It’s burger time with Dan Gilbert, Frank Jackson, Marky Mark, and Donnie from New Kids on the Block

by Cleveland Frowns on May 17, 2017

Let’s check in on Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, who showed up last Thursday at a “VIP red carpet preview event” for a Wahlburgers location in some retail space owned by Dan Gilbert, across the street from Gilbert’s JACK Casino in downtown Cleveland and just underneath one of the most magnificent land-bridges to ever connect a casino to a parking garage. Wahlburgers is a restaurant chain that was founded in 2011 in Boston by the celebrity Wahlberg brothers, Mark (’90s pop one-hit-wonder turned movie star), Donnie (of the ’90s boy-band New Kids on the Block), and Paul, a chef.

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According to Newschannel5, Wahlburgers has signed “12 area development deals, committing five franchise groups to a total of 118 Wahlburgers over the next several years.”

“We are on the road to bringing Wahlburgers to a city near you,” said Mark Wahlberg. “We’ve created this family business with a mission to welcome families and friends from around the world to a place where they can break bread, enjoy some great food and lots of laughs.”

So, basically a Fuddrucker’s or TGIFriday’s, but with a celebrity endorsement built into the name.

With so much out there for the Cleveland Mayor to do one might wonder why he’d lend his presence to what’s at best an utter non-event, or worse … Click to continue reading at Cleveland Scene

  • actovegin1armstrong

    That Bridge, that bridge that beautiful bridge! The Brooklyn Bridge is always for sale. (I bought it last month for two sheets of Elvis stamps.) The Golden Gate Bridge is just Suicide City.
    In Cleveland, That Bridge That Bridge That Beautiful Bridge connects poor people to the land of opportunity!

  • nicholas sadie

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