God Help Johnny Football

by Cleveland Frowns on May 9, 2014

Last night the Cleveland Browns used the 22nd pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft to select quarterback Johnny Manziel, the 2013 Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A&M University who’s famously known as “Johnny Football.”

This morning on ESPN’s SportsCenter a whole lot was said about Cleveland’s new “celebrity quarterback.” Hardly any of it was about actual football.

Impact Player

“I don’t think there’s been a single draft pick in the history of the NFL that has kind of galvanized a city from a financial standpoint as quickly as Johnny has,” said ESPN business reporter, Darren Rovell. “I just spoke to the largest ticket broker in Cleveland, he said this is gonna be a tremendous year for us, he’s already raised ticket prices, they’ve raised ticket prices even on preseason games which he’d typically would just just throw in a drawer. So for one year this is gonna be guaranteed to be great.”

“Browns fans need a new jersey,” Rovell added, referring to Trent Richardson and Tim Couch in expressing his certainty that Manziel’s jersey would be a top-three seller in the NFL this year.

On the same program, Sal Paolantonio discussed his report that the Browns sold 1,200 season tickets last night after their selection of the quarterback was announced. Paolantonio told CBS Cleveland last night that the Browns “needed to reward their fans with the risk of Manziel.”

Because why reward your fans by winning football games when there’s so much risk out there to reward them with instead? Who would have dared to dream that being a Browns fan could become any more rewarding? Yet here we are, with a new owner in Jimmy Haslam, under federal investigation for defrauding his oil customers out of whatever last pennies he thought he could grab from them, who was bent from the start of his tenure in Cleveland on emulating the Dallas Cowboys, a franchise that might have only one playoff win in the last 17 seasons, “but is virtually without peer when it comes to making money.” Now Haslam has drafted Manziel, who might not be able to play football very well in the NFL, but Browns fans need a new jersey, ticket brokers are raising prices even on preseason games, and for at least one year the cash will be rolling in.

Johnny Cleveland

“Love it,” said Browns cornerback Joe Haden, in an exclusive interview outside of last night’s Cleveland Frowns Draft Party at Map Room on West 9th Street, where a whole bunch of great folks showed up for another phenomenal display of the unbreakable spirit of the Cleveland football fan.

third time a charm of course

God help Justin Gilbert, too.

The 2014 NFL Draft will resume tonight with the second and third rounds. The Browns have the 3rd pick in the second round, and the 7th and 19th picks in the third.

  • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns

    And by god I mean all of the gods.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      So, you mean nothing. I can get on board with that.

  • beeej

    That must be a misquote on raising ticket prices. The Keep Cleveland Strong folks have been insisting that any rise in ticket prices would drive fans away by the truckload; likely trucks fueled with Pilot/Flying J gasoline.

    There was also a suspicious comment on Fox’s “Free for all Friday,” this morning that was a preemptive jab at C.A.S.T.’s “Facility Fee” proposal on the November ballot.

    Is that still happening?

    • p_forever

      I thought the exact same thing re the immediate higher ticket prices. Awful.

      • bupalos

        That’s a broker. They mean scalps will be higher.

        • p_forever

          I’m still righteously indignant thx

      • TankTyler

        That was coming from a ticket broker, not the team. Brokers set their own prices based on demand.

  • Mary Manno Sweeney

    What about Hoyer? This town hasn’t had a good QB controversy since the Bernie/Vinnie thing. Good for sports too!

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Well…. Phipps was a higher draft choice and he cost the Browns the great Paul Warfield, but that surfer kid from San Diego can play.

    • dukem1

      Bernie v Vinnie?
      erragghhh….i do believe this site is based on planet earth.

  • bupalos

    Why does anyone not come to the Frownsparty? It’s hard for me even to understand the mindset.

    The 8 tradeback-tradeup was outstanding and we may be looking at a Dixon-Minnefield situation. The 22, meh, it’s a good football pick. Be nice if this steak had less sizzle, but it’s great value in a spot the Brownies sorely needed it. I think this regime is strong enough to resist any pressure from below or above, and just let Monsieur Football sit and watch. But there sure will be pressure.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      I will go next time you go Bupa.

      • bupalos

        See that you do. BTW I need a bike. What should I be getting. We moved the studio/office to a spot about 4 miles away, so I want to bike commute religiously, rain or shine or snow or whatnot. And go fast. And not spend all that much. What do I need?

        • actovegin1armstrong

          “I want to bike commute religiously”

          Does that mean only on Sundays?

          • actovegin1armstrong

            How tall are you? I have a bunch of extra bikes that I got for free before I was just an old fat guy, perhaps they will fit you. (I am a 36″ and change inseam.) If we are not the same size, there is an amazing place where one may obtain $2,000 bikes for about $300.

          • bupalos

            I’m less of a wookie and more of a hairless ewok. Imagine Tom Cruise without the good looks or money or exotic spirituality. 31″ on the inseam.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Then you should ride about a 55cm, c to t road bike.
            Mountain Bikes are not very useful. If I ride trails, I am faster on my road bike than my ATB anyway. (I also invented the “29’er”, but I did it ten years too early.)
            A simple road bike would be your best bet, if you are only going to commute then I would suggest a simple, single speed, (not fixed gear) 700c wheel, 55 cm road bike. You can get a nice one from Canfield Ohio for a very low price.
            Please remember this odd circumstance, some clueless people and companies size their bikes by wheel size, it makes no sense, a friend of mine bought herself a “26 inch” bike, she is about 5’6″. That bike would be crazy huge if measured correctly, Bill Walton had a guy I know build him a custom bike and it was slightly less than 26″ c to t.
            Another bike oddity, 650c wheels are the same size as 26″ wheels, 29″ wheels are the same size as 700c, but a 27″ wheel is slightly larger than a 29″ wheel. How much would you like to spend, what will you be doing with this bike and how hilly is your commute?

          • bupalos

            Kind hilly. Actually, what I’ll probably do is make it a little longer by riding 2 miles up and down 2 big an 1 small hill to the rails-to-trails path and then go in that way. So then google says it’s 5.8 miles, with 2 hilly miles and 3.8 flat. I’m hoping that’s enough to work off last night’s whiskey but not show up all dripping sweaty.

            I’m thinking I’d like to burn up about 4-500 dollars, because that’s that much less whiskey I’ll drink.

            Back in the Cleveland Heights days I rode an English made Raleigh steel bike that was sort of theoretically fantastic but unfortunately way too big for me. But I could tell I liked it in principle, I thought I was just terrible at cycling. When I looked into things it was way out of the recommended range, maybe 63cm. But it was really nice and very fast considering I wasn’t actually able to pedal it without compromising my ability to make babies.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            I have the bike for you. email me

          • bupalos
          • actovegin1armstrong

            Yes, but with a lower case a in acto.
            (I had to look up wookie, I thought it was a Tolkien creature, I never realized they had two robots and a giant Slovak in those movies.)

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Is DW correct? If so, I believe you may be working for the same company I sold stuff for in the early 80’s.

          • bupalos

            DW is my initials but otherwise dunno what that means. email I pick up on weekends and holidays is darrel@silverfrogstudios.com

          • actovegin1armstrong

            I think that I know that Rails to Trails path. Is it actually a canal tow path? It is rather long and really fun, one end is near my 3rd oldest sisters house and the other end is near my 6th oldest sister’s house. I have ridden the length of that path from sister to sister 6 times.
            My dad lives on a really fun old rail path the Withlacoochee bike trail, if you ever get a chance, ride that one too, it is a little less than a 100 mile round trip, so you can do it in a day if you feel ambitious, and it is still a great ride even though there are only 4 hills. The scenery and solitude is amazing.

          • bupalos

            No it means I’m going to wear my scepter and mitre. Except when it rains, then I’ll just go with the cassock.

        • actovegin1armstrong

          4 miles? If you ride hard that is only 8 minutes, at a normal cruise 12 minutes, 15 minutes if you are talking on the phone and eating breakfast.

  • Tron

    The glass is always half-empty isn’t it Frowns?

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Frownie downed his glass and his proletariat clamored to buy him another. We love Frownie!

    • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns

      I’ll take hot rum, benzene and liquid camphor in mine. If Haslam hasn’t earned your undying respect, trust, and loyalty by now I don’t know what to say to you. Go Johnny Hotcakes.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        There were some great receivers and a potential star QB that did not get drafted. UDFA time! Trey Burton, CONNOR SHAW, Mike Davis from Texas, Torrence Allen, Brandon Coleman, Colt Lyerla

        • bupalos

          Hey they Shawed it up! I do hope he gets on the practice at least!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1kbBmlAvdI PML

    You know who I’ve always said is an awesome rapper? That Drake guy. Really awesome, nothing sucky about him at all. Welcome to Cleveland OvO! TopSzn! Started from the bottom!

    Or something.

  • Beeej

    I assume Wahoo gets credit for the Josh Gordan suspension.

    • Beeej

      My theory: The Gordon suspension forces Manziel to sit for a year. Why rush him onto the field when he doesn’t have anyone to throw to?

      • actovegin1armstrong

        He is going to throw to Fair Hooker and Jubilee Dunbar!
        (Also the greatest trade in the history of everything.)

  • Leftyjsf

    I like Hoyer but remember that he played in 2.5 games and before us was cut by Arizona in favor of the HOF combo of Skelton/Linney. I say let JFF earn it but if it’s close in camp he starts game 1. Surprised we haven’t dialed Miles Austin yet. I’m sure he could give is two great games, then get injured.

    • bupalos

      miles who?

  • alexb

    god help the Cleveland browns if they put that kid out there on day 1 cause I’m going to do some sort of satanic ritual that dooms all their souls to hell…or something I dunno. I like the pick but for the love of fucking god sit the fucker down for a year or two till you’re reasonably assured he understands the NFL game and won’t be running the second he snaps the ball. But of course this is Cleveland so after the first bad game hoyer has they’ll be chanting johnny johnnny in the stands.

    • Beeej

      Change “bad game” to “bad pass.”

  • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns
    • bupalos

      Outlaw bloodlines and high-knotted calves: the johnny hotcakes story.
      Coming to a ridiculous 4-letter corporate scheme near you in early 15,

  • bupalos

    Pettine strikes me as about as conservative in this regard as you can be. I think there’s real close to 0 chance that anything but injury or several stinkers from hoyer in a row puts manziel on the field this year at all. Good thing if so. They might as well find out right now how he handles fitting in and taking direction from the hierarchy.

  • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns

    Someone just emailed me this bit on Conor Shaw from http://www.fantasyfootballmetrics.com/blog/

    NFL Draft 2014: Statistical Analysis of Connor Shaw, So. Carolina

    Shaw, Connor | QB | So. Carolina | 2014 NFL Draft Report
    If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If a QB on an SEC team throws for 24 TDs (and rushes for six more TDs, and catches another) and has only one interception for an 11-2 team…will anyone notice? How is it that we know where Johnny Manziel partied at two weeks ago, but are not sure Connor Shaw is an actual person in the 2014 NFL Draft? Read our 1,200+ word scouting report on the intriguing, perplexing QB prospect from South Carolina by clicking the link below.

    NFL DRAFT 2014 – QB
    By R.C. Fischer
    Release Date: 1/8/2014
    NFL Draft 2014: Statistical Analysis of QB Connor Shaw, So. Carolina
    When it comes to Connor Shaw, let me give you the visual image that both the computer models and my eyes are leaning towards. When you think of Connor Shaw, think of the better version (in almost every way) of Johnny Manziel…the Johnny Football you would want (for those that dislike Manziel).
    Connor Shaw is, as most people are, a more humble human being than Manziel. He’s also a better reader of defenses. They have similar arm-strength and a quick release. Manziel is a freak of a scrambler, but Shaw is only about one-step behind. One of the reasons Shaw doesn’t get the rushing notoriety is because he is a balanced pocket passer, who can/will run just the same. Manziel is a run-first, run in circles if needed, quasi-disaster in the pocket QB. Manziel is always scrambling around like a glorious chicken that’s been beheaded. Shaw is similarly quick, a little less agile, but isn’t always looking to run. Shaw will sit in the pocket and read defenses, whereas Manziel in the pocket is setting up a likely QB draw…or a pending interception. A couple of Manziel vs. Shaw factoids:

    In 2013, Manziel threw 13 INTs in 428 throws. Shaw had 16 INTs in his 42 game career; in 733 throws.

    In 2013, Manziel rushed for 752 yards on 152 carries and 9 TDs. Shaw rushed for 558 yards in 154 carries and 6 TDs.

    Manziel is the better, more likely runner. Shaw is the far superior passer–I mean light years ahead in the passing game. Manziel is the master of bubble screens and pre-designed slant passes. Shaw takes many plays back in the pocket, goes through reads and nails open receivers.

    Shaw and Manziel have something else in common, which is most troubling to both of their NFL prospects: They are both shorter QBs. Early information shows Manziel likely 6’0″ and 200-pounds…and he may be under both those measurements. Shaw is just shy of 6’1″ and is about 210-pounds. Manziel looks like a thinner punt returner playing QB. Shaw is a little bulkier with muscle definition like a backup free safety. Shaw is much better built for NFL impact than Manziel…considering both of them have a high-end ability to run the ball.

    At this stage of the report, you may be wondering: “Why so much comparison to Johnny Manziel?” You may also be moving toward my camp of, “If they are this similar, both in the SEC, why haven’t I heard much about Shaw?” You can blame the media, and our TMZ culture for all of this. Manziel is a headline-getter, and a salacious character. I have seen him in the news at parties and in trouble over the past two seasons. On the other hand, I didn’t even know a college player existed named Connor Shaw…yet they both played on good SEC teams, and were both successful, exciting QBs. One guy has a Q-rating, and name recognition through the roof, the other is in a college football witness protection program for QBs apparently. How can a QB be so good, play in the SEC, and have no one care nationally?

    I’ll give you an example of the difference in media attention shaping our collective thoughts:

    On New Year’s Eve, Johnny Manziel defeated a paper tiger defensive unit in the Duke Blue Devils. He led an amazing comeback, and had incredible numbers: 79% of his passes completed, 4 passing TDs with 427 passing yards, no picks, 73 yards rushing and 1 TDs. All totaled: 500 yards of offense and 5 TDs…in a narrow win against Duke. Johnny Football is immediately hailed as potentially the greatest QB in the land.

    The next day, Connor Shaw took down a much more solid defensive unit in Wisconsin. Shaw completed 88.0% of his passes (22-25) throwing for 312 yards and 3 TD/0 INT. He also ran for 47 yards, plus rushed for a TD. One more thing: he caught a 9-yard TD pass. All totaled for the game, Shaw had 368 yards of offense, and 5 TDs (scoring in three different ways)…in a physical win over Wisconsin. The mainstream response…crickets chirping. Tumbleweeds blowing across Shaw’s front yard.

    Manziel and Shaw played four common opponents in 2013 (Missouri, Miss State, Arkansas, Vandy). Their statistical comparison:
    73.3% Comp. Pct., 12 TD/4 INT, 11.8 yards per completion, a TD throw every 8.5 completions = Manziel
    66.0% Comp. Pct., 13 TD/0 INT, 12.2 yards per completion, a TD throw every 5.4 completions = Shaw

    …as runners in those four common games:
    34.5 yards rushing per game, 0 TD = Manziel
    24.8 yards rushing per game, 1 TD = Shaw
    Connor Shaw is either better than or equal to Johnny Manziel as a QB prospect (my opinion), or worst case is a half-step behind (not my opinion). The mainstream draft media isn’t portraying that. Manziel is in almost everyone’s top-3, and Shaw is in almost no one’s top-10.

    OK, some non-Manziel talk on Shaw…

    I like, almost love, watching Connor Shaw play QB. My first bias to the initial few plays of watching his tape, “Here we go. Another running QB who chucks a bunch of safe passes, that’s why he never throws any interceptions.” I quickly realized that wasn’t going to be true. Shaw spends a balanced amount of time taking a shotgun snap, and dropping back into the pocket to survey his options. He makes smart decisions, and the defense is on its heels in fear of him taking off. Shaw almost has a sixth-sense of when to pull it down and run, or when to check it down, or when to take a shot deep. I really enjoyed his tape the more I studied it.

    Shaw does not have a cannon for arm, but it’s average to above-average. He has a very quick, flick-like release, but with perfect mechanics (his dad is a football coach, and his brother is a QB). Shaw is not the fastest, flashiest QB, but he probably runs a high 4.5 or low 4.6 40-time, and has solid agility. He is that annoying kind of runner that runs under control and effortlessly, he doesn’t look like he is fast, but then he is gone…

    Shaw has been an academic all-star, and watching him in press conferences he is the total opposite of Manziel. Shaw is humble, steely-eyed, and serious about his craft.

    Shaw injured his foot in a loss to Tennessee midseason. He was unable to start the following week against the great Missouri Tigers. South Carolina trailed Missouri 17-0, when Steve Spurrier inserted Shaw into the game halfway into the 3rd-quarter. Shaw, on a hobbled foot, went 20-29 passing for 201 yards with 3 TD/0 INT (in not even a half of a game)…and led a surreal comeback win 27-24. *Against this same Missouri team in 2013, Manziel was held to 195 yards passing and 1 TD, with just 21 yards rushing on 11 carries…in a LOSS this year.
    Connor Shaw should be taken more seriously in this process…especially if Manziel is.

    Connor Shaw, Through the Lens of our QB Scouting Algorithm

    Could anyone have a quieter season throwing for 24 TDs/1 INT for a season, while playing for a top team in the SEC? All totaled, Shaw accounted for 31 TDs (24 pass, 6 rush, 1 rec.). He did that while missing over half a game against Missouri, playing half a game against Costal Carolina, and taking just a few snaps versus Central Florida (2 pass attempts). *Shaw fought a foot injury all 2013, one that he had surgery on the prior off-season.

    In the last two seasons combined, Shaw has thrown for 41 TDs and just 8 INTs. In those last two seasons, Shaw has been a top-10 QB in all the NCAA in passer efficiency each season. In his last 21 games played (with 10+ pass attempts), Shaw has logged 40 TDs/5 INT…also rushing for 9 TDs.

    Shaw is 3-0 in Bowl games for his college career. Throwing for 7 TD/0 INT, rushing for 2 TDs, and catching a TD pass in his Bowl game career.

    Shaw’s numbers are rather remarkable, considering how quietly he has achieved them for an SEC member.

    There are two issues that hold Shaw back from being a full-blown “hot” prospect for our scouting models:

    1) He has been solid, but underproductive against better competition. In the past two seasons, Shaw faced LSU, Georgia 2x, Florida 2x and Clemson. He is 3-3 in those six games with 8 TD/2 INT (1.3 passing TDs per game) and threw for just 167.3 yards per game against the tougher opponents (above 200+ passing just one-time).

    Shaw did fare better against Missouri the past two seasons by completing 88% of his passes with 5 TD/0 INT in 1.5 games played against them (considering the half game played, comeback win this past season).

    2) Shaw is an overall smaller QB prospect, and that is going to hurt him with the NFL crowd. He is likely under 6’1″ and could be under 210-pounds. He is compact, and he does have the element of his running game, but our system has a slight bias against smaller QBs, as do NFL evaluators. Shaw being “unflashy” will not help overcoming national stereotypes like they will with Johnny Manziel.

    The NFL QB that Connor Shaw most compares to statistically in college, within our system:

    The Connor Shaw comparisons in our system analysis are all over the place. There are some great/exciting names on the list, and some scary ones. The best explanation is…life isn’t always perfect, or definitive. Connor Shaw is causing our analysis to “freak out,” right now. We see sometimes thrilling, and sometimes stomach-turning data points with Shaw. We are not 100% sure what we are seeing here.

    Shaw has some parallels with a Russell Wilson. Both are shorter QBs who have fairly solid frames. Both are mobile, but not mobile to a fault…or as their main gimmick. Both are savvy, highly efficient, lower turnover QBs who portray solid leadership skills.

    Shaw also has some parallels with Chandler Harnish (7th-round pick of Indy). A smaller QB, who was highly mobile with surreal low turnover numbers in college. Both Shaw and Harnish are QBs who typically have solid, efficient games as a passers…but they never make your jaw drop as passers. You cannot envision either becoming 4,000-5,000+ yard passers in the NFL. You can see them as solid-good NFL QBs at best, but probably not elite.

    In the end, Shaw is probably somewhere in the middle. He is a far superior reader of defenses than Harnish. However, he is not as physically gifted as Russell Wilson.

    Adjusted College Performance Profiles:
    QB-ScoreQBYrCollegeHWadj Comp Pctadj Yds per Compadj Pass per TDadj Pass Per INTYds per 35 AttTDs per 35 AttINT per 35 Att8.175Shaw, Connor2014So. Carolina72.820964.6%13.111.0185.0297., Russell2012Wisconsin70.621070.3%13.410.438.9330., Chandler2012No Illinois73.522058.3%13.813.3170.4281., Teddy2013Louisville74.021566.5%13.616.547.7316., Donovan1999Syracuse74.222365.3%12.713.175.2290.72.70.510.032Griffin III, Robert2012Baylor74.122069.3%15.611.757.3377., Johnny2014Texas A&M72.020070.2%13.311.427.0326., Tyrod2011Virginia Tech72.821659.6%13.313.849.2278.32.50.7
    *the “adj” above, means “adjusted’ output in our system…based on strength of opponent

    Connor Shaw Overall Metrics Scouting Score = 8.175 (“B-/C+” grade level prospect)
    *A score of 8.50+ is where we see a stronger correlation of QBs going on to become NFL great/elite; a score of 10.00+ is rarefied air in our system

    2014 NFL Draft outlook…

    Connor Shaw’s resume is one of quality, and it was accomplished mostly in SEC or bigger Bowl games…and barely anyone one cares (at his stage). If no one cares about Shaw now, why will they suddenly care through the draft process? Shaw will not ‘wow’ anyone physically when he lines up next to other QB prospects. He does not have a cannon arm or 4.4 or 4.3 speed. He could drift right through this entire process unmentioned, or mildly patted on the head, and then go on to be undrafted.

    If I were an NFL GM, I would have a serious eye on Shaw. I’m not sure if we have a poor man’s Russell Wilson here, or just another scrappy, undersized, quality college QB…who goes on to disappear into the NFL landscape of backup QBs. If my NFL team ran the Pistol-Offense, I would likely draft Shaw. If I ran a more traditional offense, I might consider drafting him late as a pocket passer with excellent mobility. Knowing Shaw will never be taken higher than the 4th or 5th-round (as an estimate today), I’d just sit back and wait to make my move–I would not try to shock anyone by taking him in the 3rd-round. We aren’t 100% sure on Shaw’s scouting read, and he will likely fade into undrafted free agent status anyway…I could probably get him cheap after the draft.

    At this stage, I’d bet Shaw hooks on with some NFL team and then works his way up to a trusted backup. If he can get a shot, he may make a nice, exciting splash and draw attention as a potential starter…or a QB to be acquired. I’ll be interested in following Shaw’s career path, but I fear a silent prospect like this will have little vested into him by an NFL team, and then he will never get a proper NFL push. I hope Shaw gets a chance somewhere.

    • bupalos

      Now who around here could possibly be emailing you about connor shaw?

      It does seem like he signed in the right place. The percentage of QB’s that have drifted through our slice of concrete jungle without getting a chance to start and get their piece of tape stuck to the meme-jersey is vanishingly small. Maybe we can skip over Hoyer/Manziel and go straight to Manziel/Shaw.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        I did not email that and I did not write it either. I had no idea his stats were so amazing. I just did the eyeball test. He ran through his progressions as fast as anyone I have ever seen, and he has that Bernie like ability to see every defender, so he does not throw very many picks.
        At the start of this year I was certain that he would be the first QB picked. It especially bothered me that Teddy Bilgewater was getting all of the accolades when he has no where near the athletic ability, brains, or toughness that Shaw has.

  • bupalos

    PML bait:

    “It’s just a matter of how the player handles it. I don’t know Johnny and I haven’t met him, but I’m sure he’ll have a lot of guidance in how he handles things around here with the attention he’s getting.”

    One player, linebacker Craig Robertson, had a request: “Definitely hook us up with Drake.”

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1kbBmlAvdI PML

      That guy is awesome. Also, here is a great ready by Scott Fujita, of all people. He may be Asian in namesake only, but that’s close enough for me to accept him into the clan.


      • nj0

        I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

        The way pro sports treats players is emblematic of how American capitalism as a whole views the relationship between corporations and labor. Drive down wages, control costs, bear as little responsibility to the worker as possible… Not sure where I’m going with this. Uh, thank god for Marvin Miller. It’s a shame the MLBPA is giving back so much

  • mvrs768

    Just no… Manziel in motor cycle incident, or did he just get staph infection? Remind him to keep helmet on during play!

  • Nathan Leber
    • bupalos

      Wow and I thought #garrettsvillestrong t-shirts were a bad idea. I have a feeling in 3 years this may be taking over for the Tim Couch MM bottle as the semi-ironic self-flagelation device of choice for discriminating bald Clevelanders.

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