Art Out

by Cleveland Frowns on February 2, 2013

From a hashtag to a headline, Art Modell denied induction into the Hall of Fame again, on his latest closest shot. Thanks be to all the gods. All is not the worst on the banks of the Mighty Cuyahoga.

Cleveland Pastoral

We’ll see you tomorrow at the Super Bowl party at Map Room and before that here for the traditional Super Bowl Preview post.

  • jimkanicki

    good work this week, compadre.

    get your posts archives and catalogued for easy reference next year. mine be here.

    • Cleveland Frowns


    • Capitalgg

      The saying goes that all it takes for evil to triumph in this world is for good men to do nothing. Thank you to both of you for not standing around and doing nothing.

      I don’t know that it was truly necessary considering the relative strength of the rest of this year’s class, but it is better to have done something over doing nothing.

      • jimkanicki

        from my end it was also interesting and fun.
        i agree this was a bad class for art to compete with.
        however, grossi’s report today indicates there was a lot of support for art (and also that it’s probably not over).
        so.. who knows? maybe it helped, it surely didn’t hurt.

  • disqus_7eRMZTcsBi

    Peter and Jim, from the bottom of this lifelong Browns fan’s heart, thank you. Grossi will deservedly get the glory for being the public representative of the cause. But your work in bringing the documentary evidence to light and your level-headed advocacy should forever be the starting and ending point of this discussion. Bravo to the both of you on a job very well done.

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