Baseball’s greatest curse wins again

by Cleveland Frowns on October 12, 2017

Now that the Curse of Chief Wahoo has done its thing yet again—and as brutally as ever with such an unceremonious first-round bouncing of such a historically great regular season team—hopefully more people will realize that the curse is something better to root for than an organization that engages in, enables, and encourages open racism and bigotry with its branding. As unfortunate as it is that the Cleveland MLB franchise forces Cleveland baseball fans into this choice, it’s long past time for this community to stop tolerating and enabling this trash by continuing to support this organization.


This isn’t a left vs. right issue, it’s about insisting that our institutions display a baseline level of kindness and common decency toward all humans. Change the name, change the logo, join the 21st century and stop worrying about revanchist low-lifes who might (but probably won’t) stop supporting a baseball team if it stopped being racist. Until then the Wahoo curse will surely live on and on and on.

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