Pregnant high school hoops coach teaches more than basketball

by Cleveland Frowns on December 5, 2012

Here’s a story by Fox Sports Ohio’s Zac Jackson about Stacie Horton-Carter, who went from intervention specialist to mens varsity basketball coach at Akron North High School, where up to 70 percent of the students qualify for the free lunch program and where the coach had to buy some basketballs herself for the team to practice with. Read it and we’ll be back with something else later.

  • CleveLandThatILove

    What a special woman. I hope Zac has a follow-up, I’d love to see where she takes these kids.

  • NeedsFoodBadly

    Really good story. Is there any way us readers can help out?

  • bupalos

    Congrats to Zac, great piece.

  • architectartvandelay

    Thanks. I sent this to my Dad as he played hoops @ North back in the 60s.

  • rgrunds

    FrOrange, when you do things like this I even like you a little.

  • Kamov

    This lady’s got the tough guy walk and tough guy stare down pat. Props to FSOZac for getting this story out.

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