MLB Playoffs Update

by Cleveland Frowns on October 11, 2013

With the Detroit Tigers having dispatched the Oakland A’s last night thanks to a masterful performance from $180 million pitcher Justin Verlander and a game breaking two-run home run by $153 million dollar third baseman Miguel Cabrera, the league championship series matchups are set (Detroit v. Boston in the AL, Los Angeles v.  St. Louis in the NL) and we may now fully appreciate this hilarious chart that ranks this year’s MLB playoff teams by payroll.

MLB Playoff Update

Major League Baseball. Could there be a better way to teach the kids about what really matters in life?

Sorry, slugger

Of course not. And the 2014 World Series will be the twenty-second one in a row to be won by a team from a media market (with a TV contract/revenue base) bigger than Cleveland’s.

As for which team is the best bet to emerge from this year’s championship series participants, ummmmm, gotta go with the Dodgers here. But either way, L.A.’s rookie phenom Yasiel Puig will have a good chance to show Tom Hamilton some more about how the Cubans do things so it’s hard to say that all is lost for Tribetown. Living for October as always like nowhere else.


In other news, the growing national controversy over the Washington Redskins name has given rise to as much expression of local concern about Chief Wahoo as there’s been in years, and the Browns should beat the Lions on Sunday to move to 4-2 and retain at least a share of first place in the AFC North.

  • Wiseoldredbeard

    If the Browns go 4-0 and Weeden looks decent, are we a legit contender for a playoff spot? Because, holy hanna, that would make for a totally kick-ass November and December (and maybe January) of excitement!

    • acto

      Worb, The Browns will never win the World Series. You can bet on that.

      • jamick6000

        speak for yourself i have total faith in this front office to accomplish anythin g.

        • acto

          I stand corrected. Thank you 6000.

  • nj0

    We should have traded Grady.

    • Cleveland Frowns

      Little slugger just can’t win.

  • Shadow_play

    Naysayers will point out that the #1 spender wasn’t even in the playoffs. Was it the Yankees? And didn’t they have a bad case of injuries this year?
    But your point stands.

    • Cleveland Frowns

      There will always be big spenders that do poorly, but that doesn’t change the fact that the World Series champ is always a big spender as well.

      • Jim

        There was a recent SI piece about how money didn’t matter any longer in major league baseball because more small market teams have been making the playoffs as of late. This ignores the fact that there is a major difference between making the playoffs and actually advancing.

        It was certainly great that the Indians found themselves into the playoffs this year, but it is a whole different ball game to actually advance. The depth that a team like the Dodgers, Boston, or Detroit has over an Oakland or Pittsburgh really shows in a 5 or 7 game series.

        • trashycamaro

          Not just the depth but the quality of the starting pitching. You can win in the regular season without dominant starters, but it’s almost impossible in the postseason.

        • nj0

          I’m as big as an apologist for MLB that you’ll find. Anyone who says payroll size doesn’t make a difference is just lying or ignorant.

          If it didn’t make a difference, I’m sure the Dodgers, Yankees, and Sox of the world would much rather save $100M and compete at the same level.

  • Paul

    Dodgers!!!! Bold Browns prediction there with Mr. Weeden back at the reigns.

    • Cleveland Frowns

      Ride or die. It’s October man we live for this.

  • PML
  • alexb

    Can i get an x’s and o’s on that shovel pass? Was that the hot read? What were the 2nd and 3rd options? Was his mistake not flicking the ball 30 yds downfield to the post route? Someone give me some context lols here.

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