Terry Pluto should weigh in with his opinion on Chief Wahoo

February 20, 2014

This letter to Terry Pluto originally ran in the Plain Dealer and Cleveland.com on February 10. Reposting here because it’s a letter that deserves a response, for obvious reasons, and Pluto hasn’t provided one yet. Terry Pluto, as a sports editor and religion columnist, you should have an opinion about the controversy around Chief Wahoo. […]

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God help Ray Farmer

February 13, 2014

Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi, two of the formerly Three Stooges of the Cleveland Browns, are now goners, which might be cause for Browns fan to celebrate if not for the fact that Imperial Boss Stooge Jimmy Haslam is still in charge. Ray Farmer will become the Browns’ third GM in three years, with Alec […]

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Seattle Super Bowl win leaves Cleveland as America’s most futile sports town by far

February 3, 2014

Before yesterday’s Super Bowl win by the Seahawks, Seattle was the only city with teams in three of the major American sports leagues (MLB/NBA/NFL) that came close to Cleveland’s 49-year title drought, with 34 years since the Supersonics’ NBA title in 1979. Now the next closest are Oakland (A’s/Warriors/Raiders) at 24 years, and Minneapolis-St. Paul (Twins/Timberwolves/Vikings) […]

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God help Mike Pettine

January 31, 2014

In real life, Jimmy Haslam can get away with pretty much whatever he wants and tends to benefit a great deal from the fact that shit rolls downhill. But in the NFL, when Jimmy has a temper tantrum he ends up with the biggest joke of a coaching search in pro football history and Mike […]

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Did Major League Baseball force Chief Wahoo’s demotion?

January 16, 2014

Last week, leading sports uniform expert Paul Lukas reported that the Cleveland Indians were changing their “primary logo” from Chief Wahoo to the block-C, but that this would entail no changes to the team’s uniforms. Indians changing primary logo to the block-C. No change to uniforms, Wahoo still on home cap, sleeves. pic.twitter.com/0EEopJ3ph2 — Paul […]

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Ending with a Chud

January 1, 2014

On Sunday evening the Cleveland Browns fired Rob Chudzinski as head coach after just one season. If the franchise hasn’t been propelled to new levels of dysfunction and league-laughingstock status as a result, it’s at least the first time the front office has been required to specifically confirm that it isn’t run by Larry, Curly […]

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Happy Holidays

December 26, 2013

Born is the King of Israel. This holiday season, our blessings include two excellent pieces of journalism about Cleveland’s pro sports teams. First,

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How does ESPN Cleveland know that Tony Rizzo’s wife is lying?

December 12, 2013

Last Friday evening, popular morning show host Tony Rizzo of WKNR-AM 850 ESPN Cleveland radio’s “The Really Big Show” was arrested by Medina Police on charges of domestic violence after his wife, Katherine Rizzo, called 911 to report as follows: “My husband is hurting me, and he’s very irate and I’m really scared,” said Mrs. […]

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Dan Gilbert’s land bridge is a blight on the cityscape

December 4, 2013

Here’s a photo of the view north up Ontario Street from Superior Avenue, just off Public Square in the heart of downtown Cleveland. Pictured is the beautiful Cuyahoga County Courthouse, framed as a crown jewel of the North Coast between two more century-old landmarks, the Old Stone Church (which is actually almost two centuries old), […]

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Mayor Jackson’s secret ass-kicking of Joe Banner and the Cleveland Browns

November 22, 2013

On Tuesday the Browns and the City of Cleveland announced a tentative deal by which Cleveland taxpayers will be on the hook for $30 million over the next fifteen years to go toward the recently announced $120 million upgrade to the Browns’ newly renamed FirstEnergy Stadium. This is on top of another $12 million that […]

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