Dan Gilbert’s Dystopia: Cleveland RTA and Horseshoe Casino’s Predatory Partnership

by Cleveland Frowns on December 7, 2012

If you’re lucky enough to be a Clevelander who doesn’t live in poverty, you probably never ride public transportation, so you probably never have a reason to visit the RTA’s website. But if you did visit the RTA’s website, you’d see that its homepage features six prominent links at center, five of which you might expect to find at the website of any major transit provider: 1) Timetables, maps and schedules; 2) important information like re-routes and other travel alerts; 3) a portal for purchasing fare cards and paying fines; 4) basic info on “how-to-ride” RTA, and 5) a Google trip planning function.

And then there’s the sixth link, as official as all the rest, which directs the user to information on how to get to and what to do when you run out of chips at the Horseshoe Casino.

Which makes for a grand total of one Cleveland location featured at the RTA’s homepage. Not the library. Not the hospital. Not the market. Not a museum. Not the ballpark, or any park. Just Dan Gilbert’s shiny new money trap for poor people and idiots, the Horseshoe Casino, “Cleveland’s newest entertainment destination.” Because otherwise how would folks find the casino right on Public Square, “the City’s transit hub for both trains and buses”? (Click image to enlarge.)

So if you were worried that Gilbert and Rock Gaming/Caesars weren’t doing well enough to get the word out to the folks who are most susceptible to gambling problems, you can rest easier knowing how much progress has been made toward normalizing casino gaming and ensuring that the primary means of transportation for these folks works as much like a funnel to the Horseshoe as possible.

But if you were worried that Biff got a hold of Doc Brown’s time machine and took the Sports Almanac back to 1955, I don’t really know what to tell you.

I can tell you, though, what makes this all worse. Which is that Gilbert, Rock Gaming/Caesars, and the government and quasi-governmental officials responsible for the RTA page looking like this are brazen enough to have taken the stance that this RTA/Horseshoe partnership doesn’t constitute an advertisement. Which is the only explanation for why the RTA’s web page doesn’t contain any reference to the “problem gambling hotline number” that Ohio law requires each casino advertisement to “clearly and conspicuously state.

Maybe the Horseshoe didn’t pay directly for this placement, but there’s no way there’s not some kind of quid pro quo here. Could it be argued that this really isn’t an advertisement? Maybe? But what non-predatory enterprise would ever try to split hairs like this to avoid including a reference to the problem gambling hotline number?

Which is what the most expensive election campaign in Ohio history gets you. Cleveland’s favorite sports owner. If only Gilbert owned all the teams. Go Cavs, and go go go to the Horseshoe Casino.


Petition to stop Rock Gaming’s proposed Terminal Tower Skywalk

Civic Commons discussion on Rock Gaming’s proposed Terminal Tower Skywalk

  • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns

    Please save the responses about how this is a legitimate attempt to get more people to use public transportation, thx. And I don’t even want to think about the sadness of the idea that the Casino is a legitimate tourist destination. Unless you really want people to hate Cleveland.

    Also, the RTA connection, and current “temporary” casino location at Public Square, “the City’s transit hub for both trains and buses,” casts a lot more doubt on the idea that the casino will ever move to its permanent location.

    Also, not as good as Cleveland Browns of course, but New Orleans
    Pelicans is pretty awesome: http://deadspin.com/5966336/fuck-you-pelicans-are-awesome-a-defense-of-the-nbas-best-new-team-name

    • http://twitter.com/pheasantpants J.

      FWIW, all three Detroit casinos opened with “temporary facilities” that all three were supposed to move out of within so many years. Only one moved completely out of their temp facility and built a brand new casino-hotel. The other two are still at their “temp facilities,” having merely expanded them and slapped a hotel on to them. So I expect the same thing in Cleveland.

      • BIKI024


        While the Horseshoe may or may not go ahead with their plans, i really don’t see what the relevance of what’s going on in Detroit having any correlation to Cleveland. Different management companies, different investors, different everything.

        • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns


        • Steve

          Right, the Detroit-based builder of our casino will assuredly ignore everything he saw about how the Detroit casino owners are making money hand over fist.

          • BIKI024

            WE’RE NOT DETROIT!

        • dubbythe1

          ^Master of the redirect part 1

        • SteamingPileOfCraphonsoThorpe

          BUY A HOUSE FOR THE PRICE OF A VCR…unless you gambled away all your VCR down payment money.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-White/100000446546049 Steve White

          “WE’RE NOT DETROIT!”

          No, not yet. Not enough vacant lots. But give the casino owners time…

        • actovegin1armstrong

          “WE’RE NOT DETROIT!”

          Was that your Sam Wyche imitation?

        • http://twitter.com/pheasantpants J.

          Oh, yeah, I am sure it will be so, so different.

        • http://twitter.com/pheasantpants J.

          I mean really, keep telling yourself how un-Detroit everything is while the city follows the exact. same. path. that Detroit has been following re: attempts at downtown redevelopment the last 15 years. There’s even Jimmy Dimora to serve as the Kwame Kilpatrick counterpart. As Steve White says, Cleveland is but a few abandoned lots away.

          I’m glad you like the casino, but if you really buy Dan Gilbert’s assurances, I have some 2013 Cavs NBA Finals tickets to sell you.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_PCO2kuvVpU PML

      Pelicans are definitely badass and that article was thoroughly enjoyable. One of my dearest friends that I love like a brother has been gripped by his addiction solely because he now has such easy access to this dingleberry on our downtown landscape – he now has to use the RTA in spite of a six figure income. We all knew it was coming too, and would make jokes that he was finished once the casino was here. Now that it is actually taking place it’s not as funny. My bro offered to have him come out to LA to live with him in a mini-intervention. On the bright side he’s gotten a few nights comped at the Ritz.

      Also, thanks for crapping on my childhood memories by pimping “Holiday at the Higbees” on your stupid website.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        I understand, my SoSS, (Siblings on Social Services), have increased their requests for handouts since the casino opened.
        They do however assure me that they “break even”.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Magdalene/100003122727068 Maria Magdalene

        I’m sorry for your “bro’s” addiction, but I like having the casino as an entertainment option in Cleveland, rather than putting my money in other states. I too make six figures, but I don’t have an addictive personality. The rest of the world shouldn’t have to be denied something for the few that can’t make rational choices for themselves. It’s called freedom, but it always comes with responsibility. I wish him well in learning to control his addiction, nonetheless.

    • jaws

      It just seems like there is so much worse stuff to hate on than the casino. Are you really that mad at the rich dudes coming in and investing a bunch of money so that they could build a legitimate attraction downtown that creates jobs, generates tax revenue, draws people downtown so they spend money at any of dozens of other bars/restaurants/whatever. Having it right on the RTA front page is a little sleazy but what are you going to do? that’s the world we live in.

  • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns

    Also, I updated yesterday’s post. Bernie unsuprisingly says he’s fine, and sadly says he’s “shocked” at the reaction to his Hooligans appearance.


    Commenter Brian Sipe says Rizzo went on a 15 minute ramble this morning to the same effect, and that Bernie’s “never been a big drinker.”

    • thebearchoo

      His Twitter response doesn’t exactly make me think he’s sobered up since the interview.

  • nj0

    Well done. I also find it interesting that if you go to the “Popular Destinations” on the left side of the page, Horseshoe Casino is the only place mentioned by name. Hopkins is just “airport”, Progressive Field is “Cleveland Indians” (and apparently our only sports venue).

  • GrandRapidsRustlers

    What should truly bother Dan Gilbert is that I live less than 30 miles away. I have passed through Tower City for multiple Tribe games, a Cavs game, a Monsters game and have never once even thought of going to the casino. Until we take the logical step and allow people to bet on sports I will pass on watching people put paychecks into slot machines.

    This should pretty much cement the idea to all the doubters that this is the permanent location and it was always the plan.

  • http://twitter.com/JRichTCF Jeff Rich

    I’m no longer a Clevelander, and I’ve never truly lived in poverty, but I used to be a frequent customer of the Rapid Transit Authority. Granted, it was more than 15 years ago, before this information super-highway thing really took off, so I would keep the brochure sized hard copy schedules for the 25, 26, 18, 81, 79, and 2 in the kangaroo pouch of my pullover Starter jacket. I imagine there’s been some serious advances with the logistics at Rita, but I’m sure one thing is pretty consistent between my old paper schedules and the Authority’s presence on these interwebs…they are the farthest thing from accurate.

    Putting that aside for a second, 90% of all routes would drop you at Public Square, so why in the world is the commercial for Gilbert’s House of Additional Taxation necessary? Not to go all Mike Polk Jr. here, but who the f*** still uses the RTA website?

    • willy loman

      Public transit websites are actually very important to the people that ride the buses. They allow you to customize your route ahead of time via Google maps, provide the necessary info when a bus is rerouted because of a special event, and sometimes even offer real-time updates of the bus’s location so you can determine how many minutes it’s running late. I live in Columbus, don’t have a car, and use the buses frequently if I’m venturing away from the OSU campus. The website is an immense help, especially during my freshman year when I was unfamiliar with CBus. (FWIW, I learned the value of the website the hard way; when I was left stranded with one other person 8 miles from campus after missing the final bus of the night, it dawned on me that I should plan my trips better.)

      • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns

        Agreed. I would have been lost in Chicago without the CTA website.

      • http://twitter.com/JRichTCF Jeff Rich

        Since posting that, I looked at my phone and thought about the value of transit companies embracing the technology, and how valuable the tools of the future could be to the bus-riding consumer. My full disclaimer is that I have never viewed the RTA’s site, but the cynic in me doubts that RTA is a well-oiled machine on the back end like that. It’s certainly a fault of mine, in the same nature as my insulting surprise reaction at the presence of color computer monitors and Windows XP at the 4th District Police Station in 2009.

        Frowns brings up a good point about the sites being a life-saver for an out-of-towner, having used the public systems in Chicago and San Francisco myself.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        Wow Willy, stranded 8 miles (could have been worse in the 313, Cheddar Bob notwithstanding) from home in the middle of the night is dangerous.

        You could have ended up as a dead salesman.

  • BIKI024

    oh frownie, quit acting like a crazy ex-girlfriend.. oh wait, that’s joe thomas. can’t wait to see how hard our guys hit Hillis. TJ Ward gonna bring the pain!

    • dubbythe1

      ^Master of the redirect at work part 2

  • nj0

    And I’m not going to repeat a rant I’ve done many times before, but the fact that a hard-luck, tough-as-nails town like Cleveland embraces billionaire oligarch patron Dan Gilbert (from Detroit) while absolutely hating Larry Dolan (from Cleveland Hts.) drives me completely bonkers.

    • BIKI024

      prolly because the Cavs have had a teeny weenie bit more success these past 8 years under Gilbert’s helm than Dolan.. besides, who doesn’t love a story of a college bookie who makes it to the big show!??

      • nj0

        You’re right. I had forgot about all those championship banners hanging in the Q.

    • Jason

      Yeah I can’t imagine why an owner profiting off a racist stereotype isn’t beloved.

      • nj0

        I never said he should be loved. And if your average Indians fan hated Dolan for that reason, I’d be with you. Lastly, none of that explains the Gilbert love.

    • Steve

      This cannot be said enough.

    • Believelander

      That’s because Larry Dolan is a jackass.

    • jaws

      I think a big part of it is that people see Dan Gilbert spending his money to bring things to cleveland (winning basketball, a casino) Sure, you might say that the Cavs and the casino are ultimately profit-making ventures, Gilbert is investing millions into our town and helping out dozens of local downtown businesses at the same time. Meanwhile, larry dolan just continues to milk profits from his mediocre-at-best, awful-at-worst low budget baseball team. If Larry Dolan ran the indians like the Detroit Tigers, nobody would complain. But profit is his only objective. His only investment was buying the team, and he has done nothing but squeeze profit from it ever since (unless you count trying to buy the county executive election for his kid)

      • Steve

        How many businesses do you think are doing better because the casino is downtown?

        Gilbert is investing money in places that return a bunch of money to him, not the town. I don’t know what’s so hard to see about that.

        And the comparison to the Tigers. The usual reply of someone who is unfamiliar with the situation. The Tigers’ market is twice the size of the Indians’, and the owner is on his deathbed, giving away his children’s fortunes. No one in American sports runs their team like he does.

  • Dave

    You’re right. Would make more sense to direct people to a ballpark that is closed until April. And when open, promotes racism towards native Americans. Flip flopper.

    • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns


      • actovegin1armstrong

        I recently drove (twice) during the middle of the night through a desolate area of “Trail of Tears” reservations in Okla”wow this is depressing”homa with gambling at every Stop-N-Rob and casinos on every podunk corner.

        Oddly enough it was right after I reread “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman.

        Casinos shall be the new; metaphysically charged Roadside Attractions.

        I was expecting to see a member of the Black Crow family, Mr. Nancy, Wednesday, or Shadow every time I stopped to get gas.

        I did see one black Hummer and I almost lost it. I attribute my lapses in sanity to sleep deprivation. (That applies to most of my comments as well.)

    • Shadow_play

      WHere’s the directions to the new Aquarium? Where’s the Directions to our Wonderful Museums? Where’s directions to the great Zoo?

      • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Craig Lyndall

        The new aquarium contributes to poverty at an almost equal rate as the casino I bet. (See? It’s ‘spensive.)

        • Shadow_play

          True, I hear it’s expensive, but at least it’s not as predatory as the casino is.

  • GrandRapidsRustlers

    Actually I just figured out how the conversation went:

    Gilbert – I want a link about the Horseshoe on the site guys.

    RTA – Sure. We can also add the Cavs and the Monsters under the entertainment tab.

    Gilbert – No. No. No. People will think that I was involved with this. Let’s just worry about things that are all in the same building. Hell just throw Indians on there. They love baseball in this town.

    RTA – Ok. Boss. Whatever you say because you brought jobs here.

    Gilbert – Hangs up phone. Lights cigar with burnt up gamblers hotline sheet.

  • p_forever

    all of this makes me really sad. the christmas decorations outside the casino are really miserable too. rearing gold horses. i’m not sure why that’s christmas-y, especially because it makes the immediate biblical reference the idolatrous golden calf, not the christ child. sigh sigh sigh.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      I agree that it is sad and I love you p_4, but to quote the great Theodore Ottaviano,
      “I think you think too much”.

      • p_forever

        Fyi they added giant dice with bows underneath the trees as presents.

        • actovegin1armstrong

          I stand corrected.

  • http://twitter.com/GHClevelandSprt Mike Stein

    If our civic watchdog hadn’t gone to three days a week this would have never happened.

  • Steve

    Keep up God’s work young man. The odds that enough people in this town finally figure this whole scheme out may be long, but the upside is more than worth it.

    • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns

      Thanks, mom. What’s for supper tonight?

  • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns

    While we’re on the subject of the Casino, can we talk about all the “economic development” that’s been sparked in the neighborhood? No new upholstery at Houlihan’s yet, but the Tilted Kilt is really lighting things up, no?

    • BIKI024

      My boy is opening Society Lounge on E.4th within the month, the casino traffic was definitely a plus! Please follow @SocietyOnE4th for updates, it seems like it will def be the bar of choice for many of you whiskey drinkers.

    • Jim

      In all fairness, the money earmarked for the city and county from casino earnings has not yet been distributed. Also, whether or not it is all casino-related, there are significantly more people on the streets of that part of downtown at night. I have not been to the casino so have no idea if it is patrons of it or not, but something has increased activity downtown.

    • nj0

      To be fair, who could have saw that coming?

      “The National Gambling Impact Study Commission, created by Congress, noted in a 1999 report that hundreds of restaurants and bars closed in the greater Atlantic City area after casinos began opening, offsetting some of the employment gains.”

      “Median family income in Atlantic City in 1980, according to the census, was $34,800 in 2010 dollars. In 2010, it was $35,500.”

      “In 1990, the census shows, family income in Gary was $38,158 in today’s dollars; it now averages $33,158—about 13 percent lower than before the casinos arrived. The city’s poverty rate remains unchanged.”

      “As part of the congressional commission’s 1999 study, the National Opinion Research Center surveyed communities with legal gambling. It concluded that gambling produced no boost “in overall per capita income,” as increases in certain industries were offset by declines in others.”


      • BIKI024

        AC has very little going on other than the casinos, who all have a plethra of restaurants and bars inside of them, which would most likely lead to loss of revenue for the neighboring establishments. Plus it’s a completely different city (if you really want to call a place with 40K residents a city) Cleveland, contrary to popular belief, has many other revenue streams from all the various other non-gambling related entities in the Cleveland economy.

        It seems to me that each situation is unique, but we’ll know in the coming years the overall impact. but obviously, the degenerate gambler that i am, i love the fact that the Casino is there, cuz it’s my pleasure!

        • actovegin1armstrong

          Biki, you are a damn degenerate gambler.
          Now I am following you on that road to ruin and it may be Frownie’s fault.
          I really love Cheddar Bay! Even when I have my all too often; Virgin Lobsterita.

          Today I tried to bet a grand with a chump half my age that I could beat him in a sprint.
          This gambling stuff is contagious, but he was an easy mark.
          However, I am an idiot and my enthusiasm scared him away.

          Cheddar Love is contagious. I do not care too much about my success or failure, but I am hooked on making the picks.

          My inane essays add to my enjoyment! I believe I may have been almost half right once.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      I love you Frownie!
      Please keep fighting the good fight.

  • maxfnmloans

    you lost me at Biff taking the sports almanac back to 1985. Biff took the almanac back to 1955, and then when Marty returned to the alternate 1985, Biff had already constructed his empire (on public square, no less).

    Even though your larger point is correct, internet law demands that your point be ignored for a conversation splitting hairs over a movie analogy. Sorry, those are the rules.

    (In all seriousness, keep up the fight. The world needs more people with a platform who can form a well reasoned argument and aren’t immediately awestruck by opportunists. I worked in the mortgage biz for over a decade, and can’t say I’ve ever heard anything good about that company. Although, I never worked for them myself, so everything I’ve heard is anecdotal).

    • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns

      Good catch. Fixed. (And thanks).

    • mo_by_dick

      Back 2 The Future continuity ain’t nothin to fuck wit

  • https://twitter.com/jimkanicki jimkanicki

    the casino was voted on and approved by a majority.

    a casino initiative received endorsements from the mayor, city council, and the police.

    it is safe to assume a core reason for the public’s vote and the govt’s endorsements was that the casino will generate needed tax revenue. obviously this is important as many local govts are facing shortfalls.

    tax revenue is increased as casino profits increase.

    thus, is it not in the interest of cleveland local govt to help traffic into the casino? local govt is effectively in a partnership and has a stake in its success. the link is a logical end-result of this partnership.

    i dont see how that web link can be viewed as a mendacious exploitation of the working class by the greedy carpetbagging capitalist.

    we can debate the causes of the decline of cleveland’s economic health and we can discuss how best to improve it. but the community spoke. i shocked, SHOCKED, that you clevelandfrowns would question the wisdom of cuyahoga county voters.

    • Steve

      Are there not other establishments in the Cleveland area that can generate the much-needed tax revenue? Are there not many more that lead to a healthier economy, which will also lead to tax revenue?

      We could also stage a who-can-make-the-most-racist-looking-Wahoo event downtown and collect tax revenue from that too while we’re at it.

      • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns


    • https://twitter.com/jimkanicki jimkanicki

      further on the subject of ‘sin taxes’ as well as that of ‘free will:’

      significant tax revenue is derived from alcohol, tobacco, the lottery, and now gambling. all of these streams disproportionately extract money from ‘the working class.’

      i suggest your state and local govt – NOT DAN GILBERT – is the predator exploiting human frailty.

      • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns

        They’re each giving the other plenty of help. Along with the nothing to see here crowd that you seem content to be a part of.

      • Believelander

        No, Dan Gilbert is pretty clearly part of the problem. But the real ptoblem is us. We were free to go do our research and find out that a casino is obviously a bad idea, but we the people did not.

  • Marty McFly

    What ever happened to personal responsibility? I understand gambling addiction is a real addiction, but so is alcoholism and I don’t see you repeatedly complaining about bars and the sale of alcohol. The truth is, some people cant control their gambling habit, and while it is sad and a real problem, there are many persons who can control their habit. Just as we allow alcohol to be sold and consumed, if people of this state decided they want to be able to gamble in Ohio they should be able to.

    I know many people who are not poor nor indigent/uneducated who take multiple trips out of state and spend their money at casinos. The fact that some of that money is staying in the state and a percentage of that will, through taxes, go to the people (government) is better than none.

    RE Dan Gilbert, I find it difficult to really criticize the Lebron situation. He was in a no win situation. Yes he coddled him and let him control too much BUT if he had taken a hard line and upset Lebron and Lebron leaves for Miami we would all be saying why didn’t you give him whatever he wanted so he stayed. The reason people like me love Dan Gilbert is that he cares about winning, cares about the city, will spend whatever it takes to win (i.e. building cleveland clinic courts, upgrading the Q’s amenities, trading for highly overpaid players, shaq, antwan, ben wallace, szerbiak, etc…). You may question how much he cares about Cleveland, and if your only basis for doing so is because he is trying to make some money while helping the city, I will say he has every right to do so. Not too mention the fact he is out front so the fans can see him. Just yesterday he gave away floor seats on twitter to a fan who could win a trivia question. Yes for a man like Gilbert that is not a great sacrifice, and sure maybe he wouldn’t be doing that if the Cavs were even half way decent, but I don’t see the Dolans or Lerner/Haslam giving away tickets.

    Gambling is legal in Ohio. If you do not like it try to get it repealed, but for God sakes stop whining about it.

    Go Browns!

    • Steve

      The Dolans/Indians were giving away tickets left and right. The only reason you didn’t notice is because you weren’t paying attention.

      You know how Gilbert could have won the Lebron situation? Not act like a spoiled child who got his toy taken away.

      What evidence is there that Gilbert cares about the city? He panders to the lowest common denominator among the fanbase?

      I guess I can tip my hat to him that he didn’t just hide all the money that Lebron brought him under his mattress. Of course, the only reason he spent it was to placate Lebron so that the gravy train would keep on rolling.

      • jaws

        why does LeBron get a pass for being deliberately disingenuous about his free agent plans, letting it hang over the 2010 season, stringing along the owner so he couldn’t make alternate offseason arrangements? Not to mention the fact that Lebron carefully molded a phony persona (team-oriented, ‘family’ ‘loyalty’, akron is always my home blah blah) before basically telling all of us on national TV that this place sucks and hes going there because its all about him and championships for him. I’m not saying LeBron didn’t have every right to go to Miami, but that doesn’t mean clevelanders should just forgive and continue to blindly love the guy. Dan Gilbert writes one angry letter and we rip him? How about we reserve art modell level furor for the kid from akron with all the talent and none of the heart, who promised us a championship but left to chase glory for himself.

  • Believelander

    It’s totally not fine to have a Chief Wahoo logo, but it’s totally fine to generalize and demean the people in the above photo based on their appearance.

    • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns

      I understand that I’m making assumptions with respect to that photo and the folks in it. But I think the photo illustrates an important reality in a compelling enough way to make me feel comfortable with that, along with the extreme unlilelihood that anyone depicted will ever see it. Rest assured that if any of them ever asks me to take it down Ill do it in a heartbeat.

      • Defenestration

        “I think the photo illustrates an important reality in a compelling enough way to make me feel comfortable with that”

        The point that Believelander brings up has slightly bothered me in the past when you have used the same picture under similar circumstances. The quoted statement here really shows that you have considered it, realize the weight it carries, and take ownership of the statement you are making. I respect the thoughtfulness of the process as displayed by the above statement. However..

        “…along with the extreme unlilelihood that anyone depicted will ever see it.”

        I am failing to see how the same mind that applies the above thoughtfulness would consider this as a meaningful criterion. I mean no disrespect and only bring this up because I am interested in any clarification or discussion that may follow.

      • Believelander

        The important reality is that nonwhites in regular clothes go to the casino? Obviously since they’re nonwhite and not in business suits they ride the bus?

        Either you’re against crude generalizations and stereotyping or you’re not. It’s not about whether your generalization offends the subject. Or do you agree with Chuck Booms that Chief Wahoo is no big deal because it ‘only’ offends like 15% of Native Americans? I thought not.

        And yes, I know the difference in magnitude and scope. It is a large difference that is irrelevent regardless of its size.

  • dwhalen

    Army +7 v. Navy… who knows. But I bet Army scores at least 1 TD through the air.

    the rest coming tomorrow good lads and lasses.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Magdalene/100003122727068 Maria Magdalene

    Much ado about nothing, your article. I voted to have the casino in our backyard, because I was spending those entertainment dollars out of state anyway. It hasn’t lead me to increase or decrease my spending on that form of entertainment. If you clicked into the links within the Horseshoe links, they also promoted other sights in Cleveland. Of course, I want my city to make money and keep improving its economy and infrastructure. I won’t bother debating the merits of a casino, because it should be only one of many other options. However, it should be an option for those that want it. As for those who have gambling problems, the rest of the world doesn’t revolve around the few. At some point, we have to act like adults and take responsibility for our choices and deal with the consequences of bad ones.

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