in NE Ohio.

    #@&!% Steelers.

    • Jeff Rich

      Now, even I feel bad. At least I waited until 5 hours after I met you.

    • p_forever

      would my thanking you for blundering make it better, or worse.

      (it would be a real thank you, not a facetious in your face sort of thank you.)

  • GrandRapidsRustlers

    Week 1 Picks

    Going to get my picks in early this week because I’m not picking any of the games that are played on Thursday or Friday. It’s that type of logic that led me to a long season longing for lobster. Let the fun begin.

    All Play – Alabama (-13.5)

    USC (-40) – You know how every year some moron makes some kind of joke about how a college team could beat an NFL team. This text is what is actually on that sheet Shurmur studies all game. Your welcome.

    Miami, FL (-1) – Scans Miami roster…scans again. Does not see Jacory Harris listed anywhere. Good enough for me.

    Colorado (-6.5) – This is not as much me being a delusional Buffs fan as it is “what the hell happened to CSU?”

    Western Michigan (+10) – Jordan White is gone which makes me sad. Alex Carder is not. This makes me happy.

    Essay Pick

    I was going to write about the joy that Terry Bowden is bringing me as a proud Zip. His time will come as he rebuilds with an unreal staff at Akron and a money man in Tressel. In September of 2015 I will be writing an essay about how Terry will walk out of South Bend a winner.

    Then I started thinking of Terry Bowden and Auburn and Urban Meyer and Ohio State. Urban Meyer and Braxton Miller are about to go on a similar tour of destruction. Could Ohio State beat USC? We will never really know because selling YOUR OWN pants and tattoos are bad. Urban Meyer is going to try and embarrass people this year. The first victim is Miami of Ohio.

    Ohio State (-23)

  • MikeBuckets

    I would like to enter the Cheddar Bay.

    • CleveLandThatILove

      Your avatar is stellar, you should comment often.

    • ClevelandFrowns

      Done. Congrats and welcome. Go ahead and post your picks in this thread and make sure to email me at

    • ClevelandFrowns

      I got your email, so nevermind that. Congrats and welcome and get to picking.

  • Petefranklin

    I’ll claim this one before its gone just like the line of twenty three will be on Friday afternoon. Last year I had NO interest in gambling just because I wasn’t into it for whatever reasons. The first week rolls around and my wife says are you going to play? I replied no, no reason to right now. I’m going about my business on Saturday morning and pass a book. I say what the hell I KNOW the buckeyes will cover and the Runnin Rebs won’t. Instant parlay, instant winner. I was pretty pissed that I was stubborn and had to bet the bucks on the first half or something because I waited. I knew I wanted to bet OSU, but waited and had to avoid going over a key number like 21. This brings me to this weeks best bet, you all know you want to grab some buckeye so get it now. It’s not going down to 21 it s going to go up to 24.5. I don’t have any super info other than this bet pays off every year, take the bucks at the shoe on opening day. I ve always thought that it’s because of the genetic superiority of the ohio

    • Petefranklin

      Just bet south Carolina minus six and a half at minus 102. Too late for the contest but thought I’d post it anyway.

      • ClevelandFrowns

        Post away. Want to hear about all the action here.

        • Petefranklin

          Last non contest play for the weekend is Ga Tech + 7.5. This game should be back and forth and tight at the end so Ill take the points tonight. This is for pete p as I burned up all my picks on heavy chaulk already. Kind of knew I should have saved one for tonight.This line has been bouncing around all day with the public laying the poiunts and the sharps wacking it back down. The running game could be a major factor in the rain.

    • Petefranklin

      MINNESOTA minus whatever it is. It’s cool enough for the gophers to last against the rebels who need a good showing here. They are really bad, worse than Minnesota bad. I’m playing this small South Carolina is my play of the night this gopher play is for contest purposes only. Insert weather wise after cool enough.

      • Petefranklin

        The golfers , As Carl Spacklers boss announciates them, we’re bet at about one eighth of my USC bet.Minus eight on the contest and I still took them at nine and hooked at my book.Weather is GREAT in Vegas which was my only concern for the Minnie’s. Desert heat dehydrates and you wouldn’t have a clue if it didn’t happen to you beforehand. With moisture in the air and sub hundred temperatures at game time with a storm that has fizzled out the golfers will be golden against the one double a rebels. e will rock at hoops this year though LOOK OUT for the Rebs on the court!

        • Petefranklin

          Btw anyone who dares bet against unlv should google power outage at Sam Boyd stadium!lol!

    • Petefranklin

      Been indulging slightly but thought I’d knock the all play out. To put it in a way that won’t help my competition, the tides defensive players probably played against better QBs in high school . I’m taking the tide even though they have the bullseye.

    • Petefranklin

      Nc state plus three ibet it at three and half this is my forth contest pick

      • Petefranklin

        Southern cal and LSU louisiana state to round out my six picks

  • Jeff Rich

    Alright, time to get on the board here, but just with picks for Thursday, and for a grand total of a point….

    South Carolina (-7) at Vanderbilt

    Eastern Michigan (+3.5) at Ball State

    • Jeff Rich

      Navy (+16) over Notre Dame in Dublin

      It’s going to take a lot to convince me that Brian Kelly can re-create his big fish in a small pond success in South Bend, as his auditions for the next Tony Pike enter Year 3. There seem to be mixed feelings about Everett Golson in Notre Dame circles, and if he’s only getting the nod because Tommy Rees is out, then that scares me.

      Navy will continue not to throw the ball very often, but just enough to find the spots in the Irish defense that Mantei Teo can’t defend on his own. Depending on how the Middies mix it up, with no illusion of balance, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Gee Gee Greene or John Howell break one or two against the upstanding citizens on the Irish defense.

      Overall, Notre Dame should be too much for Navy, but I think back to how prepared they were for Ohio State in their opener at The Shoe, and this new age of Notre Dame never seems ready for the big games any more. I definitely see a solid cover in this one.

      Northern Illinois (+10) over Iowa in Chicago

      Penn State (-6) over Ohio U

      Michigan (+14) over Alabama in Dallas

  • jimkanicki

    North Texas +43 at LSU

    SJST +25.5 at Stanford

    at OSU -23 MiamiO

    SMU +10.5 at Baylor
    Last time I paid attention to SMU June Jones had his team running a high school offense or a veer T or something like that. Lots of belly plunges. Was kinda effective but looked too like the sort of offense that could bolt on bells and whistles once they got their line plunge block schemes down. A decent QB would help. Enter Garrett Gilbert. 5-star high school recruit, ranked with Matt Barkley, Jackie Sherrill said ‘best since Marino,’ yada yada yada. Well who knows how it’ll work out for him at SMU but it will surely be better. Of course Baylor lost a player or two on offense and the defense was never great.

    Mich +13.5 Bama
    No need to overthink this.
    I’ve opted to overthink this. Too many Bama plays coming in. I want on the other side.

    ***at Illinois -10 WMU
    And I love WMU. But remember how much we’ve been liking Toledo lately? 14-2 in the MAC last two years? Tim Beckman, now at Illinois. Now with Big10 recruits.
    So if anyone knows how to conduct a MAC shootout, as they’re likely to see from Alex Carder, it’s Tim Beckman.
    And no Jordan White.

    • clayII

      Love the early season Sun Belt disrespect angle, but oh boy, Death Valley!

    • ClevelandFrowns

      Cannot believe you’re selling your boy Carder out for your Week 1 essay. Bad juju, bro.

      • jimkanicki

        yeah.. well i was actually kicking the tires on toledo +10 at arizona when i was reminded that beckman is at illinois. beckman offense in a MAC with big 10 players created an immediate pants tent. had to do it.

        besides, bad juju abounds on this ticket… betting against alma mater, betting against elyria’s own les miles, betting against these guys (shurmur take note — this is what a screen pass should look like), betting on june jones… breaking all the rules here.

    • rodofdisaster

      You’re picking SMU because of Gilbert?! Wow!

      Did you hear about his little interception/locking onto receivers problem?

  • rodofdisaster

    I’m obviously in….

    Week 1 picks:

    1) South Carolina -7
    2) Alabama -13.5
    3) Baylor -10.5
    4) Louisville -13.5
    5) Virginia Tech -7.5

    ESSAY: Miami -1

    In the old days, Miami vs Boston College was a good old Big East matchup when the closest thing to school work was studying all the hotties in the stands (and that was just the guys in the huddle). I could take this game based on the fact that Miami is trying to rebuild a proud tradition but the fact of the matter is that Boston College is THAT bad. Frank Spaziani makes Pat Shurmur’s decision making look like Russell Crowe in “A Beautiful Mind”. Gone are Kuechly and (insert name of latest big Irish kid playing offensive line here) and basically you’re left with whom? The QB play in this game will not remind anyone of Flutie vs. Kosar but I should think that Miami can come out one point to the good. Expect a defensive struggle early and some big swings late but I’ll give the one.

  • Sam Sneeda

    Washington State +13 $$$$
    Michigan +13.5
    NC State +3
    Vanderbilt +7
    Colorado State +6.5
    Ohio State -23

    Washington State has been awful the last few years but seemed to take a step in the right direction last year. Despite going 4-8, they kept a lot of games reasonably close. This year they return some key pieces on offense, including senior QB Jeff Tuel, junior WR Marquess Wilson (who some say is one of the best in the nation at his position), and junior kicker Andrew Furney (who went 14/16 in FGs last year)…that’s Phil Dawson like numbers!! I think this program is on the rise and with new coach Mike Leach (who I believe Frowns is a big supporter…thought you wrote some posts on him in the past). Anyway, I think 13.5 is too many and expect WSU to keep this one close….c’mon COUGS!

  • FSOhioZJackson

    Nobody works harder studying the worst, most meaningless games than Art Brosef

    • jimkanicki

      please be live tweeting from muncie saturday, zac.

    • Art_Brosef

      I just take my lunch pale to work everyday Mr Jackson.

      The only meaning I take out of a game is the amount of cash in my pocket after its over.

  • clayII

    Minnesota (-8.5) / UNLV
    OSU (-23) / Miami Oh
    Auburn (+3) / Clemson
    Michigan (+13.5) / Bama
    Washington (-15) / San Diego St

    LOUISVILLE (-13.5) / Kentucky

    UL will be up for this rivalry game. They are arguably the best team in the Big East and beginning their 3rd year under Charlie Strong. They return 15 of 22 starters from last years 7-6 squad, which went 5-2 in their last 7, including a win at WV. They lost by 7 to NC St in their bowl game – a game I somehow have absoultely no recollection of – which is really strange cause I try to watch them all, but whatever. They have the preseason 1st team Big East qb, Bridgewater and are going against Kentucky, which is an SEC team, but sooo not an SEC team. Kentucky gets torched through the air by teams that dont even like to pass. Figuring Bridgewater should light them up like a fat ass joint in front of the home crowd. Lay the 13.5 on the way to an opening week Lobsterfest.

    • Art_Brosef

      This is a great call, and good lookin out as I hadnt so much as looked at this game. Also, liked for Minnesota. who covered their last five to close the season while UNLV failed to cover their last four. Minny should be able to run, Grey can manufacture TDs by himself, and UNLV is abysmal.

      • clayII

        Thanks. Are you feeling Auburn getting points on a neutral site vs Clemson? Without Sammy Watkins?

        • Art_Brosef

          I don’t have a strong feeling here either way to be honest.

  • mo_by_dick

    I’m in so please send all relevant materials. I hope I can really weird you guys out with some essays this year.

    • mo_by_dick

      Need a bit more time for the other picks, but I want to get some in before the big game tonight:

      Minn -8.5 @ UNLV
      Alabama -13.5 vs. Michigan

    • mo_by_dick

      Ohio State -23 vs. Miami
      Iowa State +1 vs. Tulsa
      U Miami -1 @ Boston College

      Navy +16 vs. Notre Dame (in Ireland)

      I don’t know if Navy can win or if they’ll just keep it close, but either way this is a no-brainer. I had a split-second of doubt about it, but then the Blue Angels rattled the windows of my home. The US Navy is literally daring Cleveland and all of Cheddar Bay to pick against it with this air show; epic troll on behalf of the Navy in this regard.

      The crowd, if there is one, should be a factor. It’s conceivable that some young Dubliner, too young even to have known of the London Monarchs or Scottish Claymores of NFL Europe, and being of modest means and worldview, may not even know such a thing as “American” football exists. Suppose this young person hears of “the Fighting Irish” playing the US Navy in football (which of course denotes a completely different sport in non-America), and decides to tune in/attend/take a rooting interest in the contest out of some Joycean nationalism or whatever. Anyways, if this kid showed up expecting something resembling a hometown team playing soccer against the US Navy, but instead gets a Catholic University from a mostly landlocked US State playing this rugbyish game with pads and helmets and set plays, this kid would be very confused and pretty righteously pissed, at least for a little while. Maybe I’m wrong about this, but once the people pick a side, if the choices are a foreign military power and a Catholic University in a mostly landlocked US state calling themselves the “Fighting Irish,” I’m guessing they call ‘bullshit’ on ND knowing the first damn thing about what it’s like to be Irish and to really fight. Notre Dame is going to show up smug, expecting the real Irish to adopt them as the national team (staying willfully ignorant to the fact that the Irish don’t really give a shit about football played with the hands) and it backfires. Notre Dame loses so badly, and in such a showering of boos from the natives, that they are forced to change their name to something that doesn’t indelibly reference such an embarrassing part of their history as a program. I’ll let you all extrapolate from there.

      Plus you know the Midshipmen know how to get in and out of port and handle business. Tell some 3-star recruit from Aztec, NM who only came to Notre Dame so his mom and Todd McShay could see all of his games on NBC that he’s heading to Europe to play a football game and you know homeboy is going to be hitting the pubs and instagramming all that shit with the hashtag #TURNTUP. If homeboys hashtagging #TURNTUP isn’t the most perfect example of some factor being undervalued in a point spread, I don’t know what I was thinking entering this contest.

      Anyway, I don’t know much about any of the players or coaches or even any of the relevant history for any of the mascot naming or paramilitary conflicts I’ve referenced, but you’re fooling yourselves if you’re not taking Navy here based on location, crowd politics, and war machines circling overhead on the North Coast.

  • Squeekycleen

    Non-essay picks, will post the rest on Friday/Saturday:

    Eastern Michigan

    • Squeekycleen

      Non-essay pick:
      Michigan St.

      • Squeekycleen

        Essay pick:

        Boston College: Both of these squads come into this tilt of seriously disappointing 2011 seasons, with the Canes going 6-6 and BC turning out a hideous 4-8 campaign, the bright spot a season ending road win at Miami. While the revenge factor would appear to be in the Canes’ favor, this is somewhat neutralized by the scheduling spot, with BC looking at Maine on deck while Miami has a trip to KSt next week. When you really get down to it, if this was a game that a name school like Miami (who is looking to rebound off a terrible year) would be expected to win, they would come in as a much heavier favorite. I would have expected a number between Miami -6 and -10 to have pulled in equal action. Instead, this one opened as a pick, and Miami has been bet up, with the public following the lead. I will take the plunge on the low number and hope that Miami’s tumultuous offseason has taken its toll, resulting in a shaky start to the year.

        Other two non-essay picks:
        Western Michigan

        Bonus pick game of the week:
        Michigan +the points

        • ClevelandFrowns

          Alright well you’ve talked me out of Miami.

          Backing up the salt truck. Jim, switch my Miami pick to BC (it’s 5+ hours before kickoff … this is totally allowed).

        • jimkanicki

          hey squeeky, i’m counting seven picks so i’m going to drop WMU off your ticket since it was last. kk?

  • Art_Brosef

    I guess Ill get to the rest of my picks here, as Ive got a huge day in the salt mine tomorrow and have to catch a 6am flight out of CAK on Friday morning…..SORRY TONY!!!

    That being said, my day isnt so huge that I wont be at the Map Room most of the evening to kick of the NCAA football season if anyone wants to put one on my tab.

    Here we go……

    Michigan St (-7) Boise St – I have been as big of a Boise backer as there is, and there isnt anything not to like about the job their coaching staff has done. But MSU’s defense was damn near as good as anyone in the country last year, had experienced players stick around, and can smell a Big Ten Title with both PSU and OSU ineligible for anything this year. If they get anything on offense, they should contend all year. Boise St has to replace nearly their entire starting offensive unit, which obviously include Kellen Moore, whose influence doesnt need to be explained. Bottom line: Both offenses need to prove themselves, but MSU has the proven defense and is at home. Lay the points.

    PSU (-6) vs OU Im not a homer when it comes to cash, and I like MACtion as much as the next guy. But the line movement here is a classic knee-jerk public reaction, as PSU has almost all of this years schollys coming back.

    South Carolina (-6.5) vs Vandy See comment below.

    All Play: Ill get this in last minute, as dont have any sort of feeling here and wish I didnt have to include this. P.S. That will be probably be my go-to comment as it relates to the All Play

    • jimkanicki

      missing a pick? i got you:
      emu – essay
      tbd – allplay

      • Art_Brosef

        Damn, just got so excited I forgot one. Ive got a lot more Im looking at, so Ill add it to the above post soon.

  • ClevelandFrowns

    It’s fucking Wednesday and this thread is already on fire. I want to take 12 games this week.

    • CleveLandThatILove

      Pretty awesome what you did here in short order, P.

    • Jeff Rich

      If you’re going to cut the points in half, why not double the amount of plays? I get that it would discourage late entry, which is the reason for the reduction in the first place, but 12 games with two essay picks and two all-plays could be fun.

  • ChuckKoz

    so here we go….

    1) South Carolina -7 (at Vandy)
    2) UCLA -15.5 (at Rice)
    3) Stanford -25.5
    **4) Ohio State -23 (vs Miami)
    5) Hawaii -40 (at USC)
    6) Michigan +13.5 (vs Alabama)

    ** Growing up, I never cared for Miami University. No offense to my friends that went their, but their alumni generally carry an unbearable arrogance. Especially unbearable for a school that is in fact ranked behind Ohio State academically and obviously athletically. One time I even had a one of these unbearable people tell me – with a straight face – that Miami was being offered Ivy League membership. He got mad at me for laughing at him and not believing him.

    So as if Miami wasn’t bad enough, recently we’ve all had to learn about GOP VP nominee and Miami alum Paul Ryan. If nothing else can explain how awful Miami is at things, its Paul Ryan. That guy is just so awful. At least with Palin, everyone sane realized she was a moron. But I guess because people are sexist or something, this moron Paul Ryan keeps getting a free pass. The guy wants to give old people a coupon to buy private health insurance and still thinks he can say he is saving medicare. He partnered with the “real rape” guy in trying to pass legislation to redefine rape, where a 13 year old that had sex with a 45 year old man would be considered rape (he does this under the guise of loving life). And the biggest joke of all is his talk about the deficit: Ryan “asserts that he can provide huge tax cuts without net loss of revenue by closing unspecified loopholes and reducing discretionary spending to just 3% of GDP (currently at 12%, with the military alone 4.5% right now).

    This man that was educated at Miami is a laughable joke. Accordinlgy, I am scared to think about how dumb these kids playing football for Miami might be.

    And maybe the Buckeyes will be extra motivated for Urban Meyer’s first game, as will Meyer in fulfilling his life long dream of being the Buckeye’s coach, which should be enough to push the Buckeyes to a slightly better performance than last year’s 20 point win (where buckeyes were actually up 34-0 but gave up 2 late scores).

    • Beeej

      1. Agreed with the Miami arrogance, but that is what happens when you need more than a 2.0 GPA to get accepted.
      2. Agreed with Paul Ryan huffing a bag of dongs, even though we were in the same fraternity. Who among us can claim that they liked 100% of their graduating class/alumni/group of friends?
      3. Ahhh the quite humility of tOSU fans. It must be very difficult beating up on a recently sub-par Legends…or is it Leaders(?), while making excuses for getting blown out by SEC teams.
      4. It would be great to have an entire team of Academic All-Americans, alas they can’t all have the brain power of Andy Katzenmoyer or other such players (on every team) that sign their names with an “X.”
      5. Are you advocating a 13 year old having sex with 45 year old men?
      6. If I were in on the Cheddar, which I’m not, I would take the opposite of what Chuck is having based on the history of his picks.
      7. No offense. Usually this precedes offensive comments, but I thought I’d change it up a bit.

      • jimkanicki

        what the fay-yook?

        not in????? RUFKM?

        • Beeej

          I’d love to join, but I attended the Blind Squirrel school of sportsbooking. Can I submit an essay each week for fun? Does my comment above count for this week?

          • jimkanicki

            cmon son. we’ve got freakin Friedrich Engels making picks here on the Cheddar board, surely you can throw down a hundo.

            besides i road the blind squirrel method to the playoffs last year.

          • CleveLandThatILove

            Ha, he’ll get you for that.

            PS the headless squirrel method works pretty good too.

      • ChuckKoz

        1) Very important correction made, where I omitted the word “not”. So, no, i am not tyrign to say 45 year olds having sex with 13 year olds is not rape. Paul Ryan said that. I, being a sane person, disagree.

        2) re Miami arrogance: not only is it not Ivy League caliber, its undergrad is ranked below OSU (not even bringing in OSU’s grad schools). And I say this without personally caring about rankings, but more to point this out to the Miami people that thought they were going to some amazing school and looked down at other state school students. Its sort of like I don’t value being really rich, but I still think its important that “fake it till you make” kids realize that driving a leased mercedes does not make you better than me.

        3) I don’t even care about Ohio State football. I will probably watch like 4 games this year. Certainly not at the former levels (it peaked at the keith hernandez like spitting incident….again, i apologize).

        4) You could do very well in cheddar to go against my picks. i am the worst. either way, disappointing you don’t join.

        5) funny on the no offense. and i did think of you after i posted, but assumed you would not take real offense. schreiner on the other hand, he might get pissed.

        • CleveLandThatILove

          Paul Ryan said 45 year olds having sex with 13 year olds is not rape?

          • ChuckKoz

            Ryan worked on legislation directly with Rep Akin, they guy who recently said you can’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape”. in working with him, they attempted to reduce the number of government funded abortions (they pay for if you were a victim of rape) by redefining rape as “forcible rape” which would have excluded statutory rape and possibly other forms

      • BIKI024

        not sure what era you applied to college, and maybe when Paul Ryan applied a 2.0 gpa was good enough to get into Miami, especially with out of state tuition involved, but you need more than a 3.0 these days to get into Miami, if not higher. or you can go to Cincinnati State and transfer in, but times be changin for the kids these days. it is what it is, but that QB for them has game.

        • Beeej

          3.5+ when I went there. Talked to a guy whose daughter is going to MU (OH) now who had friends with a 3.7 that didn’t get in. The 2.0 was reference to a large number of friends in high school that got into tOSU with GPA in that range. tOSU is getting a much better rep academically, but when you have 60k undergrads or whatever the number is you’re probably not letting in all honor students.

    • p_forever

      super agree the problem is RAMPANT SEXISM see, e.g., frownie’s continual references to someone else’s “epic blunder” instead of my recognizing my epic win. cripes.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        Perhaps Frownie is just trying to be insufferably erudite as always and he is referencing Tennyson with his incantation of perhaps Tennyson’s most famous line.
        “Someone had blunder’d”

  • jimkanicki

    Check your picks

    as frowner mentioned, we’re working on bringing some automation to the entry process.. but until we get the count/list of players it won’t be baked… and so for now, we’re logging picks at the page above.

    • GrandRapidsRustlers

      That is just the most beautiful spreadsheet ever. Brings tears to my eyes.

      • Petefranklin

        Agreed! Thanks for the hard work.

    • Cousin_of_Cohen

      should I be on this yet? I emailed Frownie to enter, and posted my picks yesterday evening.

      Entry name “HurriKain Colter”

      • jimkanicki

        fixed. welcome aboard.

  • FSOhioZJackson

    Not real confident in these except a couple, which you’ll see

    Mandatory pick: Michigan +13.5

    The selections

    SMU +10.5

    Toledo + 10 – Rich Rodriguez lost to Toledo before and it might happen again

    Ohio State -23 – Urban wants blood.

    Ohio U + 6 – It’s the bandwagon pick, but I feel like the wrong team is favored here.

    Essay Pick

    West Virginia -24

    Dana Holgorsen is certifiably crazy and will keep scoring. WVU was en route to a 30-point win in this game last year before lightning mercifully stopped it, and that was when WVU had turmoil and uncertainty. All the momentum from that crazy Orange Bowl should carry over here and I see the Mountaineers flirting with 50 points easily. Geno Smith could win the Heisman if he didn’t play in Morgantown. He has receivers who can fly, too, and this just screams mismatch.

    • jimkanicki

      liked for holgorsen. great looking out.

    • ClevelandFrowns

      This reminds me. When you post picks, please post the team you’re picking against along with the team you’re picking. It makes it much easier to hear whether it’s the mismatches that are screaming or just the voices in your head again.

    • Art_Brosef

      You really think PSU should be home dogs to Ohio?

      Also, if you have time for a beer in State College, check out Zenos on the corner of College and Allen. I’ve yet to find a bar I like more.

      • David DeBord

        Zenos is great. I’ve been all three times I’ve been to State College.

    • rodofdisaster

      Love the Holgorsen analysis. Excellent

  • Beeej

    Saw this on which regular commenter is it? CTIL? P?


    She had cheddar bay biscuits in her purse. Biscuits, Id and cash. I’m gonna marry her.

    • CleveLandThatILove

      Those should be song lyrics.

  • MikeBuckets

    Ok my first time at these picks but here goes.
    Mandatory pick: Michigan + 13.5 v. Alabama
    South Carolina -7 v. Vanderbilt
    Oklahoma -30.5 v. UTEP
    Southern Miss. +20 v. Nebraska
    WVU -24 v. Marshall

    Essay : Miami U. +23 v. Ohio State
    While everyone can agree with Chuck Koz that Paul Ryan is a grade-A terrible lying cesspool of a politician and I am ashamed to call him a fellow MU alumnus, and the frat boys and sorority girls at Miami who all graduated from Westlake can be a little snobby at times (MU’s fault or Westlake’s, I think the latter), and Miami’s most prestigious sports son is a rapist super-bowl winner who grew up 45 minutes from Cleveland and says he never rooted for the Browns in that time, there is also a certain snobbishness that OSU grads have as well. We all see them every Sunday Night introducing themselves and saying THE Ohio State University.

    So here it is, even though Miami is probably going to have a terrible season this year, I have to root for them to beat the spread. The MAC is always competitive against the Big Ten, for it is their only moment in the spotlight in an otherwise forgettable football conference (except for that moment when there were 4 MAC QBs starting in the NFL: Roethlisberger, Frye, Leftwich, and Pennington). Miami gets this game against OSU every 4 years or so and I am certain they will be prepared. On the other side it is Meyer’s first game and I am sure he can’t help but be looking past this game to see what he can do with this team for the rest of the season. The last time I went to see Miami they were big underdogs, but took the lead to start and almost pulled off the upset. Now granted that was the beginning to Roethlisberger’s big year but there is always hope for a MAC upset against the Big Ten, or at least the chance for a MAC team to beat the spread.

    • jimkanicki

      Some very bold picking out of the blocks there.
      Like button.

    • ClevelandFrowns

      This one shows great promise as well.

    • jimkanicki

      mike buck from MU class of 83 alumnus and in recognition of the balls displayed in that essay, i present you with honoraria of jpgs and gifs.

  • jimkanicki

    another bookkeeping thing. below is a twitter list i made of cheddar participants. be sure pass your twitter info to frowns or me and add it to this list and link to it in the standings. (or you can opt out too of course.)!/jimkanicki/cheddarbay

  • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs


    After missing out on the playoffs last year, I locked myself in my upstairs bedroom for three months, breaking down the error of my ways and reconstructing myself as a game picker. Hindsight is always 20/20, and in reflection, I realized why I had gone astray: Greed.

    Yes, enamored with prize money and the ability to buy more Cheddar Bay Biscuits than I could possibly know what to do with, I lost the real focus of what this league is all about: giving back to the community.

    And so, I have retooled my essay writing skills, re-engineered my picking format, and thus, rebulit The Cuuuuuuuuugs into a legitimate Cheddar Bay Extravaganza contender! In doing so, I would like to formally announce that a portion of my winnings this season will go towards creating a scholarship in the name of The Cheddar Bay Extravaganza and Cleveland Frowns at the East Coast Seafood’s Lobster Academy. As the Lobster Academy is primarily established for “increasing the value of Homarus americanus worldwide through quality education and discovery for lobster buyers, importers and other industry opinion leaders,” I feel it is an educational institution worthy to be enhanced by a noble cause such as ours. Feel free to check them out at this link:

    And now, for the picks:

    1. GOTW: Alabama (-13.5) over M*ch*g*n – Have you seen what Alabama does to Big Ten schools the first four weeks of the year previously? Can’t wait to see what Big Blue fans do when Robinson gets chased down by a linebacker.

    2. Nebraska (-20) over Southern Mississippi

    3. Texas (-30) over Wyoming

    4. Oklahoma (-30.5) over UTEP

    5. SMU (+10) over Baylor

    And your essay pick of the week:

    OSU (-23) over Miami (Ohio) – I HATE being a homer and going with OSU on this, and I’ve tried to convince myself in every conceivable fashion why I should not pick this game. But lame excuses like “too many nerves” and “improved MAC teams” just don’t cut it for me here. Unless OSU was playing Toledo or Eastern Michigan here. Urban Meyer knows that this season is a “throw away” in many people’s eyes (Just think of how hard it was to get tickets from alumni before. I’ve been offered tickets to at least five games already this year but boosters who just aren’t excited to watch a team they know can’t play for the Big 10 Championship or in a bowl game). Coach Urban, at all his stops along the way, likes showing people he knows just a little bit more about football than they do. I remember Florida teams putting up ridiculous numbers in the first four weeks of the season, and especially with a team that “has had something unfairly taken away from them,” I see him using that motivation to make a statement.

    Zac Dysert is a three-year starter for the RedHawks, so he gives them a chance to compete, but he must go up against a loaded front four and a completely intact secondary for the Buckeyes without his top offensive lineman from last season (Brandon Brooks, 3rd round pick, Texans). I don’t think he’ll get the time from his line or the separation from his wide receivers to be able to keep Miami (Ohio) in the game. He’ll be throwing the ball a lot, but I have a feeling Coach Treadwell will be using the fourth quarter to groom next year’s replacement, and thus allow OSU to handle the 23 points.

    Also, one last note: Is there any other major college that needs to put the state it is from in parenthesis? Ok, there is St. Francis (NY) and St. Francis (PA), but as far as I know, that’s it and they aren’t major schools. Until Miami (Ohio) is able to figure out a way to remove the parenthesis from their name, I will continue to pick against them.

    • MikeBuckets

      I vote that the next time Univ. of Miami gets punished for whatever offense is next on their list the punishment is MU gets to lose the (Ohio) and UM gets stuck being Miami (Florida).

      • jimkanicki

        if architectartvandelay doesnt enter, i, for one will be disappointed.

        • architectartvandelay

          I’m in.


    Hey guys, I am trying to enter this thing, but when I click on link for the “Week 1 Lines” it is taking me somewhere else. Anyone else having this issue?

    • MikeBuckets

      Look in the comments on that link.

      • CLEinMPLS

        yep. thank you sir.

  • WestPalm27

    The lines pick directs me to a chief wahoo article. Is there a correct link?

  • zarathustra

    “Cheddar Bay Reality Football knows that it’s just a small (albeit incredibly phenomenal) part of life, and that we play the former to enhance the latter.” Huh? I credit frowns for providing much wisdom on this site, but the above statement is pure balderdash. If cheddar bay does not completely engulf your life you are simply doing it wrong. Tonight I bid adieu to a balanced life of family, work, god and leisure. Wagering season is upon us. It was a tearful farewell this morning when I left home, knowing that I will not see my family again until after the superbowl. My wife was sad, but she understands that it is a noble calling for which I take leave of them. My six month old daughter does not yet understand why I leave. Of course she doesn’t understand much of anything at this point. It’s so unfortunate that I am going to her miss so many important milestones in her life. Her first words, maybe her first steps. Does the extent of my sacrifice make me kind of hero? I don’t know. Who am I to say? Probably. I can’t complain though. I chose this life.
    Tonight I like Minnesota -8.5 over unlv.

    • jimkanicki

      [minny not your essay, correct?]

      • zarathustra

        That wasn’t my intention, but I think I will make it my money play. Here’s why: 1) jonesing for cheddar action
        2.) A lot of games I like this weekend, but nothing that I love at this point.
        3.) I absolutely fell in love with this team last year. I started watching them closely during their blow-out loss to Wisconsin. The degree to which they fought against a far more talented in the 4th quarter off a blow-out was honestly one of my more lasting memories from last year. They finished the year strong after that. To me that is a sign they probably have the right coach. To tie it in nicely with a quite popular topic around these parts: miserable team brings in tough no-nonsense coach, when team does improve overnight fans decision he must be fired steelers two games, team struggles but battles through adversity and by the end of the year has gelled into a real team. I pray for jerry kill that once holmgren is sacked he doesn’t head to Minnesota with a parade of lamonte cronies and his old buddy fritz’s kin folk.
        Anyway, I’ve been waiting all off-season to wager on this team and while I’m not thrilled to be doing it as road favorites of more than a touchdown I can’t resist. I believe in this team.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Cheddar one
    **Alabama over Mich** inane essay pick
    Even though I dislike Alabama more than I dislike Michigan this is am easy game to pick.
    Alabama will control the line on both sides of the ball. It makes sense for them to run their offense like Denver did with that guy from Florida, he is a QB, so I have a difficult time remembering his name.
    Run play dominant play calling, control the line, do not give your defense a short field and out muscle your opponent. It is an easy game plan for Alabama.
    I have heard too much about Michigan and some guy with shoelaces, but he is a 1.5 dimensional player. Michigan does not have much of a chance in this game.

    UCF over Akron I almost made this my essay, but it may have resulted in my banishment from the competition.
    La Tech over Tx A&M Inside info on this one!
    BYU over Wash State
    South Alabama over UTSA
    Boise State over Mich State

    • clayII

      I think La Tech was postponed cause of that storm.

    • Petefranklin

      Boise, GREAT PICK! MWC still getting no respect.

      • actovegin1armstrong

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  • Dennis Hemingway

    Two non-essay picks for opening night. I just can’t stay away.

    Minnesota -8.5 at UNLV
    South Carolina -7 at Vanderbilt

  • ClevelandFrowns

    The Prohibitive Favorite, for his first pick of 2012, will naturally take the Akron Zips +23.5 over UCF.

    I’ve been warned against this, including by several of Cheddar Bay’s own, but I’m sticking with it, mainly because I don’t think it’s possible to overestimate how badly J.D. Brookhart had lost the Zips locker room last season.

    Will also take Washington State +13 over BYU, also, naturally.

    Will be back with four more, including the essay pick, before the weekend is done.

    • GrandRapidsRustlers

      Brookhart was the previous coach…he also lost the team.

      It was so bad under Ianello last year that players were working out in the fieldhouse wearing the gear of OTHER TEAMS.

      Should be a great night tonight in Akron. There is a real energy there and they may catch UCF looking towards next week.

      • ClevelandFrowns

        OF COURSE it was Rob Ianello. I just want everyone to see how this no editing picks comments rule works.

        Line is up to 24.5.

  • ClevelandFrowns

    Also please note that any post that contains picks in it should absolutely never be edited by the poster (or the moaderator, for that matter) after it has been posted, for obvious reasons. If you want to correct a mistake, you have to do it in a separate post.

    I’ll make this clear in the introductory email as well.

    Anyway, see below as to how it becomes visible at the site when a comment is edited after it’s been posted.

  • pates

    Hello all!
    Good times ahead!
    Akron+23.5 over UCF
    UConn-24.5 over Mass
    Rice+15.5 over UCLA


    Thanks to Peter and Co. for having me. Alright here goes:

    S. Carolina -7
    Michigan State -7
    WVU -24
    OSU -23
    Troy -6
    *Alabama -13.5

    Essay: I am not confident in much of anything here, but I am going to put my fake Brinks truck behind MSU this week. I don’t know a lick about Boise St. this year, except they lost the best QB they will ever have, and a damn good running back. They are going on the road (at night) against an MSU team that has a freak defensive line. I know MSU is inexperienced at the QB position, but they bring back a veteran presence at RB. I look for MSU to grind things out on the ground and get a late turnover to seal the deal.

    Overall, I have a hard time seeing Boise consistently move the ball. Too many question marks for me. I don’t give a damn that they have played in big games over the past 6 years, I think some of these new guys will be nervous. Dantanio will have that angry look on his face as goes to shake hands with Chris Peterson after the game.

    • ClevelandFrowns

      That was a tough one, wasn’t it?

    • BIKI024


  • Dennis Hemingway

    * Minnesota -8.5 at UNLV > submitted
    * South Carolina -7 at Vanderbilt > submitted
    Alabama -13.5 Michigan
    Miami -1 Boston College
    West Virginia -24 against Marshall
    Michigan State -7 against Boise State ***

    *** Did I read this correctly? “Boise State’s personnel losses from last year include starting quarterback, tailback, tight end, the entire offensive line, and nine starters on defense.” I can respect everything about that Boise program over the years but there is no way you lose that amount of talent and re-load like Saban and Co, then travel across the nation to a powerhouse Big 10 team on a Friday night, and be able to keep up. I realize Sparty is running game with a new QB this year, but unless Boise’s new QB has some Kellen Moore magic, I can’t see this being within 7 points. Go Sparty, Go Big 10, holler for football being back!

    On a side note, this will be the last weekend that I take all favorites. This just feels dirty.

  • tfloodmc

    First ever picks in the Cheddar Bay! Feel a little less akward than a NFL replacement official.

    Bama: -13.5
    Illinois: -10
    Northwestern: -1.5
    Oregon: -35
    Texas A&M: -7.5

    Essay OSU -23: Have to go with Urb because off all the ESPN hype the past week he is going to want to win big. He might even fake a punt with 5 minutes left up by three touchdowns just to prove he is back. Running a no huddle, wanting to change the culture of the OSU players I just see him more than anyone else this week wanting to win big. It also seems like he could care less what the other coaches in Ohio thinks of him where Tressel would go out of his way not to embarass less teams when he would have a lead.. I dont consider myself a Buckeye honk, but I do think OSU is primed for a big year.

    • jimkanicki

      head’s up –> texas a&m game was postponed to oct 13th. you want to change? otherwise i suppose we can just score the game when it’s played…

      • tfloodmc

        Didnt realize until yesterday, I guess lets just score it when they play Oct. 13th

  • architectartvandelay

    You wanna get nuts. Let’s get nuts (

    In the Orange Bowl WVU had 49 points at halftime (most in bowl history) and 70 at the end of the game. WVU has experience with Geno Smith at QB and weapons all over especially WR Austin. Most importantly for WVU is the man pulling the strings and that is head coach Dana Holgorsen. Holgorsen learned his brand of offensive genius/craziness from Hal Mumme & Mike Leach. When discussing Mumme & Leach I don’t think anything more needs to be said other than Tim Couch & pirates. WVU is going to score points and lots of them.

    In regard to Marshall they are very young and struggle to score. Not a recipe for success against a team such as WVU. I must admit having a coach with the name Doc Holliday does give me pause. Nevertheless the play is WVU -24 over Marshall.

    Michigan +13.5 over Alabama
    MSU -7 over Boise St.
    Miami -1 over BC
    OSU -23 over Miami U
    Clemson -3 over Auburn

  • munasrevenge

    Excited to give this a whirl, and hoping to not embarrass myself too badly…


    Alabama -13.5

    Virginia Tech – 7.5
    Michigan State – 7
    Ohio State – 23
    Colorado – 6.5

    Ohio +6:

    I’m sick of hearing about Penn State. You’re sick of hearing about Penn State. We are ALL sick of hearing about Penn State. After a (to put it generously) tumultuous off season, we will finally get a look at the remnants of their roster. And it won’t be pretty.

    Penn State is returning only 10 total starters from last year’s team; among them QB Matt McGloin and 2 WR. However, considering McGloin passed for only 130 yds a game and a Big Ten fewest 8 total TD, this isn’t completely encouraging. More importantly, Silas Redd ran for the welcoming hills of USC, leaving the Penn State offense without any big playmakers. Even with him last year, Penn State squeaked by a serious of mediocre-to-terrible teams incuding the likes of Temple, Indiana, Purdue, and Illinois. Penn State struggled to score more than 20 points last year, doing so only against Purdue, Northwestern, Eastern Michigan, and FCS Indiana State. And that was with Silas Redd.

    In contrast, Ohio returns a bevy of starters, and is experienced and talented enough to eventually deal with Penn States linebacker corps. The home crowd will be eager to cheer on the Nittany Lions, and the team will be amped and ready to “fight against the world”, but energy can only take you so far, and I expect Ohio to turn things on in the 2nd half. Ohio has a very good chance to pull off the upset outright in this game, but at the very least I have a hard time envisioning a scenario in which Penn State can score enough points (and stuff Ohio enough) to cover the spread, so Ohio has to be my pick here.

    The only shame is that this game wasn’t in Athens, as I eagerly await what sorts of signs drunk frat kids will make to taunt PSU. I’m afraid by the time PSU plays meaningful road games where this could happen, their season will already be too far gone and pathetic to bother taunting.

  • jimkanicki

    some stumbling out of the gate (6-17 last night), except for one guy.

  • dwhalen5


    • ClevelandFrowns

      And we have our first essay of the year nominee.



    Thanks guys for letting me join. I think it’s the amount of venom I feel for Grossi that connects Frowns with myself. Hopefully I am doing this right (that’s what she said) and if I’m not I’m sure you will all let me know. I just don’t want to embarass myself. I think the essay portion will make me a better “investor”, especially considering I entered the LVH NFL Supercontest for the first time this year. Wish me luck, I’ll need it. Before I start I should let everyone know that you’ll notice two main themes with my selections- 1) I’ve learned throughout the years that I hate the public and will never ever make a selection that sides with an overwhelming public darling. In fact if you are a favorite and the public likes the dog I will almost 100% back the favorite. 2) I’m a stats guy and am a strong believer in advanced metrics and will name my first born Pythag if I have something to do with it. Here we go:

    Bama -13.5 (all play)
    Troy -6
    Tenessee -3 (liked it much more when Rodgers was on the team)
    Arkansas St +35.5 (anti public + Malzahn offense backdoor potential)
    Va Tech -7

    Tulsa -1 (essay)

    As I mentioned above, if a team is a favorite and the public is all over the dog, the fav will always be my selection. In this case it’s Tulsa’s turn. Tulsa returns 85% of its rushing yards 2011 (all 3 leading rushers) and 75% of its receiving total. They are replacing the talented Kinne at QB but will do it with Nebraska transfer Cody Green. This guy is similar to Colin Klein at K st and is a monster at 6-4 247. ( I refuse to compare him to Tebow). He’s not a great thrower (54%) but in his 4 starts at Nebraska ran for 254 yds. Add his rushing ability to the top 3 rushers returning and Tulsa should be formidable offensively. Defensively, Tulsa returns all but 2 starters from last season, on a defense that suprisingly allowed only 5.26 yds/play (4.92 on a schedule adjusted basis). For ISU, they have 2 mediocore non passers vying to be the starter at QB. At WR ISU only returns 1 starter, on the OL they lost their best Tackle, Osemele, to the Ravens in the 2nd rd. Even though they made a bowl game they ended up 6-7 and looked terrible vs Rutgers. Overall ISU was 70th in def ypp (though 24th on sked adjusted basis) but a paltry 4.9 ypp offensively (4.5 on a sked adjusted basis, good for 9th worst nationally). All that being said it really comes down to pissing on the public and taking the favorite in Tulsa.
    Have a lucky day!

    • ClevelandFrowns

      Nice. You convinced me on Tulsa. I’ll put units on this.

      • BIKI024



    Alabama -13 over Michigan.
    My theory that Saban is the best coach in the country will hold up. He has superior talent. He is at home. His offense is not a glorified high school offense. The teams that run pro style offenses with equal talent usually win. Sure, the spread is easier to learn, but intelliegence is part of the game. Does everything have to be dumbed down? Florida won a title with Tebow, but they had the most talent that year. I dont see a lesser talented team beat a Saban coached team. It does not happen. Michigan is not at this level yet. The game might get ugly.

    Florida -29 over Bowling Green
    ND -17 OVER NAVY

  • WestPalm27

    Hey everybody. First time participating in Cheddar Bay and I am really excited about it. I hope I follow all the rules, this being my first post. I have to go with Alabama for the all play pick. Next I have to go with the Buckeyes -23 over Miami OH. We need to start this season with a clean slate. I’m not pointing out anything new by mentioning just how terrible last season was (obviously). It sounds like the Buckeyes are looking to come out swinging this season. Urban Meyer is the right guy to lead and keep this team in a positive mind state. This season will be more symbolic than anything without the possibility of a bowl game. I think they start punching from kickoff and do their damnest to put last year behind them. Other games for this week CAL -10.5, Miami FL -1, Arizona -10 and Colorado -6.5. Good luck all!

  • stkoran

    Hawaii +40 over USC
    Alabama -13.5 over Michigan
    Oklahoma -30.5 over UTEP
    Auburn +3 over Clemson
    Penn St. -6 over Ohio

    Ohio St. -23 over Miami

    First game of a new era for Ohio State. You think the players aren’t going to come out just a bit more pumped than usual? By all accounts, Braxton Miller, having received actual coaching this off season from real actual coach Tom Herman instead of a videographer/coffee boy ––11328030/1. OSU’s new offensive scheme is designed to push the pace at all times and put up a lot of points. I expect solid to good offensive output from OSU against the better teams on its schedule, let alone a 4-8 Miami squad, with two of those wins coming against hapless Army and Buffalo, and a third against not really even real team Akron. I don’t see Miami putting up any points either. OSU has been holding Simon and Hankins out of practice because they have been too disruptive when they play. Miami hasn’t experienced anything like the OSU line and it will cause problems for them all day. And, don’t forget that Urban Meyer has the best record against the spread of any coach in the country.

  • BIKI024

    I’m in.

    Starting off with an essay, why not.


    The main reason I like this play, and how I make most of my gambling decisions, is due to the public being all over Sparty. While it’s still 7 hours before kickoff, nearly 70% of players on MSU. There may be a big shift by the time kickoff comes around, but it doesn’t seem like Johnny Public likes the fact that BSU is only returning 6 starters from last season, including a nice new addition to the Browns: Big Billy Boy Winn.

    While I love Coach Dantonio, Peterson isn’t the 3 time coach of the year for nothing, including being 23-2 when having 10 more days to prepare for an opponent. all that gadgetry and motion might confuse my boy Will Gholsten, who I didn’t realize the dude was 6’7, yikes. in addition, he’ll probably be flagged for at least a couple 3 personal fouls, might even get kicked out of the game.

    MSU probably still wins, but me thinks it will come down to a FGing 23-2 when having 10 more days to prepare for an opponent. all that gadgetry and motion might confuse my boy Will Gholsten, I didn’t realize the dude was 6’7, yikes. in addition, he’ll progably be flagged for at least a couple 3 personal fouls, might even get kicked out of the game.

    MSU probably still wins, but me thinks it will come down to a FG.

  • David DeBord

    NCST -3 vs Tenn
    OSU -24 vs Miami
    Bama -13.5 vs UM
    PSU -6 vs Ohio
    Colorado -6.5 vs CSU
    Boise +7 @ MSU***

    Generally, early in the CFB season I love home favorites, especially teams with a lot to prove (i.e., OSU, PSU this year). I love Boise on the road here though as a TD dog. I think Boise can win this game, but if MSU were getting 7 points I’d take them. All the preseason projections I’ve seen (for what that’s worth) have these two as reasonably equal teams, with a slight edge to Sparty. I do not think that slight edge is enough for a seven point spread in the first game of the season. Unless something crazy happens (which is more possible than normal since it is the 1st game of the season), I think this is a tight one that goes down to the wire.

    • jimkanicki

      ncst PLUS three. i assume that’s ok with you?

      • David DeBord

        Sure, not that it mattered.

  • oxr

    Picks, made in near-total ignorance of college football:

    All-play Michigan +13.5 over Alabama
    Miami FL -1 over BC
    Auburn +3 over Clemson
    Ohio State -23 over Miami OH
    California -10.5 over Nevada

    Oregon -35.5 over Arkansas State

    Homer pick, first of all. More substantively, the one thing I do know about college football is that recruiting matters a hell of a lot. (Pretty much the sole justification for my OSU and Cal picks above. Why am I not picking USC -40 over Hawaii? Because the hell with USC, that’s why – besides, I’ll inevitably end up leaning on them during the conference schedule.) After that, if you’re trying to predict 36-point blowouts, there’s scheme – Oregon’s offense, when it’s on, doesn’t really have a mode in which it’s not liable to keep the rush TDs coming. And, after some inauspicious season-openers against quality opposition (Boise State, LSU) the Ducks seem to have come to terms with the way the big-time schools are supposed to schedule these things. For all I know about their program, Arkansas State might be on their way to a shock BCS bid, but meanwhile I’m hoping for something closer to Oregon’s 72-0 dismantling of New Mexico (a game they also played without LaMichael James) than to the cold comfort of LeGarrette Blount falcon-punching a dude. In fact, just halfway there would be fine.

  • patesIlverblack

    There’s gambling, and there’s Floyd Mayweather who yet to be confirmed, reportedly put in a mega-bet, $3 million on Michigan over Alabama, with points. The information was Tweeted by Sportsbook. Mayweather, who routinely tossed down a few hundred thousand dollars on a bet, or even $1 million from time to time. The Crimson Tide are pretty heavily favored, as also on Frowns. Mayweather may have some gambling issues, but if it’s true, there might be some intel out there…

    ***Michigan+13.5 over Alabama

    • GrandRapidsRustlers

      If I had 3 million to put on 1 game only this weekend I can think of about 15 other games I would put it on first.

      Guy has balls or concussion issues.

      • ClevelandFrowns


    • Petefranklin

      This is the first Ive heard of it, I think its bullshit, no book would take it.

  • patesilverblack

    Add to picks:

    Oklahoma -30.5 over UTEP
    Northern Illinois +10 over Iowa

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Hey Frownie…I’m in Paypal payment coming shortly.

    • ClevelandFrowns

      Excellent. Excellent username.

  • Brian Gibb

    MSU -7
    Ohio +6.5 – Homer pick but I think Solich has te program moving in the right direction. I’m hoping Penn st has been more distracted than motivated.
    San Jose st +24 – Andrew Luck plays for the Colts now right? Harbaughs with the 49ers?…Yup give me San Jose St.
    Iowa -10
    Mich +14

    Ive never been the best writer, frankly its a big reason why i havent participated in the Cheddar Bay in years past. But here we are …My essay pick this week is for the mighty redhawks of Miami (Oh). I honestly know very little about the redhawks besides the fact they have a good senior QB, they have a real nice passing attack, and an exceptional amount of doucebags go to that school. The reason for this pick is I think the oddsmakers are counting on Buckeye nation to be riding the Urban Myer high and betting big on O state. I think that is what is pushing this spread to 24.5 and that my friends is why I’m hitching my Bobcat wagon to the Mighty Redhawks for the first and last time.

    Miami (oh) +24.5

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Sorry for the repost guys I’m going to use the Harbaugh Handshakes Handle for the contest:

    MSU -7
    Ohio +6.5 – Homer pick but I think Solich has te program moving in the right direction. I’m hoping Penn st has been more distracted than motivated.
    San Jose st +24 – Andrew Luck plays for the Colts now right? Harbaughs with the 49ers?…Yup give me San Jose St.
    Iowa -10
    Mich +14

    Ive never been the best writer, frankly its a big reason why i havent participated in the Cheddar Bay in years past. But here we are …My essay pick this week is for the mighty redhawks of Miami (Oh). I honestly know very little about the redhawks besides the fact they have a good senior QB, they have a real nice passing attack, and an exceptional amount of doucebags go to that school. The reason for this pick is I think the oddsmakers are counting on Buckeye nation to be riding the Urban Myer high and betting big on O state. I think that is what is pushing this spread to 24.5 and that my friends is why I’m hitching my Bobcat wagon to the Mighty Redhawks for the first and last time.

    Miami (OH) +24.5

  • ClevelandFrowns

    It’s so hard to stay away from Boise State’s brilliant blue and orange. When I went to see the Broncos play in Toledo last season, I met a family from Columbus, decked from head to toe in Boise gear (also their car), who set up a tailgate for visiting Broncos fans, including a Boise St. flag on a legit 20 foot flagpole. When I asked them why they were fans, they explained that when one of their sons was very young, he fell in love with the Broncos uniforms on TV and never wanted to watch another team, so the family adopted Boise St. and has been along for the whole ride from obscurity to national powerhouse.

    Now we have the national power getting a touchdown in a season opener against a program struggling to become a national power itself coming off of its first big bowl win in years, and with a new starting quarterback. It’s really easy to remember that Boise State has won every single game its played against top 25 competition since forever ago, including three consecutive huge openers against the likes of Oregon, Virginia Tech, and Georgia. Boise coach Chris Petersen with more than a month to prepare never loses.

    We’re hearing a lot in this thread, like we do every year, from folks who warn against betting with “the public,” and we’re no strangers to the danger of Bad Action, or the games that look “too easy.” But the truth is that there’s no telling what “the public” really is, or whether the books are laying that “public” money off. The side backed by “the public,” at least as measured by traditional sources like (really the only measure there is, as far as we know), wins all of the time, and probably even at least half of the time. It’s never as easy as reading where the action (supposedly) is and going the other way, and rather than get spooked off a decent play because others are on it as well, the better approach is to just keep focus ideas about what might be overvalued or undervalued about a given matchup.

    I’ll go with Sparty here out of respect for Kellen Moore, one of the most impressive I’ve seen play at any level, and still, IMO, more impressive than he gets credit for. There’s nothing all that hard anyway about taking a touchdown in a season opener with the brilliant blue and orange.

    Michigan State -7 over Boise St.***

    Will also take one Miami +23 over Ohio State (did you hear the Buckeyes have a new coach!?); the other Miami -1 over Boston College (Rod convinced me with his essay above).

    Will be back with an Alabama/Michigan pick before kickoff tomorrow night.

    • ClevelandFrowns

      I’m switching my Miami pick to BC based on Squeeky’s argument above.

      Also, give me Michigan tonight, based on what Chris P. said.

      • ClevelandFrowns

        Also, not a Cheddar pick, but I’ll take Tulsa -2 over Iowa State based on ClevTA’s advice above.

        • ClevelandFrowns

          Adding Toledo +10.5 over Arizona to the slate based on advice of anonymous ace degen. Plus, just #MACtion.

        • ClevelandFrowns

          STAND IN AWE of the first opening week Virgin Lobsterita (0-6) in Cheddar Bay history.

          You guys are so fucked.

          • bupalos

            W ell, its a good thing there aren’t a shitton of new players and the most cash ever on the line, cause otherwise that lobsterita would really smart.

          • ClevelandFrowns

            Fools. Every one of you. FOOLS.

          • ClevelandFrowns

            Give me SMU +7.5 for non-Cheddar action as well.


    Agree with being cautious on bad action public plays, however, my experience is that single digit bad action is where to focus. When you have large >10 spreads then the difference in talent level usually is too great to matter whether the favorite is underestimating its opponent, has injuries, etc. But when you have a line that’s in single digits, Vegas is telling us the teams are close in talent level and having one side so overwhelmingly high should send signals.

  • bupalos

    And so it begins.

    I’ll take hawaii tonight over USC, based solely on the premise that when a QB does this “O.K. I’ll deign to come back and win a championship if you twist my arm” thing, they inevitably underperform or get crappy luck. Come to think of it, that could be Barkley’s new handle, Crappy A. Luck. The trojans will be drunk with power (and alcohol) and partying like it’s 2013. That won’t stop them from scoring 46 points, but I’m seeing 2 bouncing ball picks that get Hawaii on the scoreboard. And that’s all they need to do, since they’ll be rolling a wooden horse into the Coliseum within which crouches a mighty phalanx of 40 fat Vegas points. This mighty legion lies silently in the belly of the artificial steed, exhaling it’s pointly rage and biding, biding, biding their time until they JUMP OUT, BURN THE PLACE DOWN, AND LET ALL THE WORLD KNOW THAT I, BUPALOS, HAVE RETURNED!!!! Returned to do two things. To purge the foul infected body of the world of it’s iniquity, and to win ALL THE CHEDDAR.

    And I’m currently all out of…purgey stuff. So…mostly the second thing.

    Anyway, we’ll call that an essay since it’s basically preseason and there’s not enough history yet for me to credibly lambast the other contestants for their immoral picks, as is my usual wont.

    As for the rest of the slate.

    MICH*GAN and their points over Bama.

    PSU on the theory that huge distractions tend to focus more than distract

    BOISE and their points at MSU on the theory that folks are overweighting the loss of that shifty little QB and underweighting the fact that they’ve just recruited to their system really well overall. Also big 10 just doesn’t play this crazyball.

    tOSU over Miami

    And I’ll take UCLA, since I just scrolled down and realized my picks look a lot like Koz, might as well hang out with him for better or worse.

    • jimkanicki

      no go on ucla, brah. game was last nite.

      love the hawaii pick and the barkley theory.

      • bupalos

        Oh good lord. How am I supposed to win this thing if you won’t let me pick games that are already completed? And I even got it right, too.

        Well let me ask this empty chair who I should pick. What’s that chair? no! I can’t tell kanick to do that to himself chair! I’m just supposed to pick another football game chair.

        The chair isn’t being as cooperative as I thought…I’ll have to get back to you.

      • bupalos

        Ok the chair says nick is right about the southern miss thing. Gimme th to rou.d out the lobster boil.

  • dwhalen5

    MICHIGAN. +13.5. At this point, making a diagnosis on any team in college football is purely speculative and I’m not quite ready to give too much credit to any pre-season rankings. I don’t care what teams are ranked during the season, but only where they finish. It seems unintelligible to say “hey we beat the #2 team in the country in week 3,” when that team later finishes out of the top 25 at the end. Not sure where I’m going with all this, but I think I’d like to see Michigan undefeated when they come to Notre Dame stadium in week 4. (They won’t be, but hopefully Shoelaces can make it close).

    OHIO UNIVERSITY. +6. So easy, it’s like taking the virginity of a 13-year old in the sho- nevermind. there’s probably some bad taste in that last sentence. (literally) forgive me.

    OHIO STATE. -23. I’m sure not gonna miss out on this one. Urban’s gonna throw a few hand grenades in the horseshoe.

    $$$DUKE. -4.$$$
    I have no idea what this pick means. A caller on 92.3 today said the browns should keep Thad Lewis as their #2 because he’s a “winner.” He went to duke. I get tweet-scolded constantly for having the NERVE to call out average joe blow for not knowing shit about football. As if the product the Browns put out isn’t enough reason for me not to go, all the trash that gets spewed back and forth between ignorant drunks. I choose to stay home and watch on my couch. I’ve never beaten an All-American QB, but I’ve beaten a lot of mediocre ones. I don’t pretend to know everything about everything (especially picking winners), but I have put in years of my life dedicating it to knowledge of the game and how to be good at it. So yes, thanks to all that, I have the courage and the faith to say with the utmost certainty that Thaddeus Lewis still sucks. And Duke has as good a chance as anyone to beat a middle of the road sun-belt team.

    CLEMSON. -3. I’ve seen Clemson’s offense at its best, and I’ve seen their defense at it’s worst. No sammie watkins, and a 1st time starter QB on the other end, i still think the tigers are better than the tigers.

    OKLAHOMA. -30.5. The 1/2 point system benefits us as well as the late-comers who won’t show this week, so I’m ok with taking a team I know nothing about in a 4 TD+1 FG route.

  • Nick

    Frowns I am in.

    Bama +13.5 vs Michigan
    Northwestern -1.5 vs Syracuse
    West Virginia -24 vs Marshall
    Illinois -10 vs W.Michigan
    Ohio State -23 vs Miami O
    $$$$$ Southern Miss +20 vs Nebraska

    Don’t let the 26-game winning streak in opening games for the Huskers fool you. 2012 begins the era they don’t kick off their season with a gimme. Playing at Memorial Stadium is no easy task, but the Golden Eagles won’t go home losing by more than 20 points.

    The Golden Eagles may have lost their coach to North Carolina but have gained head coach, Ellis Johnson, the former defensive coach for South Carolina. To bring this full circle, Nebraska lost to South Carolina, 30-13, in last year’s Capital One Bowl Game. Ellis will want to make a statement and he’ll have a good idea how to after facing the Huskers in last year’s bowl game. The Golden Eagles may only be returning 10 starters, but they weren’t Ellis’ starters anyway, so I’m not concerned.

    The Huskers may very well take the W, but I’ll take the points.

  • Chris P.

    Okay, it’s next year. Last year wasn’t so hot, but I did retroactovely win a shot of Tim Couch booze for my week one essay on Army and San Diego State. Or at least I poured myself a shot. Of whiskey. Okay, it’ wasn’t Tim Couch Makers mark, it was the well stuff.

    Okay you got me, it wasn’t well whiskey.

    Fine, leave me alone, it was Scope.


    So, normally, I have a good reason for playing the way I do, and I do have good reasons for these picks, but the best reason, my essay reason, is not my own reason.

    I just got back from Vegas, and actually got something useful, and it pertains to the big game this week. It seems the sharps are strong and LOVE one side of that game, believe it or not, and are SO strong on it that some casinos moved their lines two full points. But then, as these things go, mouth-breathing-SECites showed up and blew it all to hell.

    Here’s what I heard from a guy who told a guy who told a guy who told an italian guy in sunglasses who told me (after he correctly told me to play Dullahan in a graded stakes race at Del Mar at 6-1)……

    The Golden Nugget opened the Michigan Alabama line at +12. LIke everyone else. but they were hit hard by sharps. REAL hard… on Michigan. So much so that as recently as last week they had the line to Alabama -10. But as I said… mouth breathers. Ordinary Joe SEC fans stopped by over the next week and nickel and dimed the line back to -12. and then beyond. I was told by this guy that he thought he was lucky to get it at 11.5 – but put down another substantial amount now that he has it at 13.5.

    So who am I to question him? He told me Dullahan was gonna edge out Game On Dude in the Pacific Classic at Del Mar. And everyone knows Game On Dude is a super fast horse, wire to wire, especially on synthetic turf.

    Michigan +13.5 vs Alabama
    Penn State -6 vs Ohio
    Colorado -6.5 vs Colorado State
    Nevada +10.5 vs California
    Duke -4 vs Florida International

    and for Seneca Wallace
    Iowa State +1 vs Tulsa

    • p_forever

      like the shout out to seneca – a winner, for sure.

    • ClevelandFrowns

      The shout out to Seneca was great as was the bit of info on Mich/Bama.

      • Chris P.

        And thus, the patron saint of bad m/waction is back to destroy pattakos with superior writing and inferior picks for another year.

        I should apply for Anthony Sullivan or The late Billy Mays’ job or something.


  • CleveLandThatILove

    The mine was brutal this week, and I’ll be driving the boy back to school tomorrow 🙁
    So ~ appreciating this whole easing in with less points concept for week one, especially without NFL.

    **Navy +16 over ND
    Syracuse +1.5 over NWN
    BC +1 over Miami F
    Clemson -3 over Auburn
    Alabama -13.5 over MI
    Troy -6 over UAB

    Irish coffee and football at 9 AM on a Saturday sure sounds great, but since I’ll be halfway to Rochester (hey Dubbythe1) at kickoff, I’m hoping p_4 enjoys.

    So apparently the lines have moved a bit toward Navy since the open, closer to 14.5 but that’s not why i’m going with them beating the spread. I just read that in the past decade they are 14-4 ATS when they are double digit underdogs. Sounds a little like me last year, so how can that not be a sign? I’m also banking on the discipline factor here, God knows ND should be on lockdown in the very fun city of Dublin where some of the world’s greatest beer flows for those 18 and older. The absence of 2 key offensive players for the Irish goes without saying, and definitely brings Navy to within 9 or 10 points when all is said and done.


    • p_forever

      i prefer bloodies, and, see, below, an nd cover, but i appreciate the kind thoughts, for sure. travel safe.

  • p_forever

    say hey it’s cheddar bay time again! yay yay yay – football traditions are the best. i don’t actually care how hopeless the situation actually is: the season is brand new, my team’s record is unblemished, and there’s a chance – no matter how small – that it will remain that way. and oh man if there’s a chance for your team to be perfect, then believing in that chance is the most natural thing in the world. so that’s the origin of (and explanation for) my very own super p cheddar bay tradition of always betting on nd this first, magical, anything-can-happen weekend of college football. Nothing gold can stay, but everything feels super gold right now, including these picks, and especially the money pick:

    nd – 16 navy (Kelly finally has the qb he’s been dreaming of in golson, and Kelly is a go big or go home sort, which means if nd starts rolling, navy is in big trouble. Losing cierre wood isn’t great, but Riddick was recruited as a running back before nd transitioned him to wideout, and I think he’ll be fine. Navy’s option offense is a pain defensively, but nd has had an entire pre-season to prepare, and navy lost 2 of its most productive offensive players, and I just don’t think the midshipmen can handle nd’s front 7. Plus the only thing better than tailgating in the morning in anticipation of a noon game is tailgating in the morning while *watching* your game (9am start time). bloodies for everyone!)

    and the rest:

    ohio state -23 miami (like lots of you I think urban is looking to make a major statement; he’s never been shy about running up the score, and paul ryan’s been looking a little too smug lately anyway.)

    smu +10.5 baylor (it’s really impossible for teams like baylor to recover from the loss of a player like rgIII – I don’t see this going well for them.)

    louisville -13.5 kentucky (I don’t even know why the line is this close – because it’s a rivalry game, I guess. I think it’ll be blowout.)

    miami -1 boston college (both teams have huge issues but miami surely has more talent and that’ll be the difference; well, that plus the fact that it’s not clear how boston college will manage any offensive production at all.)

    alabama -13.5 michigan (I had this going the other way until I saw that michigan suspended their running back – denard is amazing, but he’s a lot better when he’s not the only one racking up rushing yards)

    • CleveLandThatILove

      ND to Navy – “Who’s your daddy?”

      Navy to ND- “You are.”


      • p_forever

        Pretty much 🙂

  • bobby_slick

    Michigan +13 1/2
    ‘Canes -1
    Ohio State -23
    CU Buffs -6
    Navy +16
    Clemson -3

    …last week we missed the opener, this year we’re using our no essay right out of the gate!! Good luck everyone, play hard

    • jimkanicki

      michigan for the essay then?

  • Zarathustra

    Penn St over Ohio
    I reaaly started to like this bobcats team down the stretch last year and they definitely have the better quarterback, but the move against penn st seems to be quite irrational. This is still a Mac team taking an uncomfortable 6 hour bus drive to play against better player and 100k emotion fans.
    Washington over San Diego St
    Love huskies and expect them to contend for their division. That starts with a home blow out
    Canes over Boston College
    Al Golden Al Golden Al Golden

    • zarathustra

      forgot the all play. when in doubt take two touchdowns
      Michigan over Alabama

  • ClevelandFrowns

    @justcoverblog is in, using his free no essay week for week 1:

    “Cheddar Bay Pickstravaganza picks for week 1: NW +1, PSU -6, So Miss +20, Mich +13.5, Canes -1 Toledo +10.5 @jimkanicki @ClevelandFrowns”

    • jimkanicki

      it is booked. (pick of the week designated as NU until told otherwise.)

  • Bevilacqua

    My first time joining Cheddar Bay, and I’m not going to pretend to know a lot about what to expect this NCAA season, so I’m going with all favorites this week. Since I don’t have cable, and the Georgia and USC games are on network tv, picking these blowouts will keep them interesting for me.

    Clemson (-3) over Auburn
    Virginia Tech (-7.5) over Georgia Tech
    Georgia (-37.5) over Buffalo
    Miami (-1) over Boston College
    USC (-40) over Hawaii

    Essay Pick: Alabama (-13.5) over Michigan

    Week 1 of the college football season always has two top-10 teams matched up against each other, and rarely do both teams finish in the top 10 (I don’t have any real data to back that up, but I feel like it’s true). It seems like the tv stations somehow manipulate the preseason rankings to inflate at least one of the teams so that they have a “big” game to cover. Michigan has the inflated ranking here, and I don’t see them being able to compete with Alabama, especially after suspending their starting running back. Moreover, Alabama has a good track record under Saban in early-season games against ranked opponents:

    27-11 over #23 Penn St last year
    24-3 over #18 Penn State in 2010
    34-24 over #7 Virginia Tech in 2009
    34-10 over #9 Clemson in 2008.

    And although I hate Saban and Alabama, this is what gambling is all about: this week, I’m their biggest fan.

  • Tom_RedRight88

    Ohio State -23

    LSU -43

    Miami (Fla.) -1

    Ohio +6

    Nebraska -20

    Alabama -13.5

    The Bama pick is the essay pick, which I will post this afternoon if/when I get out of the office

  • Martin Rickman

    Newbie in for the year. Want to get these in before noon since I am supposed to make jokes for the next four hours.

    I’ll make this short.

    Syracuse +1
    Miami (FL) +1
    Louisville -14.5
    Buffalo +37.5
    Illinois -9.5

    Essay Pick:

    Duke -4

    Oh, lord. Here I go, picking Duke in Week 1. But if you’re an ACC grad who writes about the ACC and thinks Duke will make a surprise bowl game for the first time in eons, then I suppose it might behoove me to put up or shut up early on.

    There will be plenty of points in this one, so to assume Duke (if they are favored) will win by a touchdown at home is not out of the question, especially considering FIU is not exactly in line for a world-beating season. This one had about a million yards of offense last year, so it’s worth my ESPN3 attention anyway.

    Plus, Duke WR Blair Holliday is making an almost miraculous improvement since his personal-watercraft accident that could have left him paralyzed or worse. I’m not betting against a story like that. #goacc

    • jimkanicki

      welcome aboard.. who you got in bama/mich and which pick do you want to drop? (new all-pick game for this year.) thanks.

      • Martin Rickman

        taking michigan +13.5. made the edit.

        dock me points if need be. i really should be following directions better.

        • jimkanicki
  • WooMike

    Long time lurker. First time commenter. No better way to start it than with a bang for the Cheddar Bay Reality Football Extravaganza!

    Ohio + 6
    BC + 1
    Colo -6.5
    Hawaii + 40
    All Play: UofM +13.5
    ****tOSU -23
    ****Don’t really know that much about college football so I’m going to go with whatever mojo I have as a tOSU alumnus and hope that leads me to victory. First off, the crowd at the ‘shoe is going to be so amped for Urban Meyer’s first game. And the ‘shoe is rated as one of the loudest stadiums in college football. It is such an intimidating place to play. The Buckeyes should be able to get out to a good lead early with the crowd behind them and take the RedHawks out of it early. This one could get ugly. Also, going with some of that anti-Ryan karma against Miami. I mean you can’t lie that much in your convention speech and then expect your college team to keep it close the following Saturday. He did them no favors this week.

  • Vincethepolack

    Forfeit the essay pick. That’s right. Get mad. Totally blew it this week

    • jimkanicki

      hello vincent.
      who’s your money pick?

      you get michigan if we dont hear back. 🙂

      btw, that will be policy moving forward — if you go ‘no essay’ for a week an dont call the game, exec committee will default your first pick as game of the week.

      second? all in favor? pass.

      • zarathustra


    • jimkanicki

      no wisconsin this week (no line for their game.)
      ditto arkansas.


  • Dood


    Boston College

    Virginia Tech

    Asleep at the wheel as usual, I missed the announcement of the round of six college games. I’m not terribly savvy as a college picker, so it’s for precisely that reason that I’m taking Virginia Tech as my opening week cheddar play. Not because I have the goddamndest clue about how VT is looking this year, but because they were good enough to grace my beloved G men with 2 of their top 3 draft picks: David Wilson and Jayron Hosley. Both look like solid pro players already. Hosley is likely going to step right into the nickel corner role and has looked comfortable doing it. David Wilson is going to teach the world a thing or two about balance. It all leads me to believe that, even though some talent has left the team, more has found it’s way to Blacksburg.

  • ClevelandFrowns

    Welcome the fourth woman in Cheddar Bay history to the contest:

    LadyLuck/@LucyLaw12 uses her no essay week and emails from the golf course:

    Bama -13.5
    Arizona -11 vs toledo
    Clemson -3 vs auburn
    Houston -36 vs Texas st
    Florida -29 vs bg
    Northern ill +9 vs Iowa

    Will call Bama the money pick unless/until I hear otherwise.

    • CleveLandThatILove

      I can almost smell the fear. HUZZAH!

  • Bryan Joiner

    If I recall, I didn’t end up in the basement last year, despite my greater efforts. Which means I could do better OR worse this year? I’m late to the party, but isn’t that how the best parties always start?

    Rutgers -20 over Tulane

    Going road favorites like whoa.

    Oklahoma -31 over UTEP

    As I said above.

    Oregon -35.5 over Arkansas St.

    Well, the U of O is on *a* road. Or a trail, at least.

    Michigan +13.5 over Alabama

    The opposite of what I sent Frowns.

    Georgia -37.5 over Buffalo (essay)

    Georgia has an inferiority complex in the SEC, and not just because bulldogs are being bred out of existence for being too fat, so they’ll beat up the Bisons or whatever they are.

    Clemson -3 over Auburn (essay)

    If Clemson is favored at Auburn, I gotta figure (knowing nothing else) that Auburn is still getting hella dap, being Auburn. Thus, Clemson, son. This is Tigers vs. Tigers, so the real question here is why some Tigers beat other Tigers. LSU could jump in here, as could Princeton, if they weren’t studying [their stock charts] in their pretty little dining clubs. Here’s a prank: Let’s release Tigers on the Princeton campus, and see if those brainiacs would be able to survive? I’m betting no. Which Tigers would we release to do the most damage? Not Clemson Tigers: LSU and Auburn Tigers are far more superior. And we can’t take the LSU Tigers — they’re needed to help the Isaac recovery efforts. So we take the Auburn Tigers (which only eat at Chizik-fil-A, homophobes), which leaves the Clemson Tigers more time to practice football. So, as I said, Clemson, son. QED.

    • Bryan Joiner

      Obviously Clem, Son is the essay.

  • BIKI024

    BGSU +29
    S.Miss +20
    Wyoming +31.5
    Oklahoma UNDER 63

    • ClevelandFrowns

      Arf! Arf!

    • BIKI024

      ROLL TIDE! (bama -13.5)

    • jimkanicki

      sorry biki, i normally flag stuff like this in time for it to be fixed but i really thought you knew there arent over/unders (and were just showing off). sorry guy. good week anyway.

  • ClevelandFrowns

    Another new entry from D. Quatts who submits first round of picks via email and is also using his free no essay week:

    Georgia Tech


    • jimkanicki

      booked D. Quatts and willy loman.
      i count 49.

  • dwhalen5

    Frownie, can we call your opening weekend of Cheddar picks a “LongJohnSilverFest” or a “Hush Puppy”? <—as in no one should ever speak of it again!? lol. i'm thinking the half-point week 1 was part of your master plan to execute a comeback for the ages.

    • ClevelandFrowns

      0-6 is the Virgin Lobsterita and I want everyone to be talking about it.

      No comment re: Master Plan.

  • willy loman

    Kentucky (+13.5) over Louisville

    Virginia Tech (-7.5) over Georgia Tech

    SMU (+10.5) over Baylor

    Here are three of the top four quarterbacks selected early (read: first four rounds) in the 2012 NFL Draft with Cheddar Bay Week One eligible alma maters*: Andrew Luck (Stanford), Nick Foles (Arizona), Kirk Cousins (Michigan State). These teams went 0-3 against the spread yesterday/Friday.

    The fourth QB? RG3, formerly of Baylor, whose Bears are 10.5 point favorites against SMU this evening. Expect Baylor – who has had ten players drafted by NFL teams over the past 16 months, a staggering number for a program of its caliber – to struggle early with the Mustangs’ upperclassmen-laden defense.

    Admittedly, SMU’s quarterback is also new, but I believe the adverse effects of a first-year starter will be much more glaring with the Bears, simply because their offense, in years past, was thoroughly calibrated to the strengths of RG3, whose replacement, Nick Florence, is obviously a far, far inferior player. Baylor will win, but not by 11. Take the points.

    * Texas A&M’s game vs. Louisiana Tech was cancelled, eliminating Ryan Tannehill from this study. Oklahoma State (Weeden), Wisconsin (Russell Wilson), and Arizona State (Brock Osweiler) were not eligible.

    • bupalos

      I think that’s solid. I wish I had saved a pick.

  • Chanioti

    Hey Frownie. I’m going to give it a try this year.

    • jimkanicki

      throw in a couple picks for this week. still open:

      at Baylor -10.5 SMU
      at Va Tech -7.5 Ga Tech

      make sure to call out the one you like better your ‘essay.’

      • Chanioti

        Va tech (-7.5) over GA tech

        SMU over Baylor. Here is my reasoning for the SMU pick. Over the last few years Baylor has all of a sudden been a source of talent for the NFL. After having only 7 picks in the NFL from 2000-2009 all of a sudden they have had 11 in the past 3 years with 4 of them being number one picks. I think this is a blip not a long term rise of a new powerhouse. It has to end.

        Also, I’m counting on the fact that the SMU guys went across the street before heading over the Baylor and had what I think are the best Huevos Rancheros on the planet at Cafe Brazil. Anyone who has frequented the i35 corridor in Dallas can back me on this one.

  • dwhalen5

    i know the lines are posted, but is there not going to be a “week 2 is live” sorta thing like last year??? or am I just retarded.

  • pateslvrblk

    If you haven’t forgotten that college football is not so much about college and the kids and much more about football and the money, this will serve as a reminder. USC linebacker Simione Vehikite was released from jail last week after serving more than 3 months for leaving the scene of a car accident. At the time, Vehikite was driving with a .08 blood alcohol level. Vehikite was sentenced to a year in jail. Upon his release, Vehikite was welcomed back into the USC program, with scholarship by Lane Kiffin. We all believe in second chances but this comes at the expense of Will Andrew, a walk on player who didn’t have his scholarship renewed because of Vehikite being reinstated. Because of this reality, someone who has been busting their tail in practice every day can lose their scholarship to someone who just spent months in jail.
    Syracuse+26.5 over USC
    Indiana-13.5 over Mass

  • trashycamaro

    Ready to go. Intrigued by the contest and ready for a new challenge.

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