Art Modell has no Hall of Fame credentials

by Cleveland Frowns on January 22, 2013

When we discuss Art Modell’s unworthiness for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame here, the conversation tends to focus mainly on Modell’s lack of excuse for what he did in stealing the Browns away to Baltimore as a disqualifying factor. But today, thanks to a post by @jimkanicki at the world’s hottest new website about Cleveland, Browns and things, it’s as clear as ever that the focus on “the move” to Baltimore obscures the fact that Modell doesn’t belong in the Hall even apart from what he did to Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, and Browns Nation in ’95. From Paul Brown to Jim Brown to Andre Rison, and all the way to the posthumous screw job Modell worked on the partner who helped him buy the Browns for $250,000 cash in the first place, Kanicki’s got it covered and you won’t want to miss it. #ArtOut

As for us, we’ll be back this afternoonish with an extremely important announcement.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    “As for us, we’ll be back this afternoonish with an extremely important announcement.”

    Shall we have a contest to figure out the “Extremely Important Announcement” in advance?

    We should put a Tim Couch bottle in the line.

    My first guess was going to be that Frownie and p_4 are going to get remarried. That is why Frownie has been in the mines trying to find a loop-hole in the obvious laws against it.

    Then it occurred to me that Haslam may have come to his senses, C.H.U.D. out, Rod’o in. Rod’o will be the Browns’ best coach since Paul Brown.

    Or, Frownie has learned in advance that the Browns have traded away most of their draft for this decade, RG3 style because they are “Jones-ing” for an oft injured running back from Drunken State University.

    Frownie has actual plays from Norvell’s new offense, based almost exclusively on Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade. He calls it the Crimean Crusade. It pits smaller outnumbered players isolated against superior schemes with greater numbers. It features “run between the tackles against 10 in the box”. and the always popular “haphazardly throw out routes into triple coverage” that pass play needs a special quarterback who can toss a weak “dying quail” pass.

    “Someone had blundered.”

    Frownie will announce that the Browns will have cheerleaders this year, led of course by Biki and Bupa.

    • Cleveland Frowns

      Your second to last guess is the closest. Stay tuned!

  • Cleveland Frowns

    In case anyone missed it, more excellent work from Kanicki on the ridiculous Jim Nantz (of CBS) interview on 92.3 (FM, CBS radio, Cleveland) …

  • humboldt

    Kanicki, really enjoy your work – excellent rigor. Btw, my dad used to lift weights at the same gym in Ashtabula as Jim Kanicki and said he was as nice of a guy as you could meet. Good namesake to carry forward.

    Pete, pleased to see some appreciation of Grossi’s recent work as well as a righteous harmonization of opinion around #ArtOut

    • jimkanicki


      i heard from his granddaughter. she was fine, said her mom was also aware of my personna… none of them had a problem. i think that’s all very cool.

      jim k’s cred comes through very positively with his quote i stumbled on regarding brown and modell. (from pluto’s When All the World was Browns Town.)

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