by Cleveland Frowns on December 27, 2012

For the first time in his 14 seasons in the NFL, Browns kicker Phil Dawson — the man with the best field goal percentage in NFL history among kickers with at least 300 field goals (.842) — has been named a Pro Bowler. Through 15 games this season, Dawson has made 28-of-29 field goal attempts (with the only miss coming on a block), good for a .966 percentage that’s tops in the AFC. He’s also tied for best in the conference with 6-of-6 makes on attempts longer than 50 yards.

Eagles Browns Football

It’s an especially nice moment, generally, because if there’s anyone who can say he’s done all he could amidst the hellborne dumpster flames that have engulfed the Cleveland Browns organization for the better part of the last two decades, it’s Phil, who, for the better part of his career in Cleveland has served as a one-man North Coast Offense. Though it’s a bittersweet moment for Browns fans, knowing that Dawson has outpriced himself in Cleveland and almost certainly will be playing for another team next season. Also sad, of course, that a kicker is about as much as this franchise has had to be proud of since the 90s. Which recalls Dawson’s own words upon breaking the franchise record for field goals made in a season back in 2008:

“[T]hat white speck on top of chicken poop [is] still chicken poop.'”

An alternative spin on the “rose in the cement” idea that won’t soon be forgotten. And of course another reason to love Dawson and wish him well wherever he ends up next season and beyond. Salute.


Here’s a nice story from the Beacon Journal’s Nate Ulrich on Dawson’s family’s reaction to his Pro Bowl selection, and if you missed it yesterday.

Which is all for today except an announcement that, in honour of Phil, the Realest Cleveland Brown there is, this post will also serve as the final regular season Reality Football open thread, to which everyone will want to stay tuned. Back tomorrow, hopefully, to talk Tribe and catch up on anything else important. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.

  • Cleveland Frowns

    Whatever about Kyrie’s own mishap (no comment), one assumes that a man of his stature could find a lady who handles herself a little better on Twitter than @NataaGataa. These things are important.

    Savannah would never …

    • Jason Stevens

      Why are they important?

  • Brian Sipe

    Good boy Phil… Most deserved player on the roster for such an honor…

  • ChuckKoz

    I will take San Jose St -7 (BGSU) tonight

  • Chris Music

    Just came across this on Twitter:

    For the Browns edition, I’m thinking Right Trigger would be Shurmur mismanaging the clock?

  • Ess Eh

    I love me some Phil Dawson, but it is not bittersweet to me, Phil deserves a chance at meaningful kicks in the playoffs and he sure as hell won’t see that in Cleveland.

    Best of luck to him because I want to see him kick on the big stage. Part of me wonders how clutch he actually is. Amen corner on Sunday is a different animal.

    • Brian Sipe

      that is a great point.. I have to wonder too how good he would be if any of his kicks counted… he is great on the Nationwide tour, but the PGA is a different animal and he has never played in a Major

      • GrandRapidsRustlers

        Never missed a playoff kick…2-2 FG 3-3 XP and did that in Heinz field…also has a career QB rating of 108 which means the biggest failure is having him kick all these years.

        This is where I admit my nightmare of him missing a kick in the Super Bowl and the city turning on him like he was the problem all along.

        • Cleveland Frowns

          It’s good to talk these things out.

        • bupalos

          Jesus keep that to yourself. That is some depraved ?!@#

          • Cleveland Frowns

            It’s not something a man should keep locked inside himself, bup.

          • GrandRapidsRustlers

            We all have terrible Cleveland nightmares…48 years to the day will do that to people.

          • bupalos

            I’m just saying… sometimes I leave the browser up and the Bupettes can read now. So ixne on the atichiphobiane.

          • Cleveland Frowns

            These are the hazards you run when you teach them to read.

    • Cleveland Frowns

      “Phil deserves a chance at meaningful kicks in the playoffs and he sure as hell won’t see that in Cleveland.”

      I mean, I agree, but that’s bittersweet, isn’t it? Or am I getting soft in my old age?

      • Ess Eh

        I think you should google “soft” and “old age” to see if there are any pills you can take for that 🙂

  • GrandRapidsRustlers

    Early Cheddar Double Play:

    I can’t avoid the college games…it’s like a drug.

    San Jose St (-7) over BGSU
    Duke (+7) over Cincy

    and if I miss the playoffs there needs to be a designated person who smacks me in the back of the head if I pick more than 18 college games next year.

  • bobby_slick

    Let’s get to the post season already!! Here goes…

    WVU -4 ***
    Texas Tech -13
    Baylor +1
    Clemson +5
    Iowa State -1
    Patriots -10

    This is a game that promises to have ton of offense with two high scoring teams and two prolific passers. This pick is based off of one man, Geno Smith. I think with the hype that is surrounding him and talks of him being the first quarterback off the board, this is his game. He completes a ton of passes (71%, up 6 full percentages points from a year ago) and has an absurd TD/INT ratio (40/6). Neither of these teams play any D, and in game in NYC, at Yankee Stadium Geno steps up and is the man among boys in the Pinstripe Bowl. The WVU D will do just enough to keep the Orange in check and along with the number 1 pick in next year’s draft Geno Smith, the ‘Neers get in done in the Bronx

  • GrandRapidsRustlers

    I have made my feelings here on Wahoo known (you know the logo the Indians are so proud of that you can’t find anywhere in Goodyear) but wow Atlanta…just wow.–mlb.html

  • BIKI024

    Ulrich once again proves he’s one of the best in the bidness.

  • FSOhioZjackson

    San Jose – 7 is my essay

    Here’s my essay: I can’t win this thing or make the playoffs, but I can go undefeated this week and win one of Frowns’ 200 Richfield Coliseum shirts, Nate Schindewolf autographed pics or whatever he gives for the weekly prize. So, I’d rather just know right away if I actually have a chance or not. And I’ll take my chance with a San Jose team that should be motivated, is very talented and even though is a little banged up on defense should be more than a TD better here.

    • FSOhioZjackson

      Also want Cincy -7

      • fsohiozjackson

        Steelers -10 (could be 31-0 with Thad Lewis)

        So Car – 6

        Dolphins + 10
        Cowboys +3

    • Cleveland Frowns

      It’s an autographed hologram of Nate Schindewolf AT the Coliseum.

  • Wiseoldredbeard

    Interesting that Browns signed Josh Johnson instead of Seneca? Let’s be honest, wouldn’t it be fun to start him?

    • BIKI024

      apparently they considered Seneca

      • jpftribe

        Yeah, and it was a collaborative decision between Heckert and Banner to bring in Johnson……

  • CleveLandThatILove

    Ummmmmm. I’ll take Baylor +1 and BGSU +7 today for Cheddar, please. Thanks.

    • CleveLandThatILove

      I’ll follow the crowd and go with Stanford -6.5 for my last pick.

  • bupalos

    Thanks to Chips cowardly betrayal of my misplaced faith in his non-transdermal garbage time abilities, I’m going to need to run the table AND hope that mean red line doesn’t move by more than its average.

    We’ll strike the match that lights the fire under the lobster pot with SJ -7. I’ll keep the rest of the powder dry for now.

    • bupalos

      Probably should have done a reply instead of an edit so it would have been time stamped, but again it’s UL-Monroe this afternoon.

  • zarathustra

    Bowling Green +7 over San Jose St (essay)

    I have no logical explanation for this one.  Bowling Green pretty much lost to every non-bad team they played.  San Jose St was definitely the better team this year.  All I have here is San Jose St losing their coach and the fact that the only time they travelled east of the Mississippi they only scored 12 points in a shut-out of Navy.

    About a month ago I had a dream about this Bowling Green team.  I woke up from this dream incredibly distraught that I wouldn’t have another chance to wager on them this year.  Thankfully I was merely the victim of an antiquated mind, thinking it was still the bad old days when they MAC had a maximum two bowl teams in any year.  The Bowling Green season lives on and I shall make them my essay pick. 

    So, to recap, I am staking my cheddar bay playoff hopes on a rather vague dream that I had a month ago.

  • mrickman

    Duke +7
    WVU -4
    TCU -2.5
    Vandy -7.5
    UCLA -1

    Titans -4

    Lost among the fervor of unfounded Tebow to JAX rumors is yet another in a horrible Jaguars seasons since the curse of Del Rio’s Ax started this whole thing years ago. We as Browns fans are used to feeling as though our ineptitude is unrivaled. But since their playoff team in 07, the Jags have won 27 games, a nice average of 5.4 wins per year, which is even more astounding considering two of those years combined for 15 of those wins. The franchise is a mess. They’ll be one of the many teams pressing the reset button come Black Monday, and there’s no reason to believe even against the lowly Titans the Jags will be able to muster up any inspiration to play for their soon-to-be ex coach or GM.

    • Cleveland Frowns

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mularkey hang on for one more year.

  • jimkanicki

    hi all, sorry to be late on these, my mistake.
    cheddar lines thru next thursday:

    purdue +16.5 vs okst (dallas/dallas)
    nu +1.5 vs missyst (gator/jax)
    mich +6 vs scar (outback/tampa)
    neb +10 vs uga (cap-one/orlando)
    wisc +6.5 vs stanford (rose/pasadena)
    niu +13.5 fsu (orange/miami)
    lville +13.5 vs fla (sugar/n.o.)
    kstate +9 oregon (fiesta/phx)

  • bobby_slick

    Why is it a done deal Dawson is gone? Can’t we tag him again or pay him? Surely someone with some intelligence in Berea understands his value. I know that is a tall order but jeez…

    • jimkanicki

      agree. browns had plenty of cap room this year ($13M). and we’re sitting at $71M going into 2013 which is well under the current $120M cap.

      looking at the RFA/UFAs, dawson is the only one that would be a priority. (maybe alex smith? maybe sheldon brown?) plus i cant see re-upping usama young (2M) or marecic (650K).

      we should have around $50M going into 2013. one would think we could afford to keep the best kicker we’ve ever had.

      btw, the cap management showed here accrues well to heckert, imo. his signings have not been great. but if we think we can be playoff contenders next year, heckert has put us in a great position to go after top FAs.

      • bobby_slick

        Feel like you have to bring Sheldon back but no on everyone else…Not to mention Dawson being a great Brown and good as hell!

      • BIKI024

        we can’t tag him again, unless we want to pay him $16m per year. if you tag a guy 3 years in a row you have to pay him Top 5 salary in entire league, not just in his own position like how it works in the first 2 consecutive tags.

        • jimkanicki

          when youre right youre right biki. good point.
          even so, i’d back giving him a market rate offer.
          you know.. YOU KNOW.. we’re going to the playoffs the year we lose him and will lose a game on a missed FG. we all know this.

          • jpftribe

            I’m all for re-signing Phil, one of the best ever. But he has not been able to come to terms on any multi-year deal in the last two years and there are always two sides to a negotiation. Meanwhile John Kasay is one of the greatest kickers ever and sat out all of 2012. He broke Saints records in 2011. Just sayin….

          • bupalos

            I’d say the Browns should have a decent chance at retaining him. His value is surely higher in the cold weather cities, and should be higher still for teams with offensive woes or problems at the spot. Then you have to have the cap room. Check, check, check. I’d say there’s only around 5 teams we should really be in competition with. Cincinnati would probably be a big one as Nugent is a FA and those guys are definitely moving into a window of strong contention and are dripping with cap space just like us.

            There’s a phenom out of Tulane that is a possibility for too. All in all, it’s a pretty good year for this and I’m wondering if they tagged him last year and waited on the negotiation knowing the landscape ahead.

  • rodofdisaster

    Who could ever forget this kick into a 30 mph wind?

    As for my picks, they are as follows:

    Cincy Bearcats-7

    Baylor +2

    WVU -4

    LSU -5

    Essay: Colts +7

    There is a stat rolling around the airwaves that Houston as never won in Indianapolis. The common statistical logic would dictate taking the Texans. On the other hand, whenever I go with the common logic, I lose. Therefore, I should do the opposite.

    All kidding aside, it is becoming fairly apparent that the Colts are a tough team to beat at home. Just ask the Packers. Houston has not been playing too well and honestly doesn’t have much to play for in this contest. They also stand to play Indianapolis again in the playoffs so this could be remarkably vanilla. I’ve been an Andrew Luck fan for a long time and I simply won’t go against him here.
    Packers -3.5

    • jimkanicki

      i vote for either playing the wind in the buffalo game FGs or the ravens stanchion awesomeness. (ok it’s gotta be the ravens kick.)

      • rodofdisaster

        New Essay:

        As I mentioned via twitter…I’m dumping that Colts’ pick.

        My new essay, The Pittsburgh Steelers -10

        I knew I had to change my pick and I was not aware that this was to be an official swan song for Pat Shurmur, but it will be.

        To me it would be only fitting after the reaction we saw from Haslam during his first game in the luxury suite.

        Was there ever really a doubt that after pouring his money into this franchise that he wasn’t going to go “all in” with this particular coach? The coach who called two running plays in Baltimore inside the 10, inside two minutes with no time outs? The coach who called time outs down three scores in the waning moments to see his backup QB and his starting (and already dinged up) running back injured to end their season? The same coach who punted on 4th and short in plus territory AND calling timeout before doing so?

        Alas Pat, the answers were never in that playcard that you hid behind. Your predecessor may not have given the best press conferences but you took it down a level to berating the press and condescension.

        Sunday, your charges take the field for the final time under your leadership. Their reactions will be telling. It won’t be the teary “goodbye” at the final gun; it will be the “why the hell should I risk life and limb down three scores in the third quarter” body language that will say it all.

        The only lament is that your absolute incompetence will torpedo Tom Heckert as well who many would argue was improving this team.

        Oh yeah. The Steelers are showing up too.

  • Bevilacqua

    Baylor (+1) over UCLA
    UL Monroe (-7) over Ohio

    • Bevilacqua

      ESSAY PICK: Air Force (-2) over Rice: It’s Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl.
      West Virginia (-4) over Syracuse

      • Bevilacqua

        To round out my miserable season:
        Cowboys (+3) over Redskins
        Stanford (-6.5) over Wisconsin

  • Petefranklin

    UCLA -1 official play Clippers -8.5 for kicks

    • Petefranklin

      NFL play,Steelers at the opener as long as it is under two TD’s, LSU-5,TCU -2.5,S. Carolina -6, Northwestern +1.5, if steelers are 14 or more Ill take the saints-5.5

      • Petefranklin

        Essay The tigers of LSU. Im hoping that last years title loss and subsequent run at a title this year, and not making it, doesn’t leave the Tigers hungover and disinterested like many Bowl teams are. The key element of picking bowl games is motivation. Im thinking that LSU will have it in Atlanta with four fresh faces on the field that have been suspended all year, with two at LB. The fresh faces will be highly motivated and surely will get their friends on the team to perform well since they’ve been waiting all year to get on the field. LSU’s passs defense is no joke and Johnny Football couldn’t do much against the Tigers in a letdown week for LSU. Once they get behind, the orange tigers are in trouble as Les Miles is free to go nuts with his playbook. Look for the fresh players to have an impact for LSU and the Clemson fresh bodies(for injuries) to get a lesson in SEC football that they would just as soon forget.

  • Dennis Hemingway

    I sent an email to Frowns earlier today but my first play is UCLA -1 over Baylor.

    • Dennis Hemingway

      Pick #2, UL-Monroe -7 over Ohio.

  • Capitalgg

    Week 18:
    1) TBA
    2) TBA
    3) TBA
    4) TBA
    5) TBA

    It’s MACtion v. Sun Beast time again and I CANNOT resist. My playoff life is on the line this week, so I’ll go back to the well one more time…

    The Sun Beast features 3 pretty solid teams. Louisiana-Lafayette that hit for my essay last week. Louisiana-Monroe and Arkansas St.

    Monroe has by far the most impressive resume winning at Arkansas (sending their season into a complete tailspin) and losing in OT to Auburn (looks less impressive now, but it is an SEC school) and a 5 point loss to Baylor (quality loss – if such a thing exists). Monroe also lost to Arky St. and the Cajuns, but with extenuating circumstances as QB Kolton Browning was out injured for both of those games.

    Ohio’s identical 8-4 record is actually less than it appears.
    OU won it’s first 7 with the only truly decent win being over B1G’s Penn St. (Big Ten good, so not good). They then proceeded to lose 4 of 5 and all 4 against decent opponents (Miami of Ohio, BGSU, Ball “So Hard” St., and Kent. St) with only the Miami game being a close loss. Miami happens to be the only non-bowl team of those 4 and it’s not a coincidence.

    I like Tyler Tettleton and Frank Solich and the Bobcats. They were a good story this year. But this is a pretty bad match-up for them against a very good Warhawks team. I determined this would probably be my essay last week, but then something happened today that seriously changed my world view… THIS!!!. Yes, a credentialed garden gnome!!! This is worth like a billion points!!! Obviously I’ll give 7 and take Louisiana at Monroe over Brady Hoke’s big rival Ohio.

    • Capitalgg

      1) Rutgers +2.5 v. Virginia Tech: VaTech wans to run, Rutgers stops the run. Expect close and low scoring, therefore take the points.

  • WooMike

    Well, my playoff dreams are over, without even making a pick this week. The fact that I wasn’t eliminated until the last week is pretty amazing though, considering I was in the cellar for about half the season. This has been tremendous fun though and certainly quite challenging. I’ll definitely be back next year.

    Week 18 Cheddar Picks:

    UL-Monroe -7 – OU has fallen off down the stretch. Also pretty much a home game for ULM.

    Texas Tech -13 – I just don’t think a middling team from the B1G in a down year can hang with TTU.

    Arizona St -14.5 – The Sun Devils’ offense will prove to be too much against Navy.

    Bears -3.5 – Piling on Lions. Really nothing to play for now that Megatron has the record.

    ****Packers -3.5

    Broncos -16 – Can lock up #1 seed with a Texans loss and the Chiefs are terrible.

    ****It’s hard to believe the Packers can wind up with the #2 seed in the NFC, considering the replacement ref debacle in Seattle and an odd loss to the Colts early in the year. It just goes to show how unpredictable the NFL is. Rogers is going to lead his team to victory. And Minnesota is running Christian Ponder out there at QB. Oooof. Now, Minny does have Adrian Peterson who is some kind of demi-god and he’s going for Eric Dickerson’s rushing record. Not sure that he’ll achieve that goal, but should be fun to watch anyways. Ultimately I have to go with the stronger QB here in this match-up, I don’t think Ponder has what it takes to lead his team to victory and a potential spot in the playoffs. I’ll take the Packers -3.5.

  • architectartvandelay

    WVU -4 over Cuse (Essay)- Its only fitting that I go with WVU on my essay as that is how I started the season. The mad man Dana Holgorsen will have his boys ready to score. Syracuse does not play much defense so look for WVU to score at will. If you recall in last years Orange Bowl the Mountaineers hung 49 at halftime and had 70 by the end of the game. I’m not sure they will reach the number but I would be surprised if they did not reach 50.

    Rutgers +2.5 over Va Tech
    Texas Tech -13 over Minnesota
    TCU -2.5 over MSU
    Cowboys +3 over Skins

    Stanford -6.5 over Wisconsin – Not going to be the same amount of dislike towards the Badgers now that Bielema is gone. Browns would be foolish not to interview David Shaw.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Rutgers +2.5 vs virginia tech

    WVU -4 vs Syracuse

  • GrandRapidsRustlers

    Week 18 Picks

    San Jose St (Win that I did not deserve)
    Duke (Loss that I did not deserve)

    Packers (-3.5) over Vikings – The Packers are not taking their foot off the gas like last year and…

    Bears (-3.5) over Lions – The Bears are going to the playoffs. Jay Cutler is a dick but I just love the guy for some reason. He is the heartless prick gunslinger that I wanted Weeden to be.

    49ers (-16.5) over Cardinals – I saw @ClevTA make the comment on Twitter a few weeks ago that this is a zig zag league. Don’t get down on SF because of a rough night in Seattle. They destroy a Cards team that has already checked out.

    Essay Pick

    Knowing that nailing your essay pick can pretty much clinch a playoff spot…no pressure. As tempting as it was to just write Jordan Lynch 50 times I have to remember that I am .700 on NFL games this year and just to trust my gut here so…

    To the Superdome we go…Sean Payton is back for next year and the team that Roger tried to kill will be back in the mix next year. A home game…the chance to finish 8-8…a veteran QB who likes to pile up numbers…revenge for an earlier loss this year. The Panthers are an interesting bunch and another one of those teams that I pray has not heard of Chip Kelly but just an awful matchup for them in a meaningless game.

    Saints cruise on Sunday

    Saints (-5.5) over Panthers

    (This pick in no way diminishes my man crush on Jordan Lynch or the semi-irrational personal money line play that I have on NIU)

  • jimkanicki

    orst -2.5 vs texas (san antonio).
    was the jump-off-the-page essay till other events took over.

    dolphins +10 at pats.
    fins improving every week and still playing hard. pats shockingly bad in jax. jags 32nd in sacks and were in brady grill all game; got two picks. fins are 6th in sacks. dolphins win wouldnt surprise.

    seahawks -10.5 vs rams.
    seattle playing best ball in league now. carroll wont take foot off the gas.

    niu +13.5 vs fsu (miami).
    fsu starts taking huskies seriously midway thru 3rd qtr down 3 and just missed cover.

    rice +2 afa (ft worth).
    two 6-6 teams with 10:30am local start time… brings to mind the review of spinal tap’s shark sandwich album. but hey, ft. worth.

    ***lsu -5 clemson (atlanta).
    hey checkout clemson — 6th in scoring offense! 42 pts/gm! oh wait a sec.. that was in the acc. against the two SEC teams they managed 26 (auburn) and 17 (scar). looking closer, clemson ranks below average in sacks allowed.. against ACC teams. lsu is 29th in sacks made… against SEC teams. tigers picked off manziel 3 times and won at kyle field. hey, lsu offense isn’t scary, but mettenberger managed 300 yds, no picks, and a TD vs bama. and he also won his ‘meaux vs‘ episode. which is really all i needed to make this pick. when the 2011 lsu homecoming queen and adorable minor internet celebrity sends you a tweet.. well.. as les grossman would say, ‘the universe is talking to us now. you just got to listen.’ WELCOME TO THE GOODIE ROOM!

  • Sam Sneeda

    Syracuse +4 over West Virginia
    Michigan State +2.5 over TCU
    Vanderbilt -7.5 over NC State
    Ravens +3 over Bengals
    Oregon (TBD) over Kansas State
    Northwestern (TBD) over Mississippi State $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    MSU played a very easy schedule early on and once they started to play teams that could establish a running game, they struggled. NW is 15th in the nation with 230 rushing YPG, while MSU does not defend it too well. NW played a pretty decent non conference schedule early on and was really close to being (11-1, 7-1)…close to playing Stanford this bowl season! NW’s defense is pretty solid and their coach has a passion for winning (Browns need this guy). In what appears to be a down year for the Big 10, NW is arguably the best in the conference and should win vs. this SEC softy and remind us all that the SEC will lose 1 in 10 against the Big 10.

    39-24 NW

    • jimkanicki

      hey sam, it’s:
      nu +1.5
      oregon -9

      (i’ve got a link on this in the scoreboard but know it’s the best.)

      and THANK YOU for getting on the other side of WVU/Syra. cheddarbay has been skunked on the first two games today and no one has minny tonite.

      • Sam Sneeda

        Those lines are fine. Thanks for letting me know. No love for Minny and the Big 10?! Wish they could have pulled off the W. So you’ve got me all excited with this “second cutoff line”…is that for our version of the NIT?

  • p_forever

    super p playoffs or bust picks part deux:

    oregon state -3 texas***

    south carolina -6 michigan

    stanford -6 wisconsin

    steelers (pick’em) brownies (this super not going with my
    heart pick proves how serious I am about making the playoffs)

    houston -7 indy

    redskins -3 cowboys

    sooo – for my surest of sure despite all odds i’m making it
    to the cheddar bay playoffs money pick, i’m going with oregon state to crush texas in the Alamo bowl. And I do mean crush – I’m not sure what this spread is all about. oregon state is the far superior team here. I really don’t care what people say about texas and all of its alleged talent – they slept walk through the season, were lucky to end up 8 and 4, are all bitter they didn’t do better, and act pissed to be in the Alamo bowl
    (actually they should be happy it isn’t much, much worse). Oregon state, on the other hand, looked great pretty much all season long. Their only
    bad loss was to oregon (lost by 24) – but even that wasn’t as horrible as it sounds. they don’t have a great qb but they do have 2 really good wide
    receivers and a not bad running back, and that’s been plenty of offense all season long. the atmospherics all favor oregon state too: they are a team out to prove something, and they aren’t too snooty to use the Alamo bowl to do it. texas, on the other hand, is pretty much a
    mess right now: everyone in Austin is calling for mack brown’s head, the team didn’t even end up in the top 25, and two of their more important players won’t be playing in the Alamo bowl and are under investigation for sexual assault. (oh man – I bet papa mccoy is in a real tizzy over this one – do you think the holographic patches might be
    effective in bedazzling the judge at arraignment? Little case can always hope.) Overindulged and underachieving – that pretty much sums up texas football, 2012 edition.

  • dwhalen

    Gimme SYRACUSE +4 over W. VA. in the Pinstripe bowl! And then the epic meaningless finale to my season of essays to come on sunday! At least as far as money is concerned. But when it comes to a Tim Couch bottle of Maker’s? I’m in the hunt.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Harbaugh Handshakes week 18 picks

    Rutgers (Loss)
    WVU -4 vs Syracuse
    Stanford -6.5 vs Wisconsin
    South Carolina -6 vs Michigan

    Seattle -10.5 vs St Louis

    Chicago -3.5 @ detroit

    I hate taking road dogs as my essay pick, but I feel like the Lions have nothing left to play for. Mega-Tron broke Jerry Rice’s record and they’re out of the playoffs. Chicago has to have this game for the playoffs and will come out slinging the pigskin all over the place. Cutler and Marshall should have a good day…and on a different subject I loved Marshall’s comments about not cheering for Green Bay and acting totally disgusted by the thought of cheering for a hated rival. I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Haden is dry humping Big Ben after the game this Sunday. But I digress…I love the Bears in this game so I’ll take them as my essay and 3 big points.

  • stkoran

    Bills -3.5 over Jets
    Bengals -3 over Ravens
    49ers -16.5 over Cardinals

  • munasrevenge

    Opening the week as the highest contestant mathematically eliminated from playoff contention is quite the thrill, let me tell you. Although it’s not like an extra point would have helped me much, like the Browns were “in the playoff discussion” at 5-8. Sure it’s technically a factually correct statement, it’s also ridiculous on multiple levels. That being said I feel like I acquitted myself fairly well in my virgin CFKACB reality season; clearly I need to spend more time on ALL my picks, as my essay picks far outpaced my all plays, which in turn far outpaced my other picks. But as a Clevelander anything greater than a simultaneous faceplant and pants-dropping as a resounding success, so huzzah, and to the eventual playoff combatants, Nos morituri te salutamus.

    As for picks, who cares? Not going to do any research this week and go by my gut and see where that leads me.

    Oregon State (-2.5) over Texas (If only for the hope of Karma. Um, “Hook Em Horns!” would be pretty inappropriate right now, yes?)

    Michigan State (+2.5) over TCU (MSU was actually fairly unlucky this year, and TCU isn’t the type of team that can really take advantage of a low scoring Spartan offense. And non scientifically, a MUCH MUCH worse Minnesota team looked decent yesterday against a better TTU team. SCIENCE!)

    Titans (-4) over Jaguars (Both teams are atrocious in the Relegation Bowl, but the Jags won’t mess up their draft pick, even though there isn’t much QB help for them there this year.)

    Cardinals (+16.5) over 49ers (Yes SF is much much better than Zona. But you can’t give this many points up in the modern NFL, you just can’t.)

    Vanderbilt (-7.5) over North Carolina State (Hate the SEC, but riding my Vandy love to the bank)


    This is a shortened essay, but it’s the last week and I’m out so meh. I only have 3 reasons for this pick:

    1) Fuck Lane Kifflin.
    2) USC could not possibly want to be at the Sun Bowl less.
    3) Seriously, fuck Lane Kifflin.

    Georgia Tech (+9.5) over USC

    I only wish GT was a better team.

  • Dennis Hemingway

    In the spirit of giving and continuing to lose plays these last two
    weeks, I’ll take Syracuse +4 over WVU as my 3rd pick of the week.

  • Jeff Rich

    Oregon State (-2.5) vs Texas
    I like Riley over Brown, if it comes down to the coaches. I like Vaz over Ash, if it comes down to the QB play. Too many distractions for the “home” team in this one. The Beavers flew under the RADAR all year, and the Pac-12 isn’t as bad as UCLA made it look in San Diego.

    TCU (-2.5) vs Michigan State
    Two great defensive minds will be wearing the premium headsets at Sun Devil Stadium, but the obvious edge in QB play goes to TCU, even with Casey Pachall in a Fort Worth drunk-tank. Trevone Boykin is exactly the matchup problem that the Spartans defense doesn’t want to see. Given a lot of time to prep, I expect to see some of that non-AQ fire and imagination in the game plan for Patterson, even if the stage isn’t as big as its been in year’s past.

    Bears (-3.5) at Lions
    This is either the Bears 2012 swan song or a play-in game, so they have to be in playoff mode right now. It’s safe to say that Matthew Stafford won’t be throwing for 443 yards this week, and I think we saw everything that Detroit had in them last Saturday on Monday Night Football. The Bears defense shows up every week, but the offense picks and chooses when they want to play. They should want to play in Detroit on Sunday.

    Redskins (-3) vs Cowboys
    Honestly, I thought it would be different for the Cowboys this year, and to be fair, Romo has shown the flashes of brilliance that I thought I would see, but they’re just a few lucky breaks from thinking about the draft rather than the playoffs right now. The Redskins have surprised the heck out of me; the defense has been a lot better than anyone could anticipate, Alfred Morris has me remembering Olandis Gary, and Griffin is obviously exceeding astronomical expectations.

    Beating Dallas at home to win the division? It doesn’t seem like such a tall order. The post-season starts next week, and that’s when you really start having to worry about the Shanahans getting in the way.

    South Carolina (-6) vs Michigan
    I actually wanted to make this my essay, but I think this forum deserves better than seeing me type “MICHIGAN SUCKS” fifty times to meet the 100-word requirement. But, let’s face facts: this “explosive offense” managed zero non-garbage-time points against Alabama, 6 against Notre Dame, 12 against Michigan State, and 9 against Nebraska. They damn near lost to Air Force, and should have lost to Michigan State. I don’t know what to make of the Ohio State game because the Buckeyes played so damn poorly; they either couldn’t beat their rivals on their worst day, or they can’t get up for a big game.

    Even without Lattimore, the Gamecocks were 10 points better than Clemson, another team that would wipe the floor with Michigan. Last I checked, Jadaveon Clowney still plays for South Carolina, which will hurt Taylor Lewan’s draft status for sure. If Michigan had problems with Ryan Shazier, I promise you Clowney will be a nightmare. When I saw this line was only 6, I was almost sure it was a mis-print, and should have been 60, but I’ll take it at face value.

    ***Stanford (-6.5) vs Wisconsin***
    This won’t be David Shaw’s last game at Stanford (too bad, I’d have loved him as a Browns candidate, with or without the Rooney Rule), but it absolutely should be Barry Alvarez’s last game with the Badgers. So, you have the Cardinal, who earned their way into their Conference Championship by defeating the mighty Ducks of Oregon, then beating a UCLA team in a Championship that wasn’t a “gimme” like last year’s Pac-12 Championship for Oregon.

    On the other hand, you have a Wisconsin team that backed into a Conference Championship like no team has ever backed into anything ever. They had their hands full with Northern Iowa and defeated a decent mid-major in Utah State at home by two. They lost to every B1G team that was better than they were, including Nebraska, and they haven’t seen anything near the caliber of Stanford. The closest thing the Badgers saw was Ohio State, and that was at a rowdy Camp Randall, and they lost.

    Stanford went 9-2 in 11 games against 10 bowl-bound teams. Wisconsin’s wins over bowl-bound teams include the powerhouses of Utah State, Purdue, and Minnesota; that’s the entire list. The Cardinal have been a different animal on offense since giving the reigns to Kevin Hogan, and their defense probably isn’t losing sleep over White and Ball. They held Oregon to 14 points, and the biggest blemish on their defense is the 54-48 game against Arizona, where Kadeem Carey did what always does on the ground, but Matt Scott threw for damn near 500 yards, which Curt Phillips won’t do.

  • trashycamaro

    Oregon State as today’s duh play of the day.

    Jets +3 over Bills – **ESSAY**

    Look for Sanchez to not get sacked 11 times. Look for McElroy to show the Shurmur face on the sidelines. Look for Tebow to channel his inner Josh Cribbs with a “I am so tired of these gosh durn coaches not putting me in the game. I know I am better than the Sanchize and without a doubt Greg Mac” during the game which will be promptly deleted by the Jets PR staff in the hope that whoever is GM there next year will be able to trade him. Meanwhile, watch Fitzpatrick put up a nice line of 350 yards passing on 50% completions with 6 picks while Berman tells us “no one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills…fanbase”, as they realize they are stuck with Fitzpatrick for YEARS to come thanks to that awesome contract extension he signed (he didn’t got to Harvard for nothing, folks).

    …and that’s 100+ words. Loved my time at Cheddar Bay and look forward to making the playoffs next year. Learned tons and tons this year and best of luck to everyone who is in the playoffs (how un-Browns like of you).

    Jags +4 over Titans

    Packers -3.5

    Michigan +6

    LSU -3.5

  • jimkanicki

    should have had a pool to guess the cut-off for playoffs.
    i’m guessing 77.3.

  • zarathustra

    ‘Neers for me please

  • jimkanicki

    essay pick rec’d from CLEVTA:

    1. Cuse +4 (Essay): Mid afternoon on Friday and by my count there are 6 WVU picks and 0 Syracuse here on Cheddar. On vegasinsider the action is 82% on WVU (anything >75% is lopsided) and in my bowl pick’em pool which includes the spreads is 85% WVU, by far the most lopsided selection out of all the bowl games. Funny thing is, I loved Syracuse before I even saw all this lopsided action which makes me feel giddy inside. By the way the line opened at 4 and has flip flopped btw 4 and 3.5 while all the action is on WVU. Interesting I may say. Someone needs to fill me in on when WVU became Oregon and why the public sentiment is so much on one side. Here are some #s for fun. WVU’s pass defense is ranked #122 (out of 124) in yds/completion at 15.0, #124 dead last in the nation in yds/attempt, #111 in the nation in opponent pass completion %. Um not good. Syracuse meanwhile is ranked #43 in offensive pass yds/completion, 28th in yds/attempt and 34th in completion %. While all the talk in this game will be about Geno Smith, Cuse’s QB Ryan Nassib is a legit NFL prospect and may end up sneaking in the late 1st round. Now don’t get me wrong Syracuse’s pass defense isn’t Alabama’s but it’s competent enough to get a stop here and there. WVU is 1-3 as a single digit favorite ATS while Syracuse is 3-2 as a single digit dog ATS. Plus this is a virtual home game for Syracuse since it’s being played in NYC. Last time Syracuse played in the Pinstripe bowl they beat Kansas St outright as a dog. Oh and one last thing, remember these teams were both in the Big East last year and Syracuse destroyed WVU 49-23 with essentially a better Syracuse team this year and a worse WVU team this year. So yeah they can definitely hang let alone win.

  • willy loman

    MSU +2.5 over TCU
    Oregon State -2.5 over Texas

    NFL tomorrow

    • Cleveland Frowns

      Oregon State for me too please for one point.

    • willy loman

      Dolphins +10 over Pats
      LSU -5 over Clemson
      Packers -3.5 over Vikings

  • Cousin_of_Cohen

    Week 18 picks for HurriKain Colter:

    First, thanks for organizing this wonderful pool – I had a great time with this, and will certainly be back next season.

    Buffalo -3.5 over NYJ

    Indianapolis +7 over Houston

    South Carolina -6 over Michigan

    Northwestern +1.5 over Miss St

    Georgia -10 over Nebraska

    Essay Pick:

    Seattle -10.5 over St Louis
    Seattle plays at the same time as San Fran, and has an outside shot at taking the division if Arizona somehow beats the 49ers (they won’t). With that to play for, I expect Seattle to come out rolling as they have in each of their last couple home games and put up 40-50 on the Rams. St Louis isn’t actually that bad of a team, so this does make me a little nervous, but I have to stay with an extremely hot Seattle team. Too bad they won’t be getting a home game (provided San Fran wins) in the playoffs.

  • tfloodmc

    tcu -2.5 over mich state
    lsu -5 over clemson
    oregon state -2.5 over texas
    redskins -3 over cowboys
    vanderbilt +7.5 over nc state

    eagles + 7.5 over giants

    watching the eagles this year has been amazing. I really thought they were a good team coming into the year and they were able to get off to a good start. watching their offensive line was like watching the time when lomas brown and tim pyne were playing for the browns. then you hear that the eagles should just play nick foles even though he is not as good as vick. foles wont be any better than a good back up, but everyone wants him to play and its like when the browns fans say play mccoy, or frye, or whoever the back up is. the team just gets worse instead. it will be interesting to see where vick plays next year, even though he is not the qb he was he still is a playmaker. my guess is the ravens let falco walk and get vick.

  • CleveLandThatILove

    I’ll take Sparty and the 2.5 points tonight, thanks.

    • Cleveland Frowns

      What a game that was. Love Sparty.

    • CleveLandThatILove

      ***Texans -7 Colts
      A little pre-game pep talk from CLTIL. Time to do it or get off the pot, boys. Stop making things hard on yourselves. Yes, Andrew Luck is special and inspiring. Chuck Pagano is special and inspiring. The Colts’ heroic turnaround from last season is special and inspiring. So what. Their day will come.

      You need to win and do so convincingly* if you are going to go the distance. Because I want to be right. I said you’d win the SB this year and that means you will. But don’t make me suffer through some 3rd seed wild card baloney, please. I am a Cleveland sports fan, I’m barely breathing over here. Inspire me. J.J., get these guys going early. Show no mercy.

      *And by convincingly of course I mean cover the spread. So happy to see that little x next to my name this morning in the Cheddar Bay standings, but I’m not going to coast here and I expect the same from you, Houston.

      Also Skins -3 Boys today.

  • oxr

    Oregon State -2.5 over Texas for today

  • ClevTa

    Please give me Texas. Purely game theory.

    • jimkanicki

      ‘faint heart never won fair lady.’ -cervantes (and custer).
      well played.

  • Cleveland Frowns

    mo_by_dick e-mailed a WV pick.

    • mo_by_dick

      Some nonsense in that WVU game, but anyway:

      Bears -3.5 @ Lions
      Bengals -3 vs. Ravens
      Steelers -10 vs. Browns

      all 1 pt. plays plz

      • mo_by_dick

        Also add Cowboys +3 @ Redskins, please.

  • ChuckKoz

    Chiefs +16 (Broncos)


    Bears -3.5
    Seahawks -10.5
    Patriots -10 (essay)

    Tom Brady and co. were absolutely furious last week about their effort against the Jags. Brady and Bill are going to come out firing in this one and try to put it away in the first half. This game kicks off at the same time as Denver game, so my understanding is that the Pats can still “move up” with a win and a Donkey loss. I know that won’t happen, but given they have a chance, coupled with their reaction to the crappy win last week, and that puts me over the top. I also like that it’s a 425 kick. Plenty of time to sleep off the hangover. One more thing. Gronk is back in a limited role today.


    Titans -4

  • Cleveland Frowns

    I’ll take the Vikings +3.5 for one point, please.

  • oxr

    For a brief, fleeting moment there I was above the red line, which was certainly a kick after my generally appalling start to the season. And now that the obligatory college loss (Oregon St) is in the books, it’s time to turn to the NFL’s final week and desperately hunt for meaningful games.

    Patriots -10 over Dolphins
    Seahawks -10.5 over Rams
    Bears -3.5 over Lions
    Packers -3.5 over Vikings
    Bengals -3 over Ravens

    Since I’ve hung onto it this long I may as well use my essay-free week right now and designate the Seahawks as the three-point play. Not sure if this is optimal strategy in terms of other people’s picks, but with a gun to my head I could at least muster some kind of argument – based on seeding, or matchups, or DVOA, or something – for each of the above games, so let the chips fall where they may.

  • zarathustra

    Bengals -3 over Ravens

    • zarathustra

      oh, and
      Falcons -4 over Mutineers

  • ClevTa

    4. Bengals -3
    5. Philly +7.5

  • squeekycleen

    Detroit +3: I’m a Bears fan. This bears team is flat terrible. Cutler is terrible. The defense is old. They are slow and old. Bad combo. Granted, the lions are no prize, but its a divisional rivalry game and surely they would love to knock out the Bears. They will rush Cutler, the bears won’t be able to cover Johnson, and the Lions will eliminate this pathetic excuse for an NFL team. I can only hope they move into a full on rebuild effort after this season. Time to get young and improve. Essay pick on Lions.

    Carolina Panthers

    Will post rest later.

  • Tom_RedRight88

    I posted my Cheddar picks this morning but for some reason they did not appear. Hoping this repost will be approved on the honor system as I throw myself on the mercy of the court:

    Indy +7
    Green Bay -3.5
    Washington -3
    Oregon -9
    Florida -13.5
    And only because I’m clinging to the hope of making the playoffs:
    Pittsburgh -10

    Essay is Pittsburgh:

    • Cleveland Frowns

      Man… Rules are rules. What would it look like if we let that that slide? I get every comment emailed to me thru Disqus (as any of you may as well) and I didn’t get anything before this 4:44 email. Sorry.

      • Tom_RedRight88

        Because in three years or doing this I’ve never once tried to game the system or skirt the rules. Technology screwed me over this time.

        Those are the the picks I made, if they are discounted so be it.

        • Cleveland Frowns

          I believe you but rules are rules and there’s no basis for making an exception here. We’ve never done anything like it in the past. You can replace the disqualified picks with new ones.

          • Tom_RedRight88

            OK. I will re-roll with:

            LSU -5
            Georgia -10
            Stanford -6.5

            Still have to figure out which is essay pick

        • Cleveland Frowns

          And its not just that rules are rules but that “make sure your picks post before kickoff” is a really important rule here.

    • Cleveland Frowns

      Pick three more to replace Steelers, Colts, and Packers.

  • jimkanicki

    anyone else riveted to the drama that is cheddarbay playoff weekend?

    ahem, gavin.. get us a pro pick.

    also, i cant remember a weekend with more implausible outcomes. these bowl games have been crazy. bgsu, duke, orst, tcu off the just off top of my head.

    • bupalos

      I was trying to wait out Dennis Hemmingway and jump on the other side… but what the Heck, I’ll line up against Biki and take the skins. Pleased to see that the red line looks like it may move a little under it’s average. 4-4 could squeak me in.

      Couldn’t have been more shocked at the BGSU game. That would have been my essay if not for game theory. Game theory be praised.

      • jimkanicki

        do i have (am i missing) your last 3 picks?

    • CleveLandThatILove

      Well, 25 players with a shot is pretty wide open for the final week. There was nowhere near this kind of drama last season that I can remember, can’t speak for previous Bays. I’m on pins and needles for everybody.

  • BIKI024


    BOYS +3

    Everybody and their grandma wants RG3 to continue his magical rookie
    season into the playoffs but this time I think Rob Ryan has put together
    a plan to keep the Skins under 20. As long as they do that I think
    Romo and Co can put up some points against a very overachieving Redskins
    defense who statistically is the THIRD worst in the league against the
    pass and FIFTH worst overall in yards allowed.

    Boys didn’t have DeMarco Murray in the last game which should add
    another dimension to the offense that threw it 62 times in their last

    Plus I’m not sure Robert’s knee is fully healed which may limit him a bit.

    Bottom line, I’ve done well rollin with the bookies all year and like my homeboys De La Soul, I’m keepin the faith..

  • Dennis hems

    For the record, I emailed and sent a text to Frowns at 2:00 this afternoon and took Redskins -3 as my pro play for the week.

  • ChuckKoz

    Essay pick: Florida st -13.5 (niu)
    Essay to follow

    6th pick: Oregon -9 (ksu)

  • Willy loman

    I’m replacing my LSU one-point pick with USC over GT. LSU essay to come

    • willy loman

      LSU over Clemson

      Clemson’s sixth-ranked scoring offense isn’t so scary when
      matched up with an SEC defense. The only
      times they’ve been held under 30 points this year were against awful Auburn and
      South Carolina. LSU, with first round
      defensive ends Sam Montgomery and Barkevious Mingo, pose an even greater
      defensive threat than these squads. The
      Tigers’ defense stifled Johnny Football – they won’t have much of a problem
      with Tahj Boyd. Zach Mettenburger
      developed admirably throughout the regular season; I expect the month of
      available prep time for Clemson will make him look even better than he did in

  • Nick

    Texas Tech over Minnesota (L)
    Chiefs over Broncos (L)
    Steelers over Browns (W) – Jim, you had me taking the Browns
    on the spreadsheet, but in my tweet yesterday under #cheddarbay, I did clearly pick the Steelers over the Browns, and am asking the executive committee to review please.

    The rest of my picks are:

    South Carolina (-6) vs Michigan
    Georgia (-10) vs Nebraska
    Essay pick: NU +1.5 vs Miss St

    Northwestern has not won a bowl game in 64 years. I loved listening to Pat Fitzgerald talk to the press last week. He is saying all the right things, and I expect his players will be taking this game very seriously. After all, this is Northwestern’s fifth straight bowl appearance, and I imagine the entire staff and players are tired of losing. No horsing around this week, the seniors are keeping everyone in line. Vegas also believes in the wildcats, as this line has moved at least 3 pts in NU’s direction over the last week. Mississippi State has gotten blown out by every good team they’ve faced, hopefully this trend continues.

  • jimkanicki

    clevta submitted his final pick.. drum roll..
    tulsa +1

    • munasrevenge

      Maybe I missed it somewhere Jim, but what do the “y”s mean in the standings?

      • jimkanicki

        the ‘y’ just means eliminated from playoffs. wanted to do the black dotted line to show who’s still in the hunt, but it turns out that’s not totally clean.

        • munasrevenge

          Ouch. I thought maybe we clinched divisions or wild cards or something.

  • Squeekycleen

    Rest of mine:
    Mississippi st.

  • Dennis Hemingway

    UCLA -1 over Baylor (Already Posted)
    UL-Monroe -7 over Ohio (Already Posted)
    Syracuse +4 over West Virginia (Already posted)
    Redskins -3 over Cowboys (Already posted)
    Northwestern +1.5 over Mississippi St
    Wisconsin +6.5 over Stanford ***

    *** Barry F’n Alvarez! Just lock this up now as a Wisconsin win. The upper classmen and captains asked him to coach and they want to win this game. If that’s not inspiration enough, I don’t know what is. On the playing front, Wisconsin is a big physical team who matches up well with Stanford. Their power running game should be able to control things and keep Stanford unbalanced on defense, who is also missing their best defensive tackle. 6.5 points is too much in what should be a low scoring defensive game. Give me the Badgers and give Hems a playoff spot.

  • Cleveland Frowns

    Happy new year, guys. For my last 3 picks I’ll take Michigan, Northwestern and Wisconsin for the essay.

    6.5 just seems like a lot here. For whatever reason every Big Ten team looks like a good play today to me and Wisconsin looks like the best of them. The conference seems underrated, while the PAC-10 — including Oregon — seems like the opposite (I mean, USC, one of Stanford’s signature wins, got blown out by Georgia Tech … and Baylor just really isn’t that good … ). Every year, at least one but usually two B1G teams pulls off a surprise NYE cover and I don’t know what it is about this Stanford team that makes folks so confident that they’ll cover such a big number. Also yes the Barry Alvarez thing is awesome — I can’t think of anything like it in history, and would rather not play against it — and also yes Stanford will be missing its best defensive lineman.

    In 2013 I resolve to eat more (some) Lobster.

  • zarathustra

    Well, looks like jig is up. Thanks to everybody, especially of course frowns and kanicki. I benefited greatly from everybody’s insights this year
    Good luck to all of the playoff participants.

    I’ve been playing the waiting and hence don’t even particularly like these last two plays. But, my last two plays of the season are
    NIU and Florida

  • bupalos

    Florida state please. Hate these picks but love that no one is in my way.


    I will take Oregon on Thursday night. I think they are -8.5 or 9.

  • bupalos

    Grab a Louisville hat, GRR, I’m on Florida tonight.

    • Cleveland Frowns

      Hoo damn.

    • GrandRapidsRustlers

      I watched Louisville play once this year…against Syracuse…anyway.

      Looks like I’ll be drinking heavily tomorrow night unless I luck out and you guys are on different sides.

      • bupalos

        Think you’ll be saving a bit on that whiskey bill. Hadn’t seen either one but I find this Florida team so horribly unlikeable that I’ve actually started rooting against myself.

  • mo_by_dick

    So for my final essay I’ll have Oregon -9 vs. Kansas State. The question is: are you or are you not riding with Chip? I am. I think that the Oregon players know the writing is on the wall, and it’s hard to say how that will affect them, but in my estimation it’s pretty likely that they’ll try to score 100 touchdowns to convince Chip to stay. And Chip won’t stay, of course. Furthermore, what could be more Cleveland Browns than lusting after a coach, scheduling an interview, watching the coach throttle a very good football team in the Fiesta Bowl, and that coach going elsewhere in the NFL to tremendous success? If that shit’s gonna happen anyway, at least give me 3 points out of the whole ordeal.

    I’d like to thank everyone involved here at the c/f/k/a/c/b — know that I’m pouring something out for the homies that fell below the red line this year.

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