The talents are coming home

by Cleveland Frowns on July 11, 2014


More here shortly on “a relationship with Northeast Ohio that’s bigger than basketball.” For now though even LeBron would have to excuse a few days, or a few months, or whatever the case may be before getting back to the real world, so to speak, and anyone would have to agree that things are looking at least a little bit up in Cleveland.

  • jimkanicki

    oh it’s a good and affirming day today.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    I missed the TV show. Did he say, “I am taking my talents to the North Coast”?

    • mddawg

      He released a statement on Sports Illustrated’s page.

    • bupalos

      Acto he specifically fired a shot at you. Something like “people who don’t go back to Cleveland are soft as shit.” Something like that. He said it pretty though.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        Came to the StuporBowl Party, stayed at the Frown’s Mansion, drank amazing Frownie Whiskey, tried to get my employer to reopen their Cleveland office, then they shut down all of their operations in the USA and I had to find a new job.
        My return to the land I love would anger the beast and plunge Ohio into 50% unemployment.
        Every time I try to come back home I am reminded that I was a coward who left to triple my income during the “oil boom”. The dogs that reign over Cleveland do not like cowards.

        • Cleveland Frowns

          “Amazing Frownie whiskey” aka some Old Grand Dad that had been poured into an empty Tim Couch commemorative Makers Mark bottle.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            American Airlines broke the Tim Couch bottle I purloined from our beloved Frownie too!
            Every time I return to Cleveland, my beloved home, the dogs smite me.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        You know I love you Bupa!

    • Believelander

      Obviously it’s the North Beach


  • mddawg

    I didn’t think this would happen but I’m glad it did. He’s cementing his legacy beyond basketball no matter what the eventual outcome.

  • CleveLandThatILove

    That letter means as much as a championship, at least to me. What could possibly make NE Ohio and Cleveland feel any prouder than this?

    • CleveLandThatILove

      He said “I’m coming home”, not “I’m going home.” That was the best.

  • semicorrect

    It’s a great day for NE Ohio! Sorry Dan Gilbert didn’t resign like you wanted, though.

    • bupalos

      That would have been nice but we have no idea what kind of deal they worked behind the scenes.

      Go Bron go! Tear down that casino!

  • oxr

    That SI announcement was a piece of work. I’m not even from around here and it still brings a lump to the throat.

  • Bryan

    The letter was so good. I know part of it is PR, but most of it is true blue. The man loves us. We love him. Really cools stuff. Sport at its best. Welcome home, LBJ.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      I was at the LBJ flower palooza this morning, the placard said he died. Will I have to keep reading this book every few years? Is he another Robert Jordan?

  • 910Derp

    He said everything I wanted him to say 4 years ago. Today’s been the Bizarro World version of 2010. I’m so happy for NEO folks today.

  • bupalos

    Nice to be right for once about something i was sure about. After he turned it into decision 2, there was only one way for it to go that wouldnt have been insane and stupid. And for once, insane and stupid lost!

    Man did he knock the holy stuffing out of that letter. Honestly, its probably better than if he had just stayed. And they leaked “the gilbert letter is the problem” in the morning so espn could plaster that all over and everyone could compare and contrast. The letter and The Letter.

    Congratulations to Nike, McDonalds, and Lebron, to Cleveland, and to myself and to the bupettes. We all get Mabron back, and he’s a bigger man than he ever was!

  • Cleveland Frowns

    July 11, Forgiveness Day, a new official holiday in Northeast Ohio?

  • Cleveland Frowns

    What a night last night in Cleveland. Every July 11 should be so live. Forgiveness Day, a new NE Ohio holiday?

    • zarathustra

      All the likes! Let’s make this happen.

      • Cleveland Frowns

        I think it will only take enough folks to celebrate it enough such that it becomes a tradition that can’t be
        officially ignored. Based on what I saw on the Cleveland streets last night that shouldn’t be a problem at all with a bit of organization. If we can pull off the Draft party every year we can do this.

  • Dave Kolonich

    According to Q-Tip, LeBron will eventually own part of the team. If he delivers a ring, I could see him own half of the city (Dan Gilbert already owns half of Detroit)

  • humboldt

    Still awaiting the YouTube meme: “Northeast Ohioans crying as they read ‘The Letter'”.

    Man, what a life-affirming day.

  • Cleveland Frowns

    This is one of the best reads that I’ve seen on LeBron’s homecoming:

  • Cleveland Frowns

    Here’s another really good Cleveland sports story here in case anyone has missed Scene’s People issue, which was pretty good this year as far as those things go.

    Also, my LeBron essay will be posted here shortly.

  • Cleveland Frowns

    Another great read on LeBron here as well:

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